Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

Many make the transition from smoking to vaping in an attempt to kick out their smoking habits. They are often expectant of a smooth adaptation; however, the new adjustment may not always be smooth-sailing. 

More often than not, new vapers, regardless of how often they’ve smoked before, cough and splutter occasionally when taking a vape hit. 

6 Reasons Why Vaping Makes You Cough

Reliable research reports indicate that over 50% of new vapers cough in response to their initial vape hit. 

Fortunately, the coughing decreases drastically as the user acclimatizes to the vape hit; reports state that it takes roughly 10 weeks for over 90% users to stop coughing, which is pretty positive considering how a smoker’s cough only seems to intensify as time passes.

Here are six things that cause you to cough when vaping.

1. Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is a synthetic liquid substance largely prevalent in e-liquids; it is responsible for producing inhalable vapor. However, this vape juice ingredient possesses many side effects, one of which is a sore throat. 

A sore throat can lead to heavy coughing. So, when you cough after a vape hit, it may be because of the Propylene Glycol present in the e-liquid. 

However, don’t be too alarmed as the FDA recognizes PG as a safe additive. 

2. Concentrated nicotine level in the vape juice

It is common knowledge that inhaling a vape juice with high nicotine strength can lead to excessive coughing. When you inhale an e-liquid with high nicotine strength, it causes a slight throat hit which results in minor burn in your throat and lungs, leading to coughing. 

Therefore, be careful when choosing your e-liquid. Do not aim right away for the skies when you are only new to vaping. 

3. Wrong vaping technique

When smokers transition to vaping, they carry forth their smoking habits which, most of the time, means inhaling the smoke directly into their lungs. 

In most cases, this wrong technique causes coughing when vaping. Instead, you should adopt the mouth-to-lungs vaping technique where you draw the vapor and hold it in your mouth first before allowing it to enter your throat.  

This technique reduces the intensity of the throat hit and allows the vaper to enjoy the full flavor of the e-liquid. The vapor loses most of its potency as it is held into the mouth, paving the way for a smoother lung experience. 

There are experienced vapers who look for a strong throat hit and thus prefer the direct-lung hit. However, as a new vaper who can’t seem to stop coughing, learn the ropes of the mouth-to-lungs technique first before experimenting further. 

4. Regrowth of cilia

Smokers often have burned cilia in their respiratory tract. When you quit smoking and opt for an alternative, you promote the growth of damaged cilia in your body. 

Cilia bear a close resemblance to brush-like hair and are responsible for removing mucus and dirt in the airways. They help you breathe easy by getting rid of the irritants. 

Now, the lung is quite sensitive when the cilia undergo repair and regrowth, thus causing coughing. 

One of the main reasons vaping is considered a safer alternative to smoking is because it is less harmful to your cilia. 

To stop coughing altogether, wait for your cilia to repair before vaping.  

4. Malfunctioning vape mod and atomizer

An ill-functioning vape mod will not be able to supply enough power to the atomizer to help it create inhalable vapor. If your vape says ‘atomizer low‘ or something like that, that is a clear indication something is up with your device.

In such cases, you will be left with dry hits which will make you cough incessantly. 

To maintain the optimum functionality of a vape mod, clean it frequently. 

While doing that, pay attention to your cotton, coils, and atomizer too. Check to see if they aren’t past their expiry date. 

Burnt coils and cotton can be the main causes of dry hits and reduction in flavor. 

When choosing a vape mod, go for a regulated mod; an unregulated mod is not for the uninitiated. You would need to be aware of Ohm’s law, battery safety and limitations, and coil rebuilding, etc. to use an unregulated mod properly. 

Without the proper knowledge, you will only get dry hits with an unregulated mod. 

A regulated mod, meanwhile, features an electronic circuit board that helps regulate current, thus preventing the vape device from overloading, combusting, overheating, and exploding. Regulated mods also have specific features that enable users to adjust temperature and power settings. 

Now, it is in your best interest to vape in a low, cooler setting. Increasing the wattage of your vaporizer can result in a hot vape and that can irritate your lungs. 

5. Low-quality e-liquid

Low-quality e-liquid can be villainous to your health and be the major cause of your coughing. Selecting an e-liquid from the thousands of options available can be arduous, to say the least. 

Spare no expense in purchasing only positively-reviewed branded e-liquids. Be careful to check the expiration date of the e-liquid too. 

Old e-liquids can be stronger and more concentrated than freshly stocked e-liquids and are, therefore, likelier to irritate your lungs. 

Also be aware that certain flavors of e-liquid, such as menthol, cause more coughing in users than other flavors.  

6. Dehydration

E-liquid tends to absorb moisture. When you vape excessively, your throat and airways will dry out and lack the moisture to serve their purpose, causing you to cough. 

So, if you don’t want to cough when you vape, stay hydrated.  

Wrap Up

As a newbie learning how to vape, you better not go for an e-liquid with high nicotine strength. You will be doing a disservice to your body if you do that, and for what? To impress a few friends? 

In fact, trying highly concentrated and strong e-liquid might lead to spluttering mid-way through your vaping session and that can be infinitely more embarrassing.

Take care of your mods, atomizers, coils, and cotton too to enjoy a fine vaping experience. Also, be careful to adopt the correct vaping method and stay hydrated throughout your vaping sessions.