How Long Does It take for a Juul to Charge?

Juul Labs is the most successful vaping company that has millions of customers worldwide, thanks to their Juul vaping devices that are popular for stylish design, thick clouds, and great overall vaping experience. 

The 200mAh battery of a Juul offers a decent battery life and a good number of puffs for one charge cycle. If you want to learn how long it takes for a Juul to charge and how long a battery lasts, this article will help you with just that. 

How long to charge a Juul?

Every Juul kit comes packed with a USB port charger. You can plug this charger to any USB outlet like a laptop and charge your device. 

The connection between the device and this charger uses magnetic docking so you might want to be careful with the device placement to avoid accidental tripping. 

Usually, any healthy Juul device will take about an hour to be fully charged, from 0% to 100%. However, an overused device may take much longer. 

If your device takes forever to get fully charged, you might want to get it checked as it could be due to an underlying issue with your Juul. Long charge hours are not normal and could be a symptom of a failing Juul. 

How to know if it’s fully charged?

When you are charging, the LED starts blinking white. When the Juul’s battery reaches 100%, the LED emits a steady green light to indicate that your device has been fully charged and can be unplugged. 

During charging, if you would like to check the progress of how much of the battery has been charged, you can just double-tap the device light. 

If the light turns red, the battery level is still too low. If it is yellow, the battery is moderately charged. 

Is it OK to leave it for an overnight charge?

While it is not strictly forbidden, leaving your Juul charging overnight must be avoided. 

A well-functioning Juul device may be charged as needed but any malfunction in the device could ignite a spark and start a dangerous fire. 

Juul uses Smart-Charge technology that prevents the device from overcharging. However, prolonged instances of overcharging are known to have hampered the device’s performance. 

How long will one full charge last? 

Once your Juul is fully charged, it would approximately last one full day if you are a heavy smoker. If you are a moderate smoker though, the charge can last as long as one Juul pod lasts

This roughly means that one charge cycle can get you 200 puffs before you need to charge your Juul again. Of course, this is not applicable for everyone since Juulers have their own vaping styles.

If you take huge hits and generate thick and massive clouds, the battery dies sooner. If your puffs are smaller, the battery would last longer. 


Bottom line, it takes an hour to fully charge a normally functioning Juul. 

Usually, when the device is fairly new, some users even reported a charge time as quick as 45 minutes. If your device is taking much longer than an hour to be charged, I strongly recommend that you get it checked since that could be a symptom of a failing battery. 

At the end of the day, Juul is a vaping pod and any malfunctioning battery could result in unwanted fires. So, charge safely and be sure to never lose its charger!