Regulated vs Unregulated Mods: Which Should You Use?

There isn’t a shortage of vape devices available for purchase on the market. With each product marketed as superior to the other, selecting one from a litany of options can be tedious. The regulated vs. unregulated argument makes things even more complicated. 

The main difference between unregulated and regulated mods is that regulated mods have an internal circuit board that controls their current while unregulated mods do not. 

What are Mods?

In most cases, a vape mod lies on the bottom of your vaporizer and accommodates the battery of your vaping device. It supplies power to the atomizer and enables it to heat the vape juice and create inhalable vapor. Mods come in two basic forms: regulated and unregulated mods. 

Compared to e-cigarettes, which are regulated even though they are not technically mods, vape mods are larger, more powerful, and capable of holding more e-liquid (nicotine). Thus, they are usually preferred by those seeking higher vapor production. 

Understanding Regulated Mods

A regulated mod primary benefit comes from the electronic circuit board that helps regulate current, thus preventing the vape device from overloading, combusting, overheating, and exploding. 

Many regulated mods, such as most vape pens and box mods, come with a built-in voltage and wattage display and ohm reader and have specific features that enable users to adjust power settings and have set temperature limitations. 

Whether a pen or a box mod, most regulated mods have low resistance protection, an excellent internal battery life, and allow for micro-adjustments to control power output. 

Many vapers prefer regulated vape mods for their safety features, regulated voltage output, simple charging port, and built-in battery. 


Safe usage

As I mentioned earlier, a regular mod has a built-in variable voltage and ohm reader. 

Therefore, you can expect your device to regulate the current on its own, giving you a worry-free and safe vaping experience. Without a regulation unit, you’d have to understand Ohm’s law and know all the battery rules to work the mod safely. 

Some of the safety features found in vape pens, regulated box mods, and other regulated vape mods include cut-off protection, maximum current, minimal resistance, variable wattage, variable voltage, temperature control, low voltage, among other features. Some even show the voltage, wattage, and available battery life. 

More options 

Unlike unregulated mods, regulated mods are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. There are models available for both newbies and advanced users. 

Reliable output

Regulated mods have a more consistent voltage output than unregulated vape mods. Fixed voltage mods facilitate a stable performance even when the battery is low. 

Regulated devices, thus, have a longer battery life since a battery drains slower when not under too much strain from power fluctuations. 

Upgradable firmware

High-end regulated mods feature upgradable firmware that helps enhance performance, fix device issues, or offer more flexible use. 


Incompatible with most coils

Since a regulated mod has specific resistance restrictions, you can only use it with its compatible coil. 

Too Manageable 

As strange as it sounds, a regulated mod’s manageability can lead to people not taking care of their devices. 

Lack of attention to the vape can lead to extended charging even though most models come with a battery charge indicator, making it easy for the users to check the battery level. 

Not user-friendly

I have mentioned earlier that regulated mods often come with numerous features. However, navigating these features can prove unnecessary and troublesome for some. 

Understanding Unregulated Mods

Unlike regulated mods, unregulated vape mods (also called mechanical mods or mech mods) don’t have an electronic board. Such mods can house one battery or more depending on the device and the preferences of the user.

Thus, no safety component prevents the vaping device from overheating, combusting, or overloading. 

The atomizers can short out at any moment too. Don’t use an unregulated mod or mechanical mod if you are new to vaping.  

Since there is no regulation unit in a mech mod, you can’t adjust the power and temperature. Mech mods only have a fixed voltage and lack a temperature control system, and you can’t make voltage and wattage adjustments.

Yet, even though adjustments are difficult, you can choose your coil resistance preferences by picking between series or parallel mods which have batteries connected together. 

Parallel and series mods have more than one battery, and their coil resistance capabilities and output voltage change depending on which you buy. 

Parallels work well with low resistances, and in series mods, only voltage doubles, while the amps and battery life remain the same. Series mods also hit harder and can power up a bigger wire mass. 

Also, if you’re looking for an easy mech mod, try out mechanical tube mods since they have a simple setup. 

Another popular unregulated mod is hybrid mods that don’t have a 510 connection. Instead, the atomizer connects directly to the battery, which facilitates power transfer. 

But, despite their drawbacks, the lack of features makes unregulated vape mods relatively easier to use. In most cases, they simply function with the press of a fire button. 


Easy-to-use design

As mentioned, the design of mech mods is as basic as it gets. Using a mech mod with a fixed voltage means simply pressing the fire button when you are ready to vape. 

Compatibility with all types of coil

An unregulated vaping mod is compatible with all types of coils.

This feature usually benefits the heavy vaper the most. Taking advantage of the unregulated mod’s compatibility and ability to supply unparalleled current, you can increase the power of your device and enable it to produce harder and more intense hits.  

Mech mods are also great for creating clouds.

Easy fixes and maintenance

Should an issue arise, you can attempt to fix your mod yourself. Compared to a regular mod, mech mods boast a simpler body framework and have fewer electronic circuitry. 

However, if you aren’t confident enough, take it to your nearest hardware store. Any employee of the store should have the expertise to fix your unregulated vape. 


Not for the uninitiated

A regulated mod has a built-in voltage and ohm reader that do most of the legwork for the user. However, to use an unregulated vaping mod, the user must understand Ohm’s law, high vs. low resistance, battery safety limitations, and coil rebuilding. 

Users also don’t have the luxury of relying on the safety mechanisms of mech mods since they don’t have them. The lack of such essential safety components, like battery safety, can expose the user to plenty of risks, including overheating, overloading, and in extreme cases, an explosion of the battery. 

These dangers, combined with the fact that some unregulated mods use as much as twice the voltage, lead many people to stick with temperature control mods that have a constant voltage and are therefore less dangerous. 

Inconsistent performance

Unlike a regulated vape mod that provides stable performance regardless of the battery life, mech mods suffer when the battery power has gone low.  


When comparing regulated vs. unregulated mods, it’s clear that both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. While some people may choose regulated mods for their safety mechanisms, others will love the extreme power supply of unregulated mods or mech mods. 

People who are open to experimenting will love the different features of regulated mods. In contrast, others will open up to the unregulated mod for its basic design and ease of use. 

In conclusion, deciding between a regulated or unregulated mod depends entirely on your preference.