How to Avoid & Fix Dry Vape Hits?

Nothing is worse than craving a nice big hit off of your vaping device after a long flight, meeting, or some other situation, but then you get a mouthful of a burnt taste instead. This phenomenon is called a dry hit. While it is an unpleasant nuisance, you can avoid dry hits in various ways, including changing up your vaping habits and keeping your wick saturated in e-liquid adequately.

What are Dry Hits?

For those who have not yet experienced dry hits when vaping, we will first explain what exactly a dry vape hit is. If you start vaping but experience a sudden and intense throat hit and a taste of something burning in your mouth, you are experiencing a dry vape hit.

Ultimately, the reason you get burnt hits or a scorched taste from your vape is that when the coil head isn’t moist enough, and you keep pulling on the pen, you will eventually burn the wick. Therefore, what you are tasting is actually burnt cotton. 

While vaping technology has come a long way in the last few years, dry hits still occur.

How Does a Dry Hit Happen?

To learn how to avoid dry vape hits, you first need to understand why they can happen. Most dry hits occur if the e-liquid you are using is not correctly wicked or you don’t keep your coil moist. A dry vape hit can also happen if the heating coil of your vape is not burning the e-liquid you are using correctly. 

When your favorite e-juice is not wicking properly, or the heating coil is burning the vape juice too quickly, you will end up sucking in some nasty hot air from the overheating coil or residue burning off the coil. Either way, it is not a fun experience and one that you will want to avoid as much as you possibly can.

How to Avoid Dry Hits and Burnt Taste

As stated above, you will want to keep your coil saturated to get fewer dry hits. So, you will need to keep an eye on your coil, your vaping habits, your kit, and even the vape juice you are using.

Change Up Your Vaping Habits

First of all, look at how you go about vaping. Do you tank one hit right after another, or do you increase the power of your vape to get huge bursts of flavor and create enormous clouds of smoke? Some of these habits can lead to how often you experience a nasty hit since turning up the voltage of your vape device or over vaping can increase the likelihood that you will experience a vape dry hit. 

If you are not sure whether you are chain vaping, you can look for some signs, including a feeling of nausea, jitters, or headaches. 

Instead of chain vaping and burning out your coil heads, you need to set aside your vaping time as a positive, peaceful experience. 

Saturate the Wick / Priming

If you keep the coil area of your vape device saturated adequately, it can help reduce the chances of you receiving a horrible dry hit down to almost nothing. 

Priming, in general, keeps your coils saturated while also making them last longer. To prime your vape, add a few drops of e-liquid to your coil head and wicking material before you use your new coil. 

Slow Down

Keep in mind that your vaping sessions should not be the same as smoking a cigarette or cigar. In other words, slow down and don’t chain vape during your sessions so that you don’t get a burnt hit.

If you want to avoid chain vaping, you can even switch your vape to the off mode and give yourself a break in between puffs so that you do not puff as quickly or as often. 

Furthermore, you can try a primer puff. A primer puff is when you take a hit without the battery turned on so that you draw e-juice into the atomizer chamber to help keep the coil completely saturated while you are using your vape. If you use e-liquids high in vegetable glycerin, a primer puff will be even more critical to fix dry hits because the thick VG will take a while to absorb into the wicking material. 

Finally, avoid power vaping. Most vapers find power vaping fun, but you will increase your chances of a burnt vape and you’ll end up with a depleted tank and ruined coils. 

Not Enough Juice

You should also make sure you have enough e-juice in your tank. An empty tank will not give you a smooth hit. 

If you want to do your best to avoid dry hits and care for your device correctly, you should refill the tank whenever it gets below three-fourths empty. 

Change up Your Entire Vape Kit

It may be time for a new vaping setup or at least an update of your vaping kit. If your vaping kit is older, you might need a replacement of the whole model since even bum vape tanks can contribute to too intense throat hits. 

For a better kit, you should purchase a box mod or vape pen that better complements your vaping style so you won’t have to do as much upkeep. With a new device that gives you more options, you’ll also realize how important it is to have more control over your voltage and temperature. 


Even after trying our suggestions above, you may still occasionally experience a dry hit vape. If you tried one or two of the recommendations, but you still often have dry hits, you may want to think about what else you can change so that your vaping experience is wonderful every time. 

So, overall, you can rest assured knowing that dry hits aren’t a huge deal, and you can still have a great vaping experience even if you get hit with a slightly gross hit every now and again.