Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt with New Coil?

A vape coil is a heating element that’s directly screwed onto the battery found inside a vaping device. Coils usually have a wick made out of bamboo or cotton.

The coil is the medium that heats the e-liquid that saturates the wick, causing it to evaporate and produce the vapor that vapers inhale.

Vaping is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Understandably as a vaper, a smooth vapor that is full of flavor is the most ideal when you take in that long puff.

However, it is not uncommon to experience a burnt taste even when you have a new coil. It is an intense unpleasant taste that could even lead you to stop vaping.

That burning flavor could be either a burnt or dry hit. In case you’ve been wondering what causes that burnt vape taste, then this article might just be your source of insight.

Let’s look at some common causes of burnt taste when vaping with a new coil, as well as possible solutions. 

8 Common Reasons Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt and How to Fix It

1. Vaping Higher than the Recommended Wattage

If you choose to adjust your vaping device to a temperature that’s extremely high, heating through the e-liquid will happen too fast. Once the e-liquid vaporizes completely, the coils will start burning the wicks resulting in a burnt taste.

Read keenly through the wattage recommendations from the manufacturer and stay within this range to avoid a burning hit.

You also need to reduce the power in your device settings. Remember that whenever you’re vaping at high wattage, each puff you take means more juice is vaporized.

2. Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is when a vaper continuously vapes without allowing for some breathing space in between their puffs. This often damages your coil, which in turn causes a burnt taste.

When you chain vape, the wick doesn’t get enough time to absorb the e-juice, resulting in dried cord burns.

The solution for this is an easy one—avoid chain vaping. Give the wick enough time between puffs to ensure it’s fully re-saturated so that you don’t burn dry wicks.

3. Vaping without Enough Vape Juice

When you change an atomizer and activate it right after, the wick will not have sufficient time to soak up the vape juice for the hit. As a result, you will get a burnt taste.

That’s because the smoke will be produced from the coil instead of the e-juice while it continues to dry the wick.

To avoid this, always check the level of your vape juice and ensure it covers the input holes that are found on the coil’s sides.

Top up your vape tank often so that it can properly soak into the wicks. For several coil heads, a certain level of the juice needs to be maintained so that it reaches the wicking ports.

Also, consider using a smaller wick as a larger one increases the area that needs saturation. Smaller wicks reduce the amount of time required for re-saturation between vapes.

4. Using Unprimed Coils

Priming your vape coil is very important because doing so soaks the wick with vape juice.

If you skip this process, chances are you’ll end up igniting a dry wick which will result in an irritating burnt taste.

Therefore, you should prime your coil properly by ensuring the wick of the coil is saturated completely with your vape juice before you go ahead and fire your device. It’s a quick process that will save you from experiencing unpleasant vapes.

5. Using a High VG Vape Juice

If your vape juice contains high VG (vegetable glycerin), it could be incompatible with your vaporizer’s wick system and atomizer.

In case the vaporizer you’re using contains holes with a small diameter, it’s most likely not going to be compatible with the high VG liquid. This is because VG is thick and produces denser vapors or clouds, which makes high VG juices a favorite among sub-ohm vapers and cloud chasers.

Remember that for vapor to be produced out of this high VG juice, it needs heating at very high temperatures which requires a compatible atomizer. This extreme heating could cause a burnt taste.

For a quick fix, steer clear of high VG or Max VG e-liquids and go instead for a vape juice that contains more PG than VG. This is because PG is generally lighter than VG, so it’s therefore less likely to cause damage to your coils.

6. Using a Cheap Vape Juice

There are quality e-juices that are cheap, but there are also some varieties that might be problematic, causing your coil to block. This is highly likely to occur if your vape juice contains a lot of sugar and is high in VG.

This kind of vape juice will give the vape a burnt taste because the juice will be denser and too stiff for the wicks to absorb. So, you need to put more consideration into the type of vape juice you use to avoid such blockage in your coils.

7. Failure to Clean Your New Coil

When it comes to vaping, maintaining your device is essential and that includes cleaning your new coil.

Cleaning the coil properly prolongs its lifespan and when you fail to clean it, you’re likely to experience a burnt taste.

Switch your coil regularly according to your vaping style and the device you’re using. The standard recommended time is every two to three weeks but you might have to do it more often than other vapers if you vape frequently.

8. Cold Weather that Causes Clogging of the Coil

Believe it or not, even the weather affects the taste of your hit. That is because whenever it gets cold, the vape juice’s viscosity changes.

The cold causes the juice to thicken, thus making the coil more susceptible to clogging. The cold also makes the PG act more like the VG.

This leads to the burnt taste. To prevent this, consider the temperature of the space where you store your vaping device and when it’s colder outside, find a more suitable place with better temperature.

A properly stored vape juice lasts longer too.

Wrap Up

Whenever you experience a burnt taste when vaping with a new coil, you can always go back to this article and look through the various causes we outlined to pinpoint the specific problem. 

You might find our listed solutions very helpful in fixing your device. If none of these fixes work though, consider dropping by your local vape shop and asking an expert to take a look at the issue.