How Long Does Vape Juice Last?

We all love to stock up on our favorite vape juice from time to time, because who knows? They might suddenly go out of stock or maybe going out to buy some becomes inadvisable because of a pandemic.

However, it is best to remember that nothing lasts forever, and hoarding lots of vape juices could be a waste if they are not used on time.

Does vape juice expire?

Every vape juice contains food-based ingredients and like all other food ingredients, they too have an expiration date. 

The three important components of vape juice–nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin—all have a shelf life of two years. So, yes, vape juices expire.

How long does vape juice last?

Vape juices generally last as long as two years.

While expiration dates explicitly state the best date to use the vape juice, some e-liquids can even last for more than two years when stored well. However, when any juice is exposed to heat or direct sunlight, its main components disintegrate sooner and the juice lasts significantly less than two years. 

The best way to know the expiry date for sure is by simply checking the packaging of your juice which clearly states it. Look for a “Best Before” or “Use By Date” or something similar. 

How to know if an e-juice has expired?

In case the expiry date is not clearly visible, there are other ways to know if your juice is expired. Even if your juice has a few more months left until the expiry date, the following parameters will help you understand if it can no longer be used.

1. Storage

If your e-liquid has been stored in a cool and dark place, there is a high probability of it being just fine. 

Otherwise, you might want to carefully inspect further using the next two checks to understand whether you can still use it. 

2. Smell

Like any rotten food ingredients, a spoiled e-juice too will give out a pungent smell. 

While not all flavors can ooze out bad smells, if you get a whiff of even a slightly odd smell, chances are that your e-liquid is long gone. 

3. Disintegration

Usually, the denser ingredients of your e-liquid settle at the bottom of the bottle and the lighter ones float above. Once you shake the bottle, both should mix well and retain the liquid’s original structure. 

However, if they remain separated and disintegrated, that is a clear sign that your e-juice is expired. 

4. Color

A spoiled e-liquid’s color speaks volumes of its quality. If you find any discoloration, irrespective of the expiry date, immediately discard that liquid as it is going to be of no use anymore for your vaping. 

Can you smoke an expired vape juice?

It really depends on how well your vape juice was stored.

I guarantee that the flavor and taste would not be the same but if stored right, you can still use your juice even if it goes past its expiry date and is not yet rotten (no bad smell, discoloration, or separation). Be prepared though for a less satisfying vaping experience. 

How to store vape juice?

Irrespective of the expiry date, storage dictates an e-liquid’s quality. So, needless to say, how you store your favorite vape juices is really important. 

Keep your e-juice bottle away from sunlight and heat. 

Always store the e-liquid in a safe, cool, and dark place. Ensure that you keep it away from children’s reach by locking it in a box that they can’t open. 

After refilling your vaping device, remember to seal the bottle with its cap tightly. 

Carrying the whole bottle with you or storing it in the car are bad ideas. Plan ahead and refill your pods based on your usage. 

How to discard expired vape juice?

Just like it is important for you to vape responsibly, it is equally necessary that you discard your expired e-juices responsibly. Please don’t dump them all in the sink or washrooms as the nicotine content, when accumulated in larger quantities, will impact the underground water. 

Also, please don’t just wrap them up and throw away as the liquid could prove fatal if consumed by any animals that may dig into your garbage pile. The best way is to let it be absorbed by used coffee grounds which you can discard normally. 


I recommend that you never vape with an expired e-juice. To avoid throwing away these expired, unused liquid bottles frequently, I suggest that you buy them in smaller quantities. 

It is always wise to use up what you have first and then open another one. Especially if you are someone who vapes a lot of flavors, you are bound to have several bottles lying around. 

Regularly check the expiry date and use the ones that are closer to their expiration dates first.