4 Best Coil for Flavor in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Vaping has changed and grown with time. If you are a vaping fan, you will agree that so much has changed and everything is getting better and better with time. With several companies trying to outdo each other, the consumers are gaining more benefits.

Everything from vape devices, to coils, has been improved and now everyone can enjoy every moment of vaping. Nevertheless, there are specific things you may want to get from vaping and are unique. The flavor is one of those great things that come from vaping that many people go for.

For you to get the best from vaping, then you have to make sure that you are getting the best flavor. The excellent flavor will only come with the best coils for flavor. 

Factors to consider when selecting the best coil for flavor

Heat time

All coils are rated in terms of their performance based on their heating time. When a coil is too slow to heat, it means it will delay you when you want that vape at once. You can go for the quick heating coils for faster performance.

Building material

When you are thinking about an excellent coil for flavor, you have to consider its building material since it is crucial. In this case, you will be discussing the type of wire used. Wire quality is essential as it determines how well the coil will work and type of flavor. There are several wires used in creating coils. Make sure that you get one with a type of wire that will not degrade or reduce in quality within a short time.


Who doesn’t want to get a great looking device? You need to have a good looking that you enjoy looking at when vaping. Do not constrain yourself but instead go for an attractive looking coil.

Top 4 Best Coils for Flavor – Our Reviews:

1. Framed Staple Coil

If you are looking for an exotic type of coil that will make you feel good when using it, then the Framed staple coil is the best option. It is a  coil that is designed with the best and most attractive look for vape lovers. What makes this coil better than others is the creation.

It is built with precision to ensure high performance and excellent flavor. It is created from ribbon wires and 38GA or 40GA gauge wires for different resistance levels. The Framed Staple coil has a quick heating time making it efficient for many vapers.

Best Features

  • A unique and attractive design
  • Quick heating ability
  • Extraordinary flavor
  • Can also provide good clouds


  • May be too hot for some users
  • Requires good practice to understand

2. Fused Clapton Coil

Fused Clapton is a coil whose builders took enough time to create it, making sure that they offer the best for their customers. It is very popular for how easy it is to use, and it provides a fantastic flavor at the same time. You can quickly get several pre-made coils if you wish to.

The coil is well crafted with very low resistance making it easy to regulate vaping and offer an excellent experience. The inner wires are made with a good surface area and of high-quality hence ensuring the best flavors from the coil. 

With this type of coil, you can choose between the kind of resistance you want. The coil is provided in several varieties with resistance ranging from wires of 30GA, 28GA, 26GA to 24GA.

Best Features

  • Excellent flavor
  • The right amount of heat produced for easy use
  • Has a fast ramp-up time hence suitable for quick users
  • There are several variations to choose from


  • Requires some time to practice and master

3. Alien Coil

Alien coils are made for flavor loves. The coil is well built, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable time through vaping. The coil has gained popularity as a result of its unique looks. It is the type of coil you are happy to look at or see in photos.

The Alien coil is created with three-wire strands for its core which gives it a low resistance compared to other coils. With high-quality core and well-wrapped wires, the coil will offer you the best flavor you can ever imagine of. It is designed to work for a different type of vapers; hence, it can provide between medium to the hot vaping experience.

Best Features

  • Produces an amazing flavor
  • Attractive look
  • Provides between warm and hot vape
  • Immediate ramp-up
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality material


  • Difficult to master

4. Tidal Wire coil

The Tidal wire is one of those fantastic and well-built coils you will find in the market. It is created by the use of high-quality wire strands of 0.8mm Kanthal A1 32 gauge. As a result of this, it gives it that fantastic and firm look that anyone would like to see.

With very well wrapped wires, the coil is made to provide a flavor that will amuse you. It is one of the best coils when it comes to flavor. You can also double the flavor quality by using a 28 gauge double and make eight wraps when making it. As a result, you will find the flavor to be amazing.

The Tidal Wire is not only known for the great flavor but also clouds. If you are a person who likes to combine flavor and massive clouds, then it is the best coil to use.

Best Features

  • Great flavor
  • Has several variations
  • High-grade material
  • Fast heating time
  • Can also provide good clouds
  • Ergonomic design


  • You have to practice to master it


Vaping is a serious and important thing that you should be serious about. As a result, make sure you take everything about vaping seriously. That means getting only the best.

An excellent coil is what you need to boost flavor and enhance your vaping experience.

Selecting the best coil for flavor is not easy. However, knowing the features, you are looking for and comparing them will enable you to land on the best. The above list is made of the best coils you can find in the market.