8 Best Coils for Flavor in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Widely advertised as the healthier alternative to smoking, many vapers make the transition to vaping to boost their health and well-being. Of course, vapers are also addicted to the delicious flavorful clouds offered by vaporizer mods.

Unlike traditional smoking, vaping allows people to enjoy a wider flavor range. Whether it’s a candy flavor or a fruity variation, there’s always a vape juice out there that can give you the flavor you want.

However, the flavor one gets from a vaporizer mod is directly related to a host of factors like the quality of e-juice, vaporizer mod power, airflow, and coil build. All these features need to work together to get the best possible flavor out of the vape juice.

Today, we’ll focus on only one factor that greatly affects flavor production: coils.

You see, the coil of a vaporizer mod serves the same purpose as a cigarette’s filter. In short, with a good coil, you can amplify the flavor tenfold.

As I mentioned earlier, vape products, in their rudimentary stages, only had coils constructed out of thin single-strands of metal. Fast forward to the present, flavor chasers and cloud chasing enthusiasts have come up with numerous ways to better the coils and in turn, get as much flavor as possible and enhance their vape experience.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best and most popular coil variations for optimum flavor. Using these vapor coils can offer a host of flavor benefits.

Top 8 Best Coils for Flavor – Our Reviews:

1. Clapton Coil

A Clapton is arguably the best option when it comes to flavor. In a nutshell, a Clapton coil is essentially a thin gauge wire wrapped tightly around a thick gauge core.

This has a larger surface area than your regular coil, allowing more vape juice to come into contact with the oil as a result of more gaps between the wires, thus facilitating more flavor in the vapor with the coil itself working as a wicking material. It’s best to pair these with organic cotton.

In its infancy, this type was primarily used on a sub-ohm tank. However, these days, people use it for MTL vape.

If you don’t have the expertise to construct a DIY Clapton coil, you can easily purchase it on the market. They’re also available in a variety of resistances and diameters to fit most build decks on RTAs and RDAs.

However, bear in mind, Claptons have a longer ramp-up time than standard offering, which can be rather off-putting for quick users.


  • Easier to use than other fancy options
  • Great extraction of flavor from e-juice
  • Offers plenty of variations
  • No need to build one as factory coils are available
  • Best coil in terms of easy build


  • Beginners may find it tough to use in the initial phase
  • Longer ramp-up period than standard ones

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2. Fused Clapton Coil

Arguably the most popular coil at the moment because of its easy build, the Fused Clapton coil can offer you better vapor and outstanding flavor.

As its name implies, it has a thin gauge Kanthal wire wrapped around two or more thick gauge cores. I would advise you to pair it with an organic cotton wick.

With a couple of stainless steel wires or more in the core offering ample surface size, this coil variation offers a lower resistance, making it ideal for both regulated box mods and mechanical mods. It’s also possible for you to determine the type of resistance you want.

If what you seek is a pre-made coil with higher resistance, get those with a thin wire. For lower resistance, go for a thick wire.

It should also pique your interest to know that this type of coil has a faster ramp-up period than your standard Clapton bearing the same resistance. So, get this without any hesitation.


  • Produces the right amount of heat
  • Offers plenty of variations
  • Has a quick ramp-up period, making it ideal for quick vapers
  • Offers great quality flavor from e-juice and helps provide huge clouds
  • Great with a cotton wick


  • Will need some time getting used to

3. Alien Coil

The Alien coil looks much like the Fused Clapton, differing only because of its distinct texture as a result of a unique wraparound of the outer wire over the cores.  

Additionally, Aliens feature three strands of wire for the core instead of the two found on most Fused Claptons, giving them a much lower resistance too. Also, I’m only too aware of how lower resistances are ideal for sub-ohm vape (more vapor production for the cloud chasing fanatics).

Compared to the Fused Claptons, Aliens also have a slower ramp-up period because of their larger surface area.

Suitable for use on both regulated mods and mechanical mods, Aliens offer an out-of-the-world medium and hot vaping experience.

However, they aren’t to be played around by amateurs. Only after you’ve learned the ropes of creating the Fused Clapton should you attempt at creating one.

Thankfully, you can buy high-quality, factory-made Alien vape coil builds on the market.  


  • Ideal vape coil for flavor chasing fanatics who prefer medium and hot vaping experience
  • Best coil in terms of visually stimulating appearance
  • Offers great flavor
  • Great with any type of wick material


  • Not for those who prefer cooler flavor (higher resistance) vape

4. Framed Staple Coil

This coil for flavor features an arranged ribbon wire covered by round wire, which is then blended by thin round wire. With different cores, there are more spaces (pockets) within the wire, thus decreasing the ramp-up period and giving you the most wholesome flavor of the e-juice.

However, bear in mind, these will go through your e-juice quicker than a toupee on a windy day.

Also, since they have low resistance, they’re ideal for DTL vaping. Still, since they have extremely low resistance as compared to other coils, you’d need to familiarize yourself with battery safety and Ohm’s law before you can use it.

Framed Staples are usually found in two different variants—the standard option and the other version with the Alien wrapped core.


  • One of the best for  flavor and cloud chasers
  • Great with any type of wick material
  • Offers great flavor and good vapor production
  • Visually pleasing


  • Requires more wattage than other types
  • Can be too hot for some vapers
  • You’d need to familiarize yourself with battery safety and Ohm’s law before you can use it

5. Tiger Coil

The Tiger coil is also worth taking a look at. Thankfully, there are many different factory Tigers for those who don’t have time to build one themselves.

Though the Tiger isn’t much to look at, it’s still capable of giving every coil out there a run for their money in terms of cloud production and the flavor it extracts from the e-liquid/juice.  

A Tiger can be best described as a twisted coil that features one flat ribbon strand and a round strand. With the wires shaped differently and twisted to offer more grooves and pockets, you can expect the coil to generate more heat than your regular twisted coil and thus produce denser, better hits with flavor.


  • Visually appealing to look at (looks like a high-quality barbed wire)
  • Extracts a good production of clouds from the e-liquid or e-juice
  • Great for those who want the best flavor


  • Many may not like the fact that it uses ribbon wire

6. Hive Coil

To create a Hive, you’d have to create two twisted wires first and then finish up by twisting them together. In the end, the twisted wires take the shape of a hive.

As you can tell, the Hive is extremely easy to create.

You can also purchase factory-coils from the market. Plus, the fact that the factory ones boast of resistance markings makes them more attractive to the safety-conscious.

So, how well does it perform, then? The Hive, twisted and turned to increase surface size, has many spaces to allow flavor from the e-liquid/juice to pass through, allowing for more flavor.

However, bear in mind that the spaces can cause spitback at times, though some vapes have a special drip tip to prevent this.

Hives, like most of the options for flavor on this list, are low in resistance. Hence, they can not only be used for DTL vaping, but also MTL vaping.

Plus, though they ramp up fast, they aren’t as quick as round wires.


  • Offers ample surface size to help the mod generate more clouds from the e-liquid/juice
  • Easy to create
  • Pre-made Hives with resistance markings available for purchase
  • Quick ramp-up
  • In terms of flavor extraction from e-juice, none does it better
  • Great with any type of wick material


  • May not be suitable for all types of atomizers

7. Tidal Wire Coil

To make the Tidal Wire, you’d need to get four strands of Kanthal wire types twisted together. Then, have a single strand ribbon wire twisted in reverse over the Kanthal.

What you should get as a result of this is a wire coil that bears a similar resemblance to a tidal wave—hence the name. With the spaces in the Kanthal wires facilitating quicker heat production and the ribbon wire supplying the required density, you get a huge supply of thick, dense, clouds full of flavor.

If you’re new to the scene and concerned for your safety, I’d recommend you to use a Tidal Wire only on a regulated mod with a minimum of 65 watts.


  • Offers great production of dense clouds full of flavor
  • Has several variations and quick heating time
  • One of the best for flavor
  • If you want a coil that doesn’t take much time to create, this is for you


  • Not the best option for those who aren’t accustomed to twisted wires
  • To avoid kinks, you need to be careful while twisting the wire

8. Flat Bastard Coil

If you want to get a coil for your RDA, get the Flat Bastard. This coil does well to offer a good production of flavorful vapor.

To create this coil, get your hands on a 32 gauge Kanthal wire and a ribbon wire. Now, wrap the ribbon wire around your Kanthal and you’re good to go.

Now, flat ribbons, though excellent at producing outstanding flavor, need a long time to heat up on their own. To counteract this problem, we need the twisted 32 gauge on the inside, offering intense heat in record time.  


  • Offers great vaping experience to those after flavor
  • One of the best coils for flavor
  • Good for newcomers
  • Great with any type of wick material


  • Cloud generation isn’t as great as other coils

The Bottom Line

There you have it—the best coils for flavor. Now that you know the importance of using the best vapor coils when you’re after flavor, it’s time to make some or get some.

Go through these best coils for flavor carefully and pick the best vape coil that suits your skill level and vaping style.

When choosing the best vape coil for flavor, you need to first consider its heat time (the time it takes to heat) and building material (type of wire used). Only after that should you focus on how it looks.

Having the right coil will make a world of difference in your vape (flavor) experience.

It also doesn’t hurt to check the airflow and ensure your coil isn’t too clogged that it blocks much of the airflow. Adjusting the airflow would also mean cooler or hotter vapes.

Moreover, understand that you don’t have to make your own. There are pre-made coils for flavor available in different variations and resistance levels that can be purchased online.

Most importantly, understand that you need to have a proper understanding of Ohm’s law and battery safety if you want to get the most flavor out of exotic coils on mechanical mods. Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.