How to Make Vape Coils Last Longer? (3 Tips)

One of the most critical elements of a vape pen or pod is the coil. If you want to make your coil last longer, you need to prime it before using it and clean it regularly. Doing this can save you money over the long term since you don’t have to buy as many coils.

These days, vape products proliferate the country, and it’s never been easier to partake. But, if you’re tired of buying new coils every week or so, you just need a few tips to prevent the dreaded burnt coil. 

What is a Vape Coil?

A vape coil is the heating element of the pen. The coil heats the e-liquid so that it vaporizes into a mist. Without the coil, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your device. 

Coils also contain a wicking material, made of hemp, rayon, or even canvas, but cotton is the preferred option. The cotton wick absorbs any e-liquids in the tank, while the coil heads wrap around the wick to heat it.

How Long Do Vape Coils Usually Last?

On average, you may have to get a new coil every week or two. However, if you smoke occasionally, you might be able to change your head once or twice per month. 

For the most part, your coils keep going until you start to get a burnt taste from your vaping device that you can’t wash away. 

How to Make Vape Coils Last Longer?

Step One: Prime the Coil

Once you buy a new vape coil, you should prime it. Priming ensures you have enough vape juice inside the cotton when you activate the pen. 

To prime, first, attach your brand new coil to your atomizer head. Next, locate the juice holes. Then, manually soak your cotton by putting a few drops of e-liquid into each of these holes. You can also put a drop inside the head. 

Finally, take a few “dry” hits of your pen. A dry hit means that the device is off, but you’re still inhaling. Doing this helps draw more liquid into the cotton.

Also, contrary to popular opinion, you shouldn’t dry burn your cotton when priming, or you will ruin your cotton faster. 

Finally, if you want your coils to last even longer, look for vapes with auto priming technology. 

Step Two: Clean the Coil Regularly

Cleaning your vape products makes your coils persist longer and gives you a better vaping experience. So, you should take the time to clean and sanitize each component of your pen every few days. If you chain vape, you should clean your pen more often.

To clean your coils, follow these steps:

  • Remove any excess juice from the vape tank. You can blow the extra juice out or absorb the liquid with a Q-tip or paper towel.
  • Rinse the coils under warm running water. 
  • Dry the coil. Be sure to use paper or regular towels to dry the coils and the cotton completely. If possible, let the coils sit out for a couple of hours, so they air dry completely.
  • Attach the coils to the vaporizer and fire up the pen. As you heat the coils, check for signs of uneven heating. The pieces should look uniform once it gets hot. Repeat this step a couple of times to dry the coils completely.
  • Reassemble the vape pen.

You also need to remember that you cannot clean the coils on pod systems. If you get a burnt hit with a pod, you’ll need a replacement. 

Step Three: Practice Good Vaping Habits

As with any electronic device, how you use it makes a world of difference. Here are some best practices for vaping:

  • Don’t Vape at High Watts – The only reason to crank your pen up to 200 watts is if you’re trying to get as much smoke as possible. For regular usage, set it to a lower wattage at about 55 or 80 watts to make your coils last longer. You’ll get plenty of vapor without overloading the system.
  • Don’t Overfire Your Coil – If you hold the fire button down too long, you can overheat the wick and cause it to burn off. You’ll have to find the sweet spot for your vape pen, as everyone has unique preferences. Count how many seconds are ideal for you and use that as a baseline.
  • Let Your Coil Cool Off – If you reheat the coil too quickly, it can burn the wick. Be sure to let your pen cool down for about five seconds between hits. Again, the type of pen you have may affect this timeframe. Also, use temperature control if your vape has that feature. 
  • Refill Your Tank Regularly – Just as with your car, you shouldn’t run the tank on empty. Pay attention to the amount of e-liquid in your tank and refill once it’s about a quarter full. Keeping the tank full will also prevent you from getting a dry fire. 
  • Thicker E-liquids – When you refill with e-juice, you should choose a high VG e-liquid. These e-liquids are more viscous, so you can more safely vape at a high wattage and avoid burnt hits. 

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your coil’s head by making it completely soaked with e-liquid before use will stave off having to buy a new atomizer head.