How to Refill Juul Pods: Your 6-Step Tutorial

The world’s arguably best e-cigarette has one drawback: it cannot be refilled and the pods are merely use-and-throw items. 

Juul pods are super expensive, so throwing one out once the juice is done is a really tough thing to do. What if I tell you that you don’t have to toss them out but can actually refill them? 

It is a tricky business and you’re certainly gonna need tons of patience the first few times, but I am telling you, it is worth it! 

In this article, I will take you through six simple steps to reuse all those empty pods lying around. Here’s how to refill Juul pods—without spilling any juice!

6 Steps to Refill Juul Pods 

You can either remove an empty pod from your Juul device or pick an already used one lying in your collection to get a refill. 

Just be sure that you don’t mix up flavors as it spoils the whole experience. Clean your pod thoroughly before refilling to be sure of no leftover flavor. 

1. Get the stuff ready

You will need the following items:

  • A flat head screwdriver
  • A paper towel or a napkin 
  • A pair of glasses to protect your eyes 
  • Q-tips (cotton swab)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Water (optional) 

Having sharp and long fingernails also helps but I strongly recommend that you use a screwdriver instead so that you can apply just enough pressure without cracking the pod open. 

2. Remove the mouthpiece cap

This is the trickiest part of the refill process. The mouthpiece cap is delicate and if you don’t get this one right, it may crack.

The best way to do this is by not exerting too much pressure. 

You’ll see a small hole to both sides of the plastic mouthpiece. Use a flat head small screwdriver and slowly apply just a little bit of pressure. 

If you apply too much pressure or force the strength of your fingers, the cap will break rendering your pod useless. So, please be extra careful and patient while opening. 

Once one side opens up, use the same process to open the other side. Bingo! The cap is out! 

Keep it somewhere carefully because we will need it to re-assemble the pod later. 

3. Remove the silicone cover 

Once you’ve removed the plastic mouthpiece, you’ll see a silicone, rubber-like cover guarding the liquid inside. The cover is easy to remove and you can use your fingernails or the same screwdriver to do so. 

Again, don’t apply too much force and be gentle instead. 

I advise you to grab a paper towel or a napkin and drain off the excess e-liquid onto it first before you do anything else. Wearing a pair of sunglasses could prevent liquid from getting into your eyes while you are disassembling your Juul

4. Clean the pod 

To save yourself from a messy taste due to an unfortunate mix-up of flavors, clean the pod thoroughly to ensure there is no leftover e-juice residue. 

You can use cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean out the cartridge. Be sure to not leave any alcohol traces, which can be achieved by simply letting your cartridge dry for a few minutes before moving to the next step. 

You can even use water and clean it up once more and then dry. This is an optional thing to do so that you can be assured of the flavor in the cartridge. 

5. Refill the pod with e-liquid

Once the cartridge is completely dry, refill it with your favorite e-liquid into both slots equally. 

Just remember not to fill it to the brim. Filling 3/4th of the cartridge will prevent any leaks or unnecessary spilling, making your vaping experience more pleasant and cloudy. 

6. Replace the silicone cover and mouthpiece cap

Squeeze your silicone cover and put it back neatly and securely into the cartridge. Go ahead and secure the mouthpiece cap as well. 

You should hear a click-sound once it is secured. If you don’t, remove it and put it back again to prevent any leaks. 


If you are looking to wean yourself off of nicotine, this how-to knowledge is great for you. Knowing how to refill your Juul pods gives you control over the amount of nicotine in your juice, and you can slowly but steadily decrease your nicotine juices.

While Juul is not designed for refills, I am sure you will master the procedure in no time by following all the steps in this article. 

Now, you can go ahead and enjoy Juuling without feeling guilty over the dollars that you end up vaping out.