How to Take Apart a Juul in 5 Steps

Juul is currently ruling the vaping industry, enjoying a huge market base with youngsters and high-profile personalities. Despite the pods being expensive compared to the others available in the market, people continue to throw away their used non-refillable pods to buy brand new ones. 

Believe it or not, there is even an urban jargon for the youngsters. Those who use Juul are referred to as “Juulers” and they are willing to shell out a major chunk of their earnings on “Juuling.” 

Why Disassemble a Juul?

Why would anyone want to rip a Juul apart, anyway? Here are some reasons. 

  • Someone who didn’t manage to clean their Juul device regularly and has neglected its maintenance may want to fix the device that stopped working entirely.
  • We all know that Juul sometimes awkwardly just stops working and won’t turn on, and it’s no fault of ours! In such cases, instead of waiting for a battery to be shipped, one might be more interested in trying to fix it.
  • The device is performing weakly and isn’t giving you the smoke thrill that it gave you before. 
  • Even when everything seems to be working just fine, someone might just want to open it up for curiosity and try to master the disassembly.

No matter what the need or the reason, it is not an easy task removing a Juul battery. 

Also, note that you will be voiding the Juul warranty by tampering with the device. If something happens, you will not be eligible to apply for a warranty. 

I would strongly recommend that you send the battery to Juul for replacement instead. 

The risk factor behind taking charge of removing a battery is very high. It could even lead to the permanent damage of your device. 

So, it is not for the faint-hearted. Do it only if you really need to and are completely prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

If you still want to go ahead, then let’s get started. 

5 Steps on How to Remove Juul Battery

Now that you have made up your mind on foregoing the warranty, let us dive into these five steps to disassemble the Juul device. 

1. Get the stuff ready

You will need a good sturdy and narrow object, something like the rear end of your nail clipper. This is to fit into the opening of the Juul pod and extract the components inside. 

You will also need something like a tweezer to pin into the T plastic socket. These objects are readily available in most households so you don’t have to worry about spending more on this mission. 

2. Press the light 

Using any sturdy object which has a small endpoint like narrow tweezers, press the LED light into the device and push a little downwards. This is similar to the process of modern age phones sim card slot removal. 

Just make sure that you put pressure on the charging port of the device. 

3. Apply pressure on pod opening

While you continue to press the light, take some other blunt object that can be used to insert in the pod opening slot. 

Continue applying pressure delicately and carefully until the metal casing opens up to the LED plastic. Something like the filer of a nail clipper could do this trick.

Just remember that this is the trickiest part of the entire process. The pressure should be applied just the right amount—too much pressure will break open the device rendering useless and less pressure for a long time could hamper the device’s performance. 

4. Remove the metal casing

Now that the metal casing is open up until the LED light, apply a little more pressure and slide the casing downwards. This will expose the battery.

5. Remove the battery 

As you slide the metal casing, you should be able to remove the battery without any trouble. Just be sure to remove the rubber seal on top of the battery as a final step. 

Ensure that you perform this cautiously. The seal is fragile and it will be difficult to reassemble if you get this one wrong. 

As I said, you have signed up for a very tricky experiment! 

Now that you have followed all the five steps and the battery is out, you can proceed with whatever reason you wanted it out in the first place. If you intended to clean it, remember that the pins are extremely delicate and require utmost attention and care while cleaning them. 


Once you have successfully removed the battery, whenever you are ready you should obviously reassemble the device so that you can get back to the vaping! 

If you did all the steps mentioned above to disassemble your Juul the right way, reassembling will be a cakewalk. Just perform all those steps backward, except for pushing the LED light. 


Juul’s battery life is not the best, but most of the problems that arise with a Juul device are usually because of poor maintenance. As long as you often clean your Juul and handle it with care, these issues can be avoided. 

Follow all the tips available on Juul’s website and you should be alright. Never forget the amount of nicotine that Juul pods contain and vape responsibly, without getting addicted. 

Safe Juuling!