How to Make Juul Hit Harder: 4 Ways to Try

Juuls don’t have an adjustable strength setting like many of their competitor products. 

This is because it’s an ‘enclosed unit,’ which means each pod has its own coil in and all pods are set to the same strength: 1.6 ohms. This is quite a bit less than the standard, which is usually somewhere between 2.6 and 2.8 ohms across the industry. 

Despite this, you can still make the Juul more powerful. Some of the techniques that allow this to happen are down to replacing faulty parts of the system, and some others are alterations that users have discovered themselves. 

Though they should be fine, none of these are techniques recognized by the manufacturers, so be careful, as they could potentially damage or stop the system.

4 Ways to Make Your Juul Hit Harder

1. Replace the battery

Like all batteries, a Juul’s battery starts to run low over time. This can affect the performance of the system, and eventually, it’ll become a good idea to replace it. 

Juuls use lithium-ion polymer batteries and these typically have a lifetime of 300-400 recharge cycles. Replacements can be found online, but this specific battery is quite an uncommon shape, so it’s best to find a Juul-specific one. 

Juul batteries can be bought at e-cigarette stockist websites, but be sure that they are recognized, credited stockists. You might be able to buy them elsewhere, but credited stockists are your best bet on getting authentic Juul batteries.

2. Clean your Juul

If you remove your Juul pod from the rest of the system, you’ll see there are two gold metal connectors. These are an essential part of the circuit which allows the electrical current to vaporize the liquid in the pod. 

If these connectors are blocked, it can weaken the connection or even stop it completely. Quite often, the user will find they have some liquid on them. 

To sort this, all you have to do is get a cloth or tissue—make sure it’s dry to prevent electrical shock—and wipe it clean. 

Once all the liquid’s gone, plug it in and try again. You’ll find the system working how it used to.

Similarly, you may need to repeat this process with the other half of the system: the main body of your Juul. 

Shine into the slot where the pod goes. There may be a build-up of moisture. 

If so, do the same again—get a dry tissue or cloth and wipe it away. 

Once you’ve done this, reconnect the pod. The LED light should be flashing white like it usually does. 

Cleaning your vaping device will fix the vast majority of strength issues, in both the Juul and other vape systems too.

3. Remove the bubbles in the e-liquid

The Juul manufacturers have stated that bubbles get in the vape liquid quite often. These pockets of air prevent the circuit from being completed, as the air acts as a barrier where the coil can’t vaporize the full amount of liquid it’s supposed to. 

This can occasionally result in the burning taste that leads to the coil burning out, but most likely it simply prevents the Juul from vaporizing as well as it’s supposed to. 

To fix this, remove the pod from the rest of the system. Turn it upside down and tap it against a surface. 

Don’t do it too hard; otherwise, you can damage the pod. Once you’ve done this enough to burst all the bubbles, place the pod back into the device. 

After a minute or two, use the system as you normally would. This will likely have fixed the issue, and your system should be pulling harder than it was before. 

If not, you may need to admit defeat and simply replace the pod with an unused one.

Another way to get rid of the bubbles is to remove the pod and squeeze it a few times, not too hard otherwise it’ll crack. This is a better method as it’s safer, but it can result in liquid getting on your hands.

A third and final method is to remove the pod and give it a shake—but not side to side. Cover the mouthpiece with your finger and flick the pod downward. 

The idea for this is that gravity will bring the bubbles to the top, allowing them to burst. Plug the pod back in when you’re done and it should be fixed.

4. Give it a squeeze

This method is the least reported one in this article, but it will help your Juul pack a punch if you do it properly. 

Just before you inhale, squeeze at the bottom of the mouthpiece, just under where the pod plugs in. Don’t squeeze too hard; otherwise, you could crack the system, but be sure to put a bit of pressure on it. 

You should be able to hear a spongy sound when you inhale and there will be a lot more power when you do. The science behind it is quite interesting. 

When you squeeze, the liquid is pushed down directly onto the wick, essentially supercharging the system. The wick becomes greatly saturated. 

You can look this technique up on YouTube. There are a few guides and you can also hear the spongy sound for yourself so you know what to look out for.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, issues regarding your Juul not hitting properly are down to bubbles in the liquid. 

As highlighted above, there are plenty of different approaches to take with this issue. My preference is the flick, as it has the least forces pressing against the pod, and is, therefore, the least likely to cause any damage.

If it’s a more serious issue like the battery having run flat, simply order one online. Be careful fixing this yourself—I’d take it to a professional vape shop, as they’ll know how to install it properly.

Finally, your Juul may simply be running low on battery. Give it a charge and see what happens.