How to Clean Juul: 2 Safe & Easy Ways

Many regard the Juul as a fantastic innovation, using it at every opportunity they get. However, regular use results in the accumulation of some revolting stuff.

So, to extend the longevity of a Juul, an owner mustn’t overlook the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance.   

Why Clean Your Juul? 

Through frequent use over time, the juices from the Juul pods can leak to the battery and other parts. 

The leakage can play an atrocious role in ruining your vaping experience, causing functionality issues in your Juul device. In extreme cases, it can even lead to the painful death of your cherished Juul. 

You may also need to clean your Juul to fix charging and connection issues. If your Juul won’t charge, chances are something is stopping the battery connectors from establishing a nice electrical connection to charge your device.

When you store the Juul in your pocket for too long, the charging port can accumulate lint. Dust and dirt are other elements that can also block the battery connectors. 

Such external elements can prevent a sound electrical connection from being made, thus limiting the supply of power to the battery. This can result in poor dry hits, reduced flavor, or burnt taste

Life is too short for a mediocre vaping experience, right? 

Therefore, to prevent such issues from causing harm to your Juul, clean your vaping device frequently. 

2 Tried & Tested Ways to Clean Your Juul

Generally speaking, there are two safe ways to clean your Juul. The first method is simply a dry cleanup while the second one involves the use of alcohol. 

The method you should opt for depends on the condition of your Juul. 

New Juul devices do not require a thorough cleanup with alcohol; a simple dry cleanup will suffice. Older models that have been used more often than you’d like to admit will require the alcohol treatment. 

Dry Cleanup

Do this maintenance method on your Juul once a month. 

Step 1: Snap the Juul pod out of the mod. Now, with a cue tip, clean the Juul pod slot. 

The goal here is to remove the excess e-liquid that may have leaked onto the slot. 

Step 2: Use a thinly pointed object to remove any type of buildup (dirt, grime) that may have accumulated in the opening area of the mod (mainframe of Juul). 

In my experience, tweezers work great in this situation.  

Step 3: The metal connection pins of the Juul which link to the Juul pod must be drained properly. 

Every time a Juul pod is inserted, a small opening is created as the pins are pressed in. This causes e-liquid to seep in through the mod, often to disastrous results. 

To prevent this from happening, go through the following guidelines with caution. 

  • Ensure the metal connection pins face down while you perform the cleanup, then gently use a cue tip and gently compress the pins. This allows the cue tip to absorb the trapped juice. 
  • Don’t compress the pins longer than two seconds. Continue the draining until the cue tip doesn’t absorb juice from the pins anymore. 

Step 4: Clear out any lint, dust, or dirt you may see on the charging port with a cue tip. You can even use a dry toothbrush to do this. 

Cleaning with Alcohol

If you find a solidified accumulation of e-liquid in your Juul, it is time for you to adopt the alcohol cleaning method. 

Why should you use alcohol? Well, it helps in breaking down the solidified, sticky buildup. 

After the alcohol works its charm, you can easily wipe away the residue with a cue tip or a paper towel. 

However, be warned that this cleanup method has its fair share of risks, so proceed with caution. 

Step 1: First, remove your Juul pod from the main body. 

Dip a cue tip to the alcohol solution on only one end, leaving the other end dry. Let the excess alcohol drip and wait for the cue tip to become damp. 

Step 2: Keep the Juul battery fully inverted before you use the cue tip to clean the metal connection pins. Be careful not to compress them as we wouldn’t want the alcohol to enter the device through the pins. 

We need to keep the Juul inverted to prevent alcohol from reaching the internal mechanisms of the Juul. If we compress the pins by mistake, we can rely on gravity to help us avert disaster. 

Step 3: After an initial wipe, you should be able to soften or remove most of the sticky, solidified buildup. 

Regardless of how successful your initial wipe went, use the dry end of the cue tip to remove the residue left behind. The dry end should successfully absorb the alcohol on the device.  

While performing this step, be careful not to compress the pins. 

Step 4: For a cleanup to be successful, the charging port on the Juul should be clean as well. 

If you see grime and dirt there, clean it with another cue tip soaked in alcohol. Then, use the dry end to absorb the alcohol and remove the residue left behind.


Performing the dry cleaning method on your Juul frequently can keep your Juul in pristine condition and let you enjoy a smooth vaping experience. Although using alcohol for cleanups can pose risks, it can carry out an excellent job of softening solidified buildup of e-liquid and grime, thus facilitating an easy cleanup. 

Many self-proclaimed experts would suggest disassembling the Juul for a thorough cleanup but I would advise you against it; a Juul once opened up may never perform the same again. If you check the official site, you will see that the manufacturer, too, advises you against opening your Juul and cleaning the battery.