Juul Not Hitting: Why and How to Fix it

Juul could be one of the most popular vape companies with millions of loyal customers, but that doesn’t mean that its vaping devices are defect-proof. The technical difficulties that prevent Juulers from getting hits seem frustrating, especially after investing in such an expensive vaping device. 

Whether it is a bad battery or maintenance trouble, there are ways to resolve the majority of your issues before you send your Juul to get looked at by professionals. Some popular complaints are that the battery is not charging or is charging slowly, and the device not producing vapor.

Whatever those issues are, there is a high probability of fixing at least some of them by yourself. Others might be a little more complicated and you would need some professional help. 

This article talks about all those common issues, explains why they make your Juul stop, and how you can fix them. Read on! 

Why Won’t My Juul Hit?

There could be many reasons why, but first, you need to understand what is working and what is not. Only after a diagnosis you can work out a solution for it either by fixing it yourself or by sending it over to the manufacturer. 

The trouble could be with the pod or the device itself. If you are wondering why your vaping quality has come down or you can’t vape at all, one of the following issues could be the cause. 

How to Fix a Juul that Won’t Hit?

Depending on what is causing your Juul to malfunction or not function at all, you can resolve the issue. Let’s take a deep dive into popular troubleshooting steps. 

Troubles with the Juul Battery

Most of the issues reported by Juulers were quickly resolved once they charged their device. Check out if your issue could be because of one of the following. 

Issue #1: Poor vaping quality

Juul states on their website that most of the time, a Juul not hitting is because your device needs to be charged. 

Fix: Try charging your device with the magnetic USB dock charger provided in the kit to 100%. Once the LED stops blinking, it turns solid green which means that the device is fully charged. 

Unplug the charger and try vaping. If the problem persists, check out the other issues for a possible cause. 

Issue #2: Battery not charging

If your Juul battery doesn’t charge at all, you might want to recheck the battery connection. 

Fix: Remove the device from the USB charger, clean the charging slot with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, and try charging again once it is dry. If it still doesn’t work, try charging with another charger. 

There are plenty of compatible chargers available in the market at an affordable price, but since you are only troubleshooting, I recommend that you simply borrow a charger from a fellow Juuler, check, and confirm if it works. 

If it does, simply change your charger. If it doesn’t, there is nothing much you can do other than sending your device to the company and waiting for them to repair it professionally.

Troubles with the Juul Pod 

Before you assume that the device is faulty, it is important to understand if the pod is alright.  

Issue #3: Device not producing vapor

If your device is fully charged and yet doesn’t hit, it may be calling out for some desperate cleaning. 

Fix: Remove the pod and clean the entire contact area with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. If you see any air bubbles, gently tap the pod on a surface until the bubbles in the e-liquid are dissolved. 

Let the device dry for a few minutes, then put the pod back on and try vaping.  

Another common and silly error that people make is not checking the amount of e-juice in their pods. 

Quickly remove your pod and check if it is empty. Obviously, your Juul won’t hit if it doesn’t have any fuel! 

Issue #4: Faulty pod

If you cleaned your device and had it fully charged and yet it still doesn’t hit, you might want to check if your pod is malfunctioning.

Fix: Remove the pod and replace it with another one. When you buy a Juul you get two pods, so you could try the other one. 

Please don’t bother fitting some other brand’s pod since Juul’s pods are proprietary and a Juul will work only on Juul pods. 

If the other pod also does nothing, then you can be sure that the problem is with the device itself. 

Issue #5: Burnt taste 

Whether it is an old pod or a new one, sometimes the vapes taste burnt and awful. This can be quickly resolved. 

Fix: Remove the pod and clean it thoroughly with a Q-tip inside and out. 

If you have recently refilled your pod, there could be a chance of mixed-up flavors. Juul pods are not built for refilling, so the device vapes taste messy when flavors are mixed. 

Dump the e-juice, clean the pod thoroughly, and fill it with fresh liquid of only one flavor. This should resolve the burnt taste and give you back the stunning vaping experience that Juul has to offer. 

Issue #7: Pods not fitting device

A strange but not so uncommon issue is Juulers not being able to fit the Juul pods into their device. A popular fix shared on Reddit easily resolved this problem. 

Fix: While putting the pod in, put your fingers over the hexagon part. You will notice that the airflow improved after doing this. 

For better results, slightly pinch in the Juul device’s hollow end where the pod goes. You can use a small set of pliers to do this but if you apply too much pressure, you may end up breaking the device so please be extra careful. 

Issue #7: Leaking e-liquid 

It is very important that you maintain your Juul in good condition and not be too harsh on its mouthpiece by inhaling or sucking too hard. Also, avoid habitual biting or squeezing the pods when you carry the Juul between your fingers. 

If you did any of this, the device may start leaking with your favorite e-juice.

Fix: First, stop mistreating your Juul and be more gentle. 

If the damage is already done though, take a small puff, remove the pod, and gently tap it on a tissue. Any residue of the e-liquid will be absorbed by the tissue and this should fix it. 

If your Juul still leaks, go ahead and take a look at the silicone cover on the pod and ensure that it is tight and leak-proof. This should fix a leaky device. 

For your future Juuling, keep in mind to puff gently and relax your mouth when you puff. Place your fingers on the outer edges of the mouthpiece without squeezing to avoid this problem. 

However, if your pod is leaking even when it is not in the device, you better replace it. 

Contact the company and place a replacement request as soon as you can. Just don’t throw away that pod, you will need it. 

Troubles with the Juul device  

By now, you must have tried all of the above steps and if you are still reading this, that means none resolved why your Juul isn’t hitting. 

Now that you know that the device is the culprit behind your vaping downtime and not the pod or the battery, the only thing you can do is deeply clean your Juul. 

To proceed, disassemble your device carefully and clean every inch of it along with the pod after emptying it with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Let the device dry for a few minutes. 

Once it is dry, reassemble the device, pour in your favorite e-juice in the pod, put it back in the device, and vape in. 

A lot of Juulers reported that this fixed their Juuls. However, if yours still doesn’t work, I strongly recommend that you stop troubleshooting any further and send the device over to the company. 

Juul comes with a 1-year warranty. Remember to claim it if it is still valid for you. 


The best way to avoid facing any of these issues is by cleaning your Juul regularly and treating it well. 

A well-maintained Juul lasts longer and is more satisfying, with its vaping quality not deteriorating too much as it gets old.