Juul Battery Life: Tips & Tricks

Juul is one of the best e-cigarettes out there. Very many people keep on going for this device because it has precisely what you want your cigarette to have. However, one of the things you will find amazing in Juul is the battery.

Juul battery is designed to suit every user’s needs. It is made in a manner that it can offer the best experience that you will not get from any other vape battery. The battery ranges from being lightweight to blending very well with the device.

Juul battery is one of its kind. Many users have expressed how they like the battery. There are several things you need to know about Juul battery that will give you a better experience. 

Juul Battery and Charging

The manufacturers of Juul had a good idea of what their customers wanted. As a result, they decided to create something that will give any customer a good experience and an easy time whenever they are using Juul.

As a result, Juul is fitted with a battery measuring 8.72cm. This is to make sure that it is of standard size and weight hence making it convenient for the user. It does not add a lot of weight or size to the Juul device.

Juul battery has a capacity of 200mAh. It is a good capacity that can last you a long time; hence, you do not have to worry whenever you are traveling or not close to a source of power.

Another great feature you will find related to Juul battery is the mode of charging and time. You will need just 52 minutes to charge the battery to full capacity. It comes with a magnet USB dock where you place the device. Then you insert the USB on your PC, and all is well.

How to get better battery life from Juul?

Many people want to be secure when it comes to battery life. If you are a great fan of vaping and you want to have your vape device wherever you go, you should not be worried about battery life. If you are a traveler or camping, you need a vape device that will serve you for a long time.

As much as the battery is made to offer a long life, there are other things that one can do to get the right time based on your needs.

There are ways through which you can take care of your Juul e-cig and extend its battery life. Here is what you need to know about.

  • Better Usage

The battery life of an e-cigarette is a crucial factor for your vaping experience. As a result, the way you use your vape will determine its battery life on most occasions. If you are a hard vaper, then you should not expect the device to last for too long. 

Based on when you most need your battery life, you can adjust your usage to get more from the battery. It is all about understanding your vaping habits and knowing how better to tune it to your advantage.

Whenever you know you are traveling and you will need your device for a long time, then reduce the number of times you use it.

  • Top up Charging

Being smart about the way you charge your Juul battery is an excellent trick to getting a better battery life. In cases where you know that you will need that battery to serve you for an extended period, then you have to top up the charge.

When you know you are traveling or you won’t have access to power, then make sure that you top up your Juul battery charge. By doing that, you will have added some time that will be of good use to you.

Always make sure that you keep track of your battery to know when to recharge. You can do this by tapping on your Juul, and you will get green flash for full, yellow for medium-full and red for a low charge.

  • Portable Juul Charger is a good idea

In most cases, you will be able to charge your Juul device through your PC or any other device with a USB port. What if you are not close to your laptop throughout the day? A Juul portable charge is something that can help you out.

Investing in a Juul portable charger will enable you to charge your device from wherever you are at ease. A portable charger is very light and will give you several charging units that can help you out there.

  • How about a spare juul battery?

It is a thought that does not cross very many people’s minds, but it is worthy. Getting an extra Juul battery will not only extend your battery life but will double it. If you know that you vape a lot, then this is the best option for you to go.

If you know that you travel a lot, then this is a good idea also. With two batteries, you can charge all of them to full, before traveling. You will be assured of several hours of vaping.

Benefits of having a good battery life

  • It allows you to enjoy vaping for several hours
  • It gives you a sense of security whenever you are going on a long trip.
  • It reduces the number of time you have to charge your Juul

The Bottom Line

Based on research done. An e-cigarette battery can last longer than many people think. You can also get the battery to serve you longer than it has been doing if only you know the right things to do about it.

Do not limit your fun to the hours that you are getting now. You can get more out of it using the simple steps that are discussed above. Always make sure that you first understand your vaping habits. That is the very first step that will give you an idea of what you should do to make everything better for yourself. Try different methods to get the one that works better for you.