Why are Juul Pods So Expensive?

A lot of cigarette smokers are now moving to e-cigarettes, and Juul has managed to create a market of its own by becoming a leader in the vaping market. 

Juul took over the vaping industry with its compact, stylish, and revolutionary package. The minimalist Juul pods gained such immense popularity that the term “Juulers” was born to refer to Juul customers and “Juuling” for vaping a Juul. 

The non-refillable pods from Juul are, however, extremely expensive compared to the alternatives. Why is that? 

After some research, I figured out the reasons and wanted to share them with you all. In this article, you will also understand how much Juul pods cost exactly compared to competitors. 

How Much Do Juul Pods Cost?

According to Juul’s website, the price of 4 pods is $15.99 and each pod contains 0.7ml of nicotine salt e-liquid. While there are other pods available on the market that offer 30 ml nicotine salt e-liquid for just $20, Juul offers 2.8ml for $16 which is way expensive! 

To give it perspective, if you choose to ignore the price of the pods, the liquid alone is 8 times more expensive per milliliter compared to the others. 

The Juul pods being non-refillable adds a burden to this already expensive product. Is it worth the cost though? 

Why exactly are they this expensive? Let’s take a look.  

6 Reasons Why Juul Pods are So Expensive

1. Proprietary product

Juul pods are proprietary, which means they are compatible only with Juul devices and cannot be used on any other device on the market. 

These proprietary pods offer a smooth kick that the smokers look for, leaving them wanting for more.  

2. Non-refillable pods

Juul pods cannot be refilled. So, Juulers just throw away the 4-pack pods once done and buy a new one. While some have tried hacking the pods to refill them with regular juices, they haven’t been successful as the final product was a rather messy and leaky Juul

3. Nicotine quality

Several customers return to purchasing Juul pods for the experience that it offers. Many claim that the salt-based nicotine juice is way better than any other pods in the market.

It is also important to remember that Juul was the first to introduce salt-based nicotine e-liquid. This revolutionized vaping as these e-liquids deliver nicotine more smoothly, leaving a more satisfying experience for the smoker. 

4. Convenience

In this modern age, people are willing to shell out extra bucks just for additional comfort and convenience. 

Juul manages to cash in on that as the Juul pods are extremely convenient to carry. The size of these pods is smaller than that of a normal e-cigarette. 

5. Reliability 

Juul has never disappointed its customers by consistently delivering high-quality pods and one of the best nicotine juices in the market. The brand has gained its trust and enjoys a loyal fanbase. 

6. High nicotine dose

Juul pods contain an alarming 59mg of nicotine which is equal to the entire nicotine content of a cigarette packet. Even for a regular smoker, this is a much stronger dose. 

Considering all these, you might wonder why your neighborhood vaping shop doesn’t sell Juul pods. That’s owing to Juul’s distribution strategy which sells these products only in gas stations and other general stores. 

The company also chose to stick with just 3 flavors: Classic Tobacco, Virginia Tobacco, and Menthol. The biggest company in vape space, Juul is now worth $16 billion!  


Based on customer reviews and popularity, Juul pods are worth a try. If you are a chain-smoker and trying to wean yourself off of cigarettes, investing in Juul pods could be worth it. 

Just remember that these pods are expensive and still contain strong doses of nicotine. If the price is too much for you and you are seriously looking to taper yourself off of nicotine, there are many other pods available at much less prices and with less nicotine content. 

If you are a non-smoker, however, I recommend that you not get used to these pods as they could be addictive and, of course, unhealthy since they are packed with such high doses of nicotine. 

For all the smokers out there looking for an exit, good luck in your endeavor to quit and for those who haven’t considered that yet, Juul pods could be a good start to step away from cigarettes.