The 5 Best Menthol Vape Juices in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Menthol is probably the most popular flavor to have in a vape juice, as it leaves a refreshing aftertaste and pairs well with almost anything. People just love it, whether it’s a dessert juice, a fruit juice, or a realistic-tasting juice like tobacco. 

There are a few reasons for its popularity, one of which is that menthol cigarettes are getting phased out across the world—they’ve ceased production entirely in the United Kingdom. People still want to get their fix though, and vaping is healthier anyway.

In this article, I’ll give my top five menthol juices so you can enjoy the minty flavor yourself. There’s a lot out there so let’s get into it.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Menthol Vape Juices

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the menthol juices that most people buy).

  • Strawberry Queen’s King Top Pick
  • Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg Runner-up
  • Vampire Vape’s Ice Menthol Runner-up

Top 5 Best Menthol Vape Juices – Our Reviews:

1. Strawberry Queen’s King

This is a brilliant mid-price juice that has a menthol main body with a strawberry secondary flavor and aftertaste. It’s a best-seller, and for good reason. 

Strawberry Queen’s King is available in a 50ml bottle for $15 and it tastes like refreshing menthol with lovely strawberry flavors that compliment the mint very well. It has a 70/30 mix, so you can use it for all types of vaping, whether you’re after high-wattage use with plenty of clouds or a smaller, rich performance.

Its strawberry tones make it perfect for sitting in the sun on a summery day, with flavors reminiscent of refreshing strawberry ice cream or slush. 

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find with nicotine in, so it is probably best for more casual users, but you can always add nicotine salts to it if you want to get your fix.


  • Lovely menthol main body
  • Strawberry tastes natural


  • Nicotine versions are hard to come across

2. Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular juices out there, and Heisenberg is Vampire Vape’s flagship product. I’m a huge fan as it has a delicious menthol taste that’s both natural and rich.

It’s also very reasonably priced at $5 per 10ml bottle and is available with nicotine levels up to 18mg.

Besides the menthol, it has a secondary taste of mixed berries. The menthol delivers a great aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more.

Vampire Vape is a UK-based company, but their products are available everywhere and at most online stockists. 

If you want a slightly different flavor, their Pinkman juice is excellent, too. Like their Breaking Bad namesakes, these products are very high quality and are unlike anything else on the market. 

It’s been a fan-favorite for years, and it’s clear why.


  • Very popular
  • Great flavor


  • Not great for low wattage use

3. Vampire Vape’s Ice Menthol

Like their Heisenberg, Vampire Vape’s Ice Menthol is another best-selling product, only with a much larger menthol presence this time. It comes with a 60/40 mix, so cloud chasers should probably look elsewhere, but those looking for a more simplistic hit are in for a treat.

It comes with nicotine levels up to 18mg and is also priced at $5 for a 10ml bottle. The strong mint flavor is its main selling point and it obviously emphasizes flavor over performance.

It can be purchased in a multipack, either with more Ice Menthol bottles or other flavors, but I think it’s worth exploring what else Vampire Vape has to offer, as their products are usually a lot better than their competition.

This menthol vape juice is designed for pod use or a starter kit, so if you use a mechanical mod or a DNA mod, you might be better off with a different product on the list. However, if you’re just after a refreshing menthol hit with unparalleled consistency and flavor, this is the one for you.


  • Excellent flavor
  • Great price


  • Designed specifically for beginner vapers

4. Club Juice’s Menthol E-Liquid

Club Juice has knocked it out of the park here with their Menthol E-Liquid. It comes in their instantly recognizable packaging, with a black and white colorway—a true sign of quality.

Available with up to 18mg of nicotine, this is a delicious menthol vape juice that features floral overtones. Both of these flavors add up to a natural-tasting product that you’ll want to use forever.

Most menthol products are designed for big clouds but this comes with a 50/50 mix, so it is optimal at lower strengths. It’s probably your best choice if that’s your style of vaping, but if you like showmanship and big clouds, I’d recommend a product elsewhere on this list.

Club Juice has delivered a lovely juice with soft hits and a rich flavor in this product. It’s very reasonably priced at less than $5 for 10ml, so make sure you snap up a few bottles before heading to the checkout.


  • Best menthol for low wattage
  • Great flavor


  • Not good for cloud chasing or high power usage

5. T-Juice’s Red Astaire

Available up to 18mg, T-Juice’s Red Astaire can be purchased in either 10ml or 30ml bottles from most good online retailers. Coming with a 50/50 mix and working best at low wattage, this menthol juice is designed for those who like frequent, casual usage rather than high vapor production.

It has a very prominent menthol body and undertones of mixed berries, grape, and eucalyptus, making it a very relaxing flavor that’s designed for hot summer days.

I love this vape juice and out of all five products on the list, it has probably the most realistic menthol flavor. It’s a shame that it isn’t great for cloud chasing, but there are many other similar products that will instead do the job just fine.


  • Lovely natural tasting flavor
  • Lots of variations available for purchase


  • Not great for cloud chasing

Final Thoughts

It’s clear why menthol is so popular—it’s great on its own and it accompanies so many other flavors really well. I’m a huge fan, especially of the juices that have it in addition to fruit.

All five of these are worth trying, and none are very expensive, so have a go and find what you like, because I’m sure there’s a menthol product out there that you’ll love.