5 Best Mechanical Mods for Clouds in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Cloud chasing is the art of creating the largest possible clouds of vapor, and it’s something that has gotten increasingly more popular as vape sales have gone up. There are even tournaments at conventions for it—at the World Series of Vape in Las Vegas, the prizes go up to $2000! 

To win these, the competitors not only need a large lung capacity, but they also need the right equipment.

Mechanical mods are the best vapes for cloud chasing as they are sub-ohm systems. This means they feature low resistance coils, which allow for the biggest clouds compared to other vape styles. 

There’s a lot of these “mech mods” on the market now, and I’ll give a few recommendations I’d use to get the biggest clouds possible.

Quick Disclaimer: Mechanical mods operate at high powers, so they should only be handled by experienced users, especially ones with squonk mods.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Mechanical Mods for Clouds

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the mechanical mods for clouds that most people buy).

  • Timesvape Dreamer Mech Mod Top Pick
  • Augvape S2 Runner-up
  • Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina Runner-up

Top 5 Best Mechanical Mods for Clouds – Our Reviews:

1. Timesvape Dreamer Mech Mod

Designed by Tenacious Tx Vapes, this mod is manufactured from high-end metals and is available in eight different colorways: copper, gunmetal black, black/copper, brass, black/brass, brass, stainless brushed, and stainless polished. It looks very stylish and sleek, but it doesn’t mean it’s extremely susceptible to scratches and damage.

The Timesvape Dreamer Mech Mod fits a variety of batteries including the most common 18650 and 20700, both of which are extremely powerful so you know you’re going to get a big cloud. 

The button is located on the bottom, which is not uncommon but can be quite frustrating as it’s unsuitable for surfaces that aren’t flat and smooth. The starter kit comes with a reversible tube, so the user can hold it comfortably regardless of hand size.


  • Various designs available
  • Fits multiple batteries


  • Metal is extremely likely to get scratched
  • Button location isn’t as convenient as it could be

2. Augvape S2

Most mechanical mods are pen-shaped—but not the Augvape S2. This is a box mod consisting of aluminum and plastic, meaning it is a lot more resilient than most. 

The Augsvape S2 holds a single 18650 battery in the body, but not any other batteries. This can be a hindrance to users as some other mechanical mods cater to a variety of battery sizes.

The body is unconventionally designed as it has protuberances shaping it to fit the hand, such as a large button where the index finger lies. 

This is a great advantage as the ergonomically designed shape ensures maximum comfort for the user. It is actually useful because the Augvape S2 is quite a heavy system due to the aluminum.

In addition to this, the S2 is a squonk mod, which means the user can squeeze the liquid tank to increase the rate at which it feeds into the atomizer—a great feature for those looking to produce huge clouds. 


  • Ergonomically shaped to fit hand
  • Squonk provides users with massive cloud potential


  • Heavy
  • Only works with one battery type

3. Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina

Wismec teamed up with Jaybo, their frequent collaborator, to design this system and it’s a great mod largely due to its size. The RX Machina is regarded as the smallest mechanical mod that fits both 20700 and 18650 batteries, making it a great choice for those consistently on the move.

The quality is excellent, comprised of an entirely stainless steel body. Along the middle of the body, there’s a hard plastic cover that helps to protect the battery. 

The RX Machina comes with a marbled design that both looks good and serves as a very useful protective sleeve, but some have reported this can rattle a little bit. I’d make sure you don’t hold onto it too tightly when using.

Some users have complained that the O rings holding the top of the body and the RDA together also come loose after extensive use, but I haven’t seen this problem personally.

Although this Wismec Reuleaux mod does have some physical issues, this doesn’t take away from the cloud potential of this mech mod. It’s very strong and you can never go wrong with Wismec.


  • Fits multiple batteries
  • Stainless steel is resilient and strong


  • Questionable build quality

4. Geekvape Tsunami

This is one of the cheaper mods out there, coming in at around $30—unsurprising, considering Geekvape is notorious for affordable yet quality products, such as their previous models namely the Ammit RTA and the Karma Mech kit.

This particular model is available in two finishes, copper and resin or brass and black, but you can also buy sleeves and drip tips to customize your system to your liking.

The Tsunami’s system comes with an unusually large mouthpiece, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, for cloud chasers out there, it’s probably an advantage as it helps you achieve a larger inhale. 

If this isn’t to your preference, the starter kit also comes with a smaller drip tip.

The system draws around 60 watts of power, which is substantial and perfect to achieve your clouds. The inhale speed is very consistent, and the airflow is large which assists in the flavor. 

For its price, the Tsunami is great, but I think it’s worth investing a few more dollars and getting an overall better system.


  • Affordable
  • Well made considering the price


  •  Large mouthpiece can be alienating, although this is subjective

5. Thunderhead Creations Tauren BF RDTA

The Tauren BF RDTA comes with a 2ml liquid tank. This isn’t tiny, but it could certainly be bigger. 

The manufacturers recommend long, gentle inhales which create consistency and excellence for cloud chasers. The flavor of the juice is very strong here—probably the strongest on the list.

There are two ways to fill it up, from the bottom or from the top, which is a great advantage and creates suitability for all forms of vapers. I’m a huge fan of this RDTA mod, and for its price ($29), there are few products I recommend as much as this.

The Tauren’s main selling points are the price and its strong flavor. Although mechanical mods aren’t recommended for overall beginner vapers, those looking to get into mechanical cloud chasing could do a lot worse than this system.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Very strong juice flavor


  • Relatively small tank

Final Thoughts

Mechanical mods are definitely an acquired taste and can be quite difficult to get used to. 

The ones I’ve mentioned here are some of the best and are all in a similar price range, around $50. They’re not for beginners (who should probably go for a vape pen or a regulated mod), but for intermediates, I like them a lot. 

They’re also a lot of fun, and all produce a great amount of cloud compared to other vape styles.