Top 5 Best Cereal E-Juices in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

I believe that everyone must have a cereal-flavored juice in their collection. After all, when it comes to versatility, nothing compares to cereal e-liquids. 

Although a handful of them taste like the cereals you’ve grown to love over the years, some artisans have incorporated different delectable tastes and flavors into cereal vaping juice, giving your taste buds a familiar, yet unique experience.

In the past, a creamy fruit flavor could be passed off as a cereal e-juice. In modern times, cereal e-juices have complex blends of grains, creamy milk, and sweeteners to provide only the most authentic taste of cereal. 

Manufacturers of e-liquids have identified the market power of cereal-flavored e-liquids. So, they’ve flooded the market with cereal juice options to capitalize on the never-ending demands of vapers longing for nostalgic cereal flavors. 

With the market saturated with cereal e-liquids, it’s now difficult for everyone to choose a worthy cereal juice. 

For your convenience, I have tried and tested some of the more revered vape brands and come up with a list of some of the best cereal vape juices around. Have a look!  

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Cereal E-Juices

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the cereal e-juices that most people buy).

  • Beard Vape Co. The One Original Top Pick
  • Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares Runner-up
  • Ethos Vapors Fruity Crispy Treats Runner-up

Top 5 Best Cereal E-Juices – Our Reviews:

1. Beard Vape Co. The One Original

The One Original E-Juice by the Beard Vape Co. doesn’t disappoint with its impeccable concoction of donuts, cereal, milk, and strawberries. The fruity cereal juice does taste like the real thing!

You taste the mouth-watering notes of strawberry doughnut immediately after taking the first puff of this Beard Vape Co. creation. As you exhale, you get to taste the sweet flavors of cereal and creamy milk. 

Here’s a tip for you—the higher the wattage of your mod, the juicier this e-liquid gets. 

Available for purchase in 100 ml bottles, the One Original features a VG/PG mix of 70/30, making it ideal for cloud chasing and sub-ohm vaping.

Fair warning: this product contains nicotine (3 mg and 6 mg nicotine strengths), and nicotine is an addictive chemical. If you’re trying to stay away from nicotine, go for the 0 mg nicotine level.

Also, this cereal-flavored e-juice tastes eerily similar to the cereal Cap’n Crunch’s Crunchberries. Should you miss the taste of your favorite cereal, listen to the little kid inside you and go for Beard Vape Co. The One Original. 


  • Fruity cereal flavor isn’t overly sweet
  • Fantastic all-day vape
  • Ideal for cloud chasing


  • Harsh on the coils

2. Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares

Liquid Labs, the makers of Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares, must be applauded for producing a premium cereal juice.

As you take a hit off of this e-juice, you taste a hint of cinnamon, toasted cereal flakes, and a stream of cold milk. The combined flavors of cereal, milk, and cinnamon fill your senses to a point where it can be deemed overwhelming. 

In fact, the taste lingers around even long after you’ve exhaled the vapor. Keep it 100, as its name suggests, is truly 100% flavorful.

Fittingly, this e-juice is bottled in a 100 ml chubby gorilla bottle and is available for purchase in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg nicotine strength. 


  • Great flavor and smooth hit
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy on the coils


  • Lack of size options
  • The taste isn’t everyone’s cup of tea
  • Some may find the taste of cinnamon overpowering

3. Ethos Vapors Fruity Crispy Treats

Looking for cereal e-juices that mimic the blended taste of fruity pebbles and rice krispies treats? If so, grab the Ethos Vapors Fruity Crispy Treats E-Juice from your nearest store. 

Let me be more specific with its flavor profile—this wonderful fruity cereal vape liquid has all the fruity flavors of fruity pebbles mashed with just the perfect amount of warm, melted marshmallow. 

Sold in 60 ml plastic bottles, the Ethos Vapors Fruity Crispy Treats fruity cereal e-juice has a VG/PG mix of 75/25. So, you can expect it to produce generous amounts of clouds. 

This cereal-flavor e-liquid is also available for purchase at different nicotine levels: 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. If you also love products made in the USA, the Ethos Vapors Fruity Crispy Treats is a perfect voice for you. 


  • Potent fruity cereal flavor
  • Smooth throat hit on inhale/exhale
  • Flavor profile is a great combination of fruity pebbles and rice krispies treats


  • Harsh on the coils
  • Can be a little light on the taste

4. Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk

If you loved the taste of the 80s kids’ cereal, Franken Berry, you will love the taste of Mothers Milk by Suicide Bunny. Though not advertised as a cereal-flavor e-juice, it comes closest to tasting like one on this list. 

Right off the bat as you take a hit, you are introduced to a creamy custard flavor not different from a cereal-milk combo. As you exhale, you get a whiff of strawberry

Since the flavor of Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk is easy and smooth, I’m certain you’ll use this e-liquid throughout the day. With a VG/PG mix of 70/30, you can even chase clouds with this e-liquid. 

Sweet, flavorful, and tasty beyond belief—what more could you ask for?


  • Extremely sweet, flavorful, and tasty
  • Mimics the taste of the 80s kids’ cereal, Franken Berry
  • Best cereal vape e-juice for all-day use


  • Can be a little dry
  • Strong throat hit

5. Cuttwood Boss Reserve

The Cuttwood Boss Reserve benefits from a complex blend of different flavors. 

When you try this cereal-flavor e-liquid, expect to be mesmerized by its rich flavor of honey, roasted nutty clusters, and fantastic creamy banana. If you’re lucky, you can detect hints of caramel too. 

In terms of taste, you can compare this cereal-flavor e-liquid to the Golden Grahams cereal. 

Cuttwood Boss Reserve has a VG/PG blend of 60/40, so it does hold up quite well in the cloud production department. 


  • E-juice to be enjoyed in a cozy, indoor setting
  • Nice and smooth flavor
  • Clean taste


  • Can be too rich and sweet to some
  • The flavor can grow old on you quick

The Bottom Line

The best cereal vape juices listed here are all excellent choices for cereal flavors that simply remind one of his childhood. Feel free to choose any that agrees with your taste buds. 

If you want cereal e-juice flavors that mimic the taste of Cap’n Crunch‘s Crunchberries, go for The One Original by the Beard Vape Co. that’s sure to delight you with its fruity cereal, milk, and strawberry combo. 

Looking for the best cereal e-liquids that come closest to capturing the taste of fruity pebbles and rice krispies treats? Try the Ethos Vapors Fruity Crispy Treats.

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to check out the online reviews (like this one) when hunting for the best cereal e-juices. Most of the time, you’ll already get a feel of what product is worth your penny just by checking out what many other vapers have to say about the best cereal e-liquids.