What Wattage Should I Vape At? 9 Things to Consider

Every beginner wonders what wattage is best for vaping and there is no clear single answer to that question. The majority of modern vape devices offer a wide range of wattage settings and it could be a daunting task for a beginner to choose the right setting. 

The wattage you need to choose depends on several factors like vapor, flavor, e-liquid, coils, vaping system settings, and more. This makes it is a personal choice and nobody else can set the right wattage personalized for you. 

But fear not, I will share with you all the information that you need to make your vaping more enjoyable, so you can make an informed decision on what wattage works best for you. 

What is Wattage?

First things first—what is wattage? if you are a beginner, all the technical jargon could be confusing you but let me help you out here. 

In simple terms, wattage is the amount of power that you allow your device to use as you vape. The higher the wattage, the stronger the power of your vape device, but higher doesn’t always mean the best for you! 

To know where you need more power and where you need to lessen your wattage, I am going to share with you all the metrics that you need to keep in mind. 

9 Things to Consider When Setting Wattage for Vaping

1. Ideal Settings

While it completely depends on the system you are using to vape, a low wattage of 10W can usually get you a decent cool vape while 50-75W is ideal for daily vaping. If you want the best of both worlds, maintain an average wattage of about 40W. 

2. Warm/Cold Vapor

Do you like warm vapor or would you rather prefer cooler vapes? Your wattage should be set higher for warmer vaping and lower for colder vapes. 

Check your device’s manual for the recommended levels of wattage and ensure that you do not go beyond that range. If not, your coil may burn out, leading to unnecessary leakage and accidents. 

Also, remember that when you increase the wattage of your device, your coil works on more power and generates more heated vapor. Likewise, when you deny that kind of power, it results in cool vapes. 

3. Dense/Light Flavor

Whether you enjoy a rather dense and creamy flavor of your e-juice or prefer smooth light flavor instead, your wattage setting is what decides that. 

For rich creamy flavor, you need a higher wattage which will also help you discover those subtle tones of your e-juice. For something light, lower wattage works well. 

Take note—menthol, lime, or other spicy flavored e-juices work best with devices on lower wattages while sweeter, fruity, and strong flavors need higher power settings. 

4. Clouds

Just like the temperature of vapes, the thickness of your clouds is also determined by your device wattage settings. Higher power means thicker clouds, and vice-versa. 

Always remember that higher wattage burdens your coil, so prolonged usage of full-power must be avoided. Even your battery life and e-juice consumption are impacted by it. 

You will find more details on these later in this article.  

5. Throat Hit

If you want a stronger throat hit, you need to turn up the wattage settings and if you want something light and easy on your throat, your device shouldn’t be working on that extra-power mode. 

Some e-juices are just not made for a strong throat hit, so try not pushing your wattage settings to the higher end to seek that satisfying throat hit. Always learn more about what your e-juice can deliver and what it cannot. 

6. E-liquid Consumption 

Whenever you increase your system’s wattage, you should expect a higher consumption of e-liquid. 

For an average setting, if your e-juice lasts for 2 days, consistently vaping on high power will use it all up in just one day. If you are willing to frequently refill from your precious e-juice bottles, then go knock yourself out with the maximum power that your device has to offer.

Remember that on average, consistent vaping on 40W and beyond will result in the consumption of 10ml in a day. 

7. Coils

Every coil is rated for its wattage suitability and if you exceed that range, you may end up with a burnt taste or hot vape on your tongue. To have a pleasant vaping experience, never go beyond what your coil rating reads. 

Higher power will make your coils work extra harder. As a beginner, I recommend that you first fully understand what your device is capable of by vaping at the average settings ballpark. 

Once you get a hang of your coil and how it works, you can vape at higher wattages recommended by your device manufacturer.

8. Battery Level

When you run your device on higher wattage, it uses a lot of battery power, so a fully charged device may not last more than a day, or sometimes even less. 

This again depends on what battery your device has. For instance, a 3000mAh battery lasts about a day when moderately vaped at 15W and lasts only a few hours when consistently used at 40W. 

9. Vaping Style

If you like taking longer inhales, it puts an extra burden on your coils and if it is already working hard to serve higher wattage power for you, it takes a while for it to fire up. Meanwhile, you may end up with a burnt taste in your mouth, which is not uncommon. 

If you inhale a lot and you want to avoid such scenarios, you might want to stick to low-moderate wattage settings instead. 

Wrap Up

Depending on what your vaping style is and what your needs are, play around with the wattage settings to fine-tune your device to produce the perfect vapes customized for you. Never go beyond what is recommended for your device and stay within the wattage rating of your coil. 

If you are experiencing burnt taste or super hot vapes, it is time you tone that wattage setting down. As a beginner, I recommend that you stick to either average setting or lower settings, and get yourself familiarized with vaping first before you crank up the wattage.