Smok Nord Leaking: Common Causes & Easy Fixes

Smok is one of the most reputable brands in the vaping industry. However, that doesn’t exempt its devices from minor issues once in a while, just like every other brand’s devices. 

The much-loved Smok Nord is no exception—it does trouble its vapers with problems like leaking every now and then. While this common problem of leaking stops you from vaping, it can also be easily fixed, provided you diagnose the cause properly. 

Read on to know more about how to diagnose the cause and how to fix it. 

Diagnosing and Fixing the Leak

There are not many reasons why your Smok Nord is leaking and the process of diagnosis itself is pretty simple and straightforward. Here are all the possible causes that I could think of along with their simple fixes: 

Cause 1: An overfilled pod

If you have recently filled your pod, chances are that you may have filled it to the brim in the excitement of vaping for a longer time. 

Remove the pod and check the amount of vape juice in it. If it is more than 3/4 of the pod capacity, read on to learn the fix. 

Else, move to the next cause. 

Fix: Simply use a cotton swab and absorb some of the e-liquid until the tank is filled only at about 3/4 of its capacity. Attach the pod, fire once, hold for a few seconds, and vape on. 

This should fix the leaking issue. Always remember never to refill your tank with more than 3/4 of its intended capacity to prevent any future leaks. 

Cause 2: Poorly installed coil 

Due to regular usage and carrying the mod everywhere, it is bound to go through some wear and tear. 

Sometimes, the coil takes the brunt of excess usage and may loosen up a bit. You might want to check if it is tightly installed in its slot. 

Fix: Disassemble your Smok Nord and take the coil out. Clean it thoroughly using a Q-tip and absorb any e-liquid residue that it may have. 

Next, insert it securely back into its slot. Reassemble the device, fire it, and wait for a couple of seconds. 

Take small inhales and notice if your device is still leaking. If not, take larger inhales and notice the leaking. 

In most cases, this fix resolves leaking caused by a poorly fitted coil. Be sure to take better care of your device, now that you know what kind of inconvenience a poorly maintained device could cause.

Cause 3: Coil that needs to be replaced

It is a good practice to replace your device’s coil once every two weeks but if you are a chain smoker, your coil may need to be replaced sooner since it is constantly in use. If the fixes above don’t work, you may have to replace a coil.

Fix: Coils are easily available everywhere and you can buy one at an affordable price. 

If you have a spare, functional coil lying around in your house, I recommend that you replace your Nord’s coil with that first. That way, you would know for sure that a new coil will fix your leaking problem. 

If your Smok Nord fires up and you get to vape without e-liquid dripping into your mouth, that means it worked. Go ahead and buy a new coil that you can install into your Nord.


Whether you are an avid vaper or an occasional one, I recommend that you regularly clean your Smok Nord whenever you refill the liquid. 

It doesn’t take more than five minutes and doing so prevents you from tasting the awful e-liquid when it leaks onto your tongue. Believe me, I know how terrible any flavored e-juice tastes as I have had my share of leaking problems. 

It may seem like your Nord is useless when it starts spilling your favorite e-juice, but it doesn’t have to be so. Find out why your vape is leaking and fix the issue using the simple techniques discussed above—you don’t always have to buy a new one.

It is a good idea to keep one or two spare coils for a not-so-long interrupted vaping experience. Priming your coil also doesn’t hurt and can actually prolong the life of your Smok Nord.