Smok Nord Review: Is It as Good as They Say?

Designed to impress, manufactured to provide exemplary performance, and conveniently compact for the vaper who carries his vape device everywhere, the Smok Nord is a pod vape system that has loyal legions of fans all over. 

Other charms of the Smok Nord include having refillable pods and replaceable coils. Available for purchase in a variety of colors, the Smok Nord truly caters to the requirements and preferences of many vapers. 

Let’s review the Smok Nord in detail.

Smok Nord – All You Need to Know 

Construction and Design

The Smok Nord holds a distinct and futuristic appearance; the cobra-style panels mesh well with its rounded rectangular shape. If you hate serpents, you could simply view the style as a crosshatched design. 

Constructed of zinc alloy and sturdy outer plastic shell, the Smok Nord is a shoo-in to stand the test of time. Although quite chunky, it has a nice form that fits and feels well in your hands. 

However, weighing around 80 grams, I must admit that the Nord is heavier than your typical pod vape. 

You can find the USB charging port conveniently placed at the bottom of the device. 

Speaking of its other features, I don’t like that it is button-activated. This means that you’d have to manually turn it off when not using it and failure to do so can wreck your coils.  

Smok Nord Pods

The Nord Pods are built quite sturdily and hold around 3ml of e-liquid. 

Although you won’t get the satisfaction of clicking the pods into place, they do have a snug fit. When attached to the main device, the pods don’t wobble or have annoying movement. 

Refilling the pods is also as easy as a walk in the park.

Let’s speak of the wide mouthpiece that comes along with the pods. It serves its purpose to the best of its ability, and it appears and feels more durable than the rest of the pod. 

Coil Performance

Upon purchase of the starter kit, you are provided with two coils—a DL 0.6ohm mesh coil and an MTL 1.4ohm round coil. The coils can be removed when they run their course.

The MTL 1.4ohm round coil is capable of producing flavorful vapors for up to 8 hours. Regrettably, it is too tight for me and I did get quite annoyed when taking hits, wishing the draw was a lot better. 

As is the case with all compact vape devices, don’t expect the Smok Nord to produce large amounts of clouds. However, it still produces more than your standard pod vape.  

Also, don’t expect the MTL coil to give you a strong throat hit. 

I didn’t have many expectations with the DTL coil because of the sub-standard performance of the MTL coil. However, much to my surprise, the DTL coil excelled where the MTL coil failed.  

The DTL coil performed much better, with the cloud production increasing furthermore and the vapor proving to be much more flavorful. 

On the bright side, you can expect a flavorful cool vapor from both coils, with the well-designed airflow system ensuring you get a cool vape. I must also admit that both coils are equally consistent in their performances.  

What about dry hits you ask? Well, the only way you can get dry hits out of the Smok Nord is if you vape with a fairly empty Nord pod. 

Considering how small the liquid detection window is, I wouldn’t blame you if you forgot to monitor the e-liquid levels. After all, you can only check the e-juice level properly after detaching the pod from the mod. 


I have glowing reviews of the Smok Nord’s battery capacity. Supporting a 1100mAH battery, the Smok Nord can last through an entire day! 

Of course, how long the battery lasts is also dependent on how often you smoke. Chain vapers might run out of battery by the evening. 

Do know that the battery lasts much longer when the mod is paired with an MTL coil. 

There is a LED indicator that displays your battery life with three colored LED lights—green, yellow, and red—signifying battery power from high to low. Command the device to display your battery strength by pressing the fire button twice.  

It can take a couple of hours to get the battery to full charge from scratch. That charging time is the only thing about the battery that turns me off. 


  • Outstanding battery capacity
  • Excels in the portability department
  • Feels and fits well in the hands
  • Refillable pods and replaceable coils
  • 3ml e-juice capacity
  • Availability of both MTL and DTL coils


  • Monitoring the e-juice levels is tough because of the restricted view
  • Needs to be turned off manually
  • The micro USB cable is short beyond belief
  • Airflow for MTL pods is too much for my liking

Final Thoughts

Personally speaking, I am quite the cheapskate so when I heard that the Smok Nord starter kit included replaceable coils and a refillable pod, I was sold on the idea of owning a Smok Nord. 

Thankfully, the marketing didn’t do me wrong. The Smok Nord performed to a very high standard and was bang for the buck. 

The loose draw might repel the strictest of MTL vapers, but they can get their nicotine cravings fulfilled by using e-juices with higher nicotine concentrations. It is also true that the Smok Nord leaks sometimes, but that happens in most vaping devices and it’s something that is easily fixed.

Overall, the Smok Nord is versatile enough for both newbie and experienced vapers. 

If you don’t believe me, ask around—vapers will speak highly of the Smok Nord in complete unison. The fact that the pod vape system is cheaply priced also adds to its charm.