Mig Vapor WTF Review: Best Sub-Ohm Tank For Beginners?

Just when we thought we had seen all the best cloud chasing tanks, the Mig Vapor WTF was introduced in the market.

Have you tried it yet? Well, you could be missing a lot if you haven’t given this amazing tank a try.

I have just said it is amazing, but the final word has to come from you based on the review of this product. 

This comprehensive Mig Vapor WTF review will give you a clearer picture of what to expect when buying this tank, thus, helping you to make an informed choice.

We will look at various review factors such as specs, features, pros & cons, and price of the product with the aim of giving you extra information that will influence your decision of whether to buy the Mig Vapor WTF or not. 

Review Summary: Mig Vapor WTF

The Mig Vapor brand has an outstanding reputation in the United States as a top vape brand. The WTF was introduced in the market early in the year 2019. Many people are yet to know what they missing in this hidden gem of the vaping world. 

It is a reliable cloud chasing tank that you can easily carry along everywhere you go without the worry about its portability. Its portability and compactness are among the most defining traits of this tank with the manufacturer creating a clear cut balance between these two important factors in a cloud chasing tank. 

You can make your final decision using the following overall ratings of the most important review factors of the WTF tank:

  • Design______9.7
  • Build quality__9.5
  • Coils_______9.5
  • Performance__9.5
  • Flavor______9.5
  • Safety______9.9

Mig Vapor WTF Sub-Ohm Tank – A Quick Look

  • Very compact
  • Portable, thus, ideal for traveling
  • Has two coils that guarantee you big clouds and flavor
  • Has a multi-button system that makes it easy for you to use it
  • Has a 10-second cut off function
  • Has a protective feature preventing accidental firing
  • No more need to worry about carrying batteries; the device can be charged using a USB
  • Very expensive compared to other tanks
  • Has a relatively smaller tank capacity
  • The recommended wattage is not ideal for hardcore vapers
  • Limited color options


When looking at the specs, you will be able to determine whether the mechanical composition of the tank is sufficient for your needs. 

  • Tank capacity: 3.7ml
  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Length: 147mm
  • Building materials: stainless steel and glass
  • Threading: 510 threads
  • Coils resistance: 0.5 and 0.2 ohms
  • Has organic cotton and kanthal 
  • Maximum wattage: 40W

The specs have revealed too much that can help you to see that it is a small tank but of great quality. It definitely isn’t the one for vapers who enjoy the use of big tanks to vape for long hours. But I find it a little bit convenient for travelers who want something tiny to pack in their pockets. 

What is included in the package?

If you buy from the official site or an authorized distributor of Mig Vapor products, you should get the following in you WTF package:

  •  1 Mig Vapor WTF tank
  • 1 Target Mini Mod
  • 1 USB charger
  • 2 Atomizer Coils
  • Instructions manual.

Unique features 

We will discuss some of the defining features of the tank and see whether they make the tank any better or worse. 

Design and quality


The manufacturer of the WTF has created a compact design that makes the tank appear uniquely elegant. You cannot compare the compactness of this tank with many other top tanks as it ranks highly. Furthermore, the compactness has made it a portable device that you can carry along everywhere you go without the fear of its parts falling aside.

One thing you probably wouldn’t like about its compactness is the fact that it becomes hard for you to clean it. It is so compact that you have to disassemble every part to clean the inside. 


The design of this tank gives you total control with the four buttons that have been put in it. This is an incredibly great feature that you cannot find in many other tanks. For example, if you want to switch it on and off, you can tap a single button successively to give the different off and on commands. There are two buttons at the top that help in controlling the temperature of the coils. But you must read the instructions manual to understand how to use the buttons properly if you don’t want to give a command that you never intended. 

There is definitely no drawback to the total control you get with the four buttons.

Appearance and color options

The main material of its manufacture is the zinc alloy stainless steel. There is a carbon fiber spread on both sides of the tank going down from the tank’s middle to improve the aesthetic appearance of the tank. 

There are three color options to choose from i.e. red & black, silver, and black. These color options may not be sufficient for you, thus, a drawback for the tank if you are interested in other color options. 

Coils and performance 


There are two coils options that come with the tank i.e. 0.2 and 0.5 ohms. The type of coil you choose to use is dependent on the amount of cloud output you want. The 0.2 ohm has bigger clouds while the 0.5 ohm gives you a superior flavor. 

You have to unscrew the tank to change the coils, which is normal in all the tanks. However, you must be very cautious when doing this because a small mistake may result in burning of your coils. Always remember to give time for the cotton to soak in the juice before you press the on button. It takes 5-10 minutes for the cotton to soak in the juice. 


The performance of the WTF tank is relatively good, actually, there are some reviewers who say it is amazing. The maximum wattage that you can safely use with this device is 40W, which is relatively low for hardcore vapers. 


Of all the features of this tank, I find its safety features as the most amazing. Firstly, you cannot accidentally fire it on without an atomizer as it has a protective feature that cannot allow it to perform this command without an atomizer. This ensures that your device cannot be burned accidentally.

Secondly, it has an automated stop function that cuts off firing after 10 seconds. This means that if you forget to lock it and it fires on accidentally, it will stop firing after 10 seconds to reduce the potential of damage or bodily harm. 


 Is the price worthy of the product being sold? Well, lest for the safety features, I would say the price is too much for the product. However, the kind of features this tank has definitely match its price tag.