How to Get Bigger Vape Clouds? (9 Simple Tricks)

Several factors contribute to making bigger clouds when vaping. 

These include using a sub-ohm tank with low resistance coils, using a battery where you can modify both voltage and the wattage, using a lot of power, choosing an e-liquid with a high VG ratio, having extensive airflow, and inhaling hard and fast.

For those interested in becoming cloud chasers, it’s important to choose a battery that can modify voltage and wattage.

Everyone has that friend who can effortlessly create bigger clouds for days on end. No one knows how they blow bigger clouds than everyone else, and they seem to have a secret for big vape clouds no one can crack, no matter how hard they try. 

With this guide, you’ll be sure to increase your cloud production and begin cloud chasing with ease!

9 Tricks to Get Bigger Vape Clouds


A low sub-ohm vape tank and air tolerant coil are best for cloud chasers hoping to create huge clouds for endless hours of cloud chasing.

Mesh coils are strips of metal perforated with holes used in cloud vaping, but it’s not the traditional “mesh” you might think of when you hear the word. 

Mesh coils allow more surface area to vaporize your e-liquid, while their thinness lets the coils heat up quickly with low resistance.


For the best vapour production or when you’re about to compete in a cloud competition, you will need a battery with the ability to modify both voltage and wattage to allow you to try out different settings.

When you are able to adjust your power in this way, you can continue adjusting your battery until you find what works best for you when seeking larger vape clouds.

Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage

If the mechanical mods you’re using are regulated, you should choose variable wattage rather than variable voltage. This will automatically adjust the voltage for you. 

Fixed voltage batteries will require manual adjustment.

Voltage is the first push of your battery, while wattage is similar to the power traveling through the coil.

For optimum vapour production, this is why it’s important to choose your desired wattage and then, the battery will adjust the voltage.

When increasing your wattage, start at a low setting when trying to produce thick clouds from your e-liquid. Starting too high can accidentally burn the wick. If you burn your wick, you’ll need to replace your coil. 


The more power you have, the better chance you have to produce bigger clouds.

When you increase the power, you also increase the amount of heat. This is partially why you need extra airflow to produce bigger vape clouds.

Some people can handle extreme heat with their vapor, but others will need less power and more fresh air in order to take a big throat hit to achieve the best cloud production. 

It’s important to exhale slowly to blow big clouds.

The tank of your regulated box mod must be taken into consideration before turning the power all the way up when blowing huge clouds.

It’s recommended to use a sub-ohm tank for creating massive clouds. They’re capable of handling high power and are specially designed for making big clouds. 

Check your coils to make sure they’re capable of as much power as your tank is. Refer to the guidelines that come with your coils to determine which power settings are best when trying to produce more vapour.

Coil Resistance

Having low coil resistance provides the ability to get high temperatures when creating vapor clouds. You can also produce larger clouds and reach higher temperatures more quickly using a low resistance coil.

Some wires heat up faster than others when producing thicker clouds. The more complicated the wire is, the longer it will take to heat up and produce big clouds. The same can be said about alien or twisted sub-ohm coils.

Mild resistance coils can handle high wattages when chasing clouds better than high resistance coils. Although, if your vape device is very high-powered, you don’t need the resistance to be incredibly low to get those big clouds.

The only reason you might opt for a high resistance coil is if you like a tighter airflow during massive cloud production. Otherwise, you should get a sub-ohm clearomizer, which is a clear tank and atomizer in one.

You can sometimes upgrade your coils without changing your tank. Certain e-liquid tanks are designed for minimal vapor escape and those seeking more vapour.

Sub-ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping is when you vape with a coil below a 1. This has very low resistance and more cooling capacity for achieving giant clouds.

You have to use a battery that has enough power for low resistance. If you’re using a mod that has a separate battery, make sure the battery has a high, continuous discharge limit. 

This will inform you how many amps the battery can safely give off. A battery with wattage above 20A is adequate.

It’s important to stay within the limits of your battery.

Choosing the Right Liquid

Liquid droplets have different ratios of PG and VG. A higher percentage of PG means a throatier hit while a higher percentage of VG creates more vapor.

If you go above 50% VG, the liquid can become too thick and clog up the tank. Sub-ohm tanks rarely have this problem.

If you want to be a cloud chaser, choose a liquid with a 50/50 ratio, or with a higher VG. 

Liquids that are high in PG don’t produce much vapor and will result in a harsh throat hit.

The strength of e-liquids is another thing to consider. The one you choose will depend on your coils and sub-ohm tanks.

Another consideration when making more cloud-chasing vapers is that you also get more nicotine. You should definitely lower your percentage of nicotine to offset this.


If you have more airflow, you can cool the vapor down more and create a better cloud chase. If you can get increased fresh flow over your coil, you can keep the heat generated as low as possible. 

You don’t want to burn your wick from insufficient airflow or too much power.

With a low temperature, you have a lower risk of burning your wick. It simultaneously creates condensation, which makes a bigger cloud.

When you get more air over your coil, it has a greater chance of creating vapor.

As e-liquids get vaporized, the space above the coil gets filled with vapor. The only way to increase the amount is when some of the vapor is condensed back into liquid. This stops new vapor from being created if you don’t have enough air.

Having constant airflow on your coil gets rid of the old vapor and lets new vapor replace it. 

Airflow determines how tight your draw is. Less air creates more resistance, while more air will make your vape seem fluffier.


Finally, it’s necessary to inhale hard and fast. Otherwise, you won’t send enough airflow over the coil to cool it down, and your vapor will get too hot.


What makes bigger e-cig clouds?

Low resistance coils, lots of power, a liquid with a high VG, abundant airflows, and the correct inhaling technique creates bigger vape clouds.

How do you create thicker vape clouds?

Using liquid with the right ratio of PG and VG will create thicker vape clouds.

What is the biggest vape cloud world record?

The biggest vape cloud in the world was at a cloud-chasing competition in 2015 and measured 2 meters long.