How to Know When to Change Vape Coil? (5 Easy Signs)

Maintenance is a necessary part of owning a vaping device, especially if you want it to perform optimally at all times. So, there’s many benefits in knowing how to change vape coils. This component can affect your vape’s flavor, how the device sounds, and the amount of vapor it’s producing. 

Replacement of burnt and defective coils at the right time can go a long way in extending the lifespan of your e-cigarette. 

The coil is an essential component of an e-cigarette. Tasked with releasing flavor from your e-liquid and producing dense clouds, it consists of a wire and wick housed within the mod’s cartridge. 

The wick soaks up the e-liquid into the tank and the coil, drawing power from the batteries and heating the unit to produce inhalable vapor. A coil, no matter how well you take care of it, will wear out in the long run. 

This is why it’s imperative to maintain your device. It’s an essential part of enjoying your device and will improve the coil’s lifespan. Failure to do so can be heavy on your wallet. 

Depending on your vaping habits, you might be replacing coils long before their expiration date or using them beyond their effectiveness. Either way, you’d be spending a lot of money on a new coil far too often or buying new mods because of excessive coil failure. 

So, how do you know when to change them? Here are some helpful tips. 

5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Coil

1. Burnt Taste

If you’re experiencing an acrid, burnt taste in your vape, it’s time to bid goodbye to your dead coil. 

A one-time hit off a burnt coil won’t have terrible consequences. However, if you use the same coil repeatedly, you will experience a burnt taste from the vape juice and the inner mechanism of your vape mod will be gravely affected. 

In addition to an unpleasant taste, other symptoms include inhaling plenty of unhealthy, e-liquid vapor which can eventually burn your throat, make you feel sick, and potentially damage your lungs. It’s also possible to experience an unpleasant burning taste if you don’t prime your coils properly. 

If you want your coil to last a little longer and improve how your vape tastes, consider cleaning it with a paper towel. Unfortunately, not all coils can be cleaned, so check your device before you start any cleaning task to avoid an unpleasant experience. 

2. Hollow Bubbling Sounds

Do you hear hollow, gurgling noises while vaping? If so, it could be an indicator that you need a new coil. 

The vape device usually produces a repulsive gurgling sound from e-liquids when the coil fails to perform properly. But there could be other causes of the ugly noise, too.

If the sound doesn’t fade away, even after you replace the component, it could be a sign that a bigger issue persists in your device. Simply put, a vape mod shouldn’t be making gurgling sounds if you replace vape coils regularly. 

3. Weak Flavor

Can’t seem to get any flavor while you vape? If it’s not vape tongue, then the coil could be the culprit here, preventing your favorite e-liquids from tasting the way it should so change the coil asap. 

In some instances, it’s possible to get weak flavor from a defective bottle of e-liquid. However, the possibility of that happening is minimal; it’s more likely that you’re using a damaged coil. 

So, if your e-cig suddenly tastes weak, consider replacing the coil. 

In other cases, defective coils can also produce an awful, mixed aroma of different flavors when you change vaping juices. For instance, when you switch flavors from mint to blueberry e-juice, you may get an unpleasant tang due to the blending of the two different flavors on the wick. 

If this happens, change your vape coil immediately. 

4. Ridiculously Low Vaper

As a coil reaches its expiration date, it will begin producing a really light vaper. Hence, if your cloud chasing endeavors seem to be taking a hit, it may be because of an old coil. 

If big clouds are lacking from your e-cig, a dying battery may also be the culprit. A device’s charge can also cause low vapor production. Therefore, check your battery power and see if it can hold a charge before you replace the coil. 

5. Leaking Vape Device

Using an old coil is one of the main reasons an e-cigarette will leak e-juice. 

Other factors include tank flooding, worn-out O-rings, or mistakenly filled e-liquid. The level of liquid in the tank is important and you can easily unscrew the lid to check the depth or simply turn the tank upside down. But a worn-out coil is one of the top causes of a leaking e-cig. 

That said, be sure to examine the tank and regularly replace your coil. 

How Often Should You Change Your Vape Coils? 

How to know when to change vape coil components depends entirely on how heavily you vape. Chain vaping will wear out coils much faster than light vaping. 

If I were to provide an educated guess, a mild vaper can go without changing a vape coil for a month. Meanwhile, a passionate vaper will need to change his/her coils every one to two weeks. 

These are just rough estimations though, so it would be more accurate to keep track of coil health through the signs listed above. 

Wrap Up

Your vape coil plays an instrumental role in providing you an unbeatable vaping experience so it’s important to keep up the proper maintenance. 

Replacing vape coils can help avoid dry hits, low vapor production, and weak flavored hits. In worst cases, it can even give a hideous, mixed taste of different flavors when you switch e-juice. 

So, replace your coil regularly and check them when the situation demands it.