How to Change Vape Juice: 6 Easy-to-Follow Steps

If you are someone who wants to try different vape e-liquids or disliked the one you have been using and want to switch, this article is just for you. 

If you’re not careful while changing the vape juice, you may end up with a messy device and a terrible taste in your mouth because of the residue of the previous one. But worry not, I will take you through all the steps to easily switch vape juices without messing the flavors and your vaping device. 

So, bring your vaping device and the new juice that you so lovingly bought for yourself and read on! 

6 Steps to Change Vape Juice

The process of changing your vape juice is not difficult but it needs all your attention. Once you do it a couple of times, you will soon become a pro at it. 

Step 1: Get the stuff ready

For this process, you will need the following items:

  • Your vaping device 
  • New e-juice bottle 
  • Soap water
  • Warm water 
  • Cotton or paper towel 

Step 2: Remove the tank

First, unscrew the tank from your device and dump any leftover e-juice. Be careful while doing this as you may harm the battery or coil. 

As excited as you are to vape your new flavored liquid, it’s not time to refill just yet. You must first clean the tank thoroughly. 

Step 3: Clean the tank

Use soap water and clean the tank thoroughly, but carefully. If you have used a thick, dense e-juice in it, you should also clean it with slightly warm water after. 

Once cleaned, wipe out the moisture using some cotton or a paper towel. Even if you think it is completely dried, I strongly recommend that you leave the tank on a surface to dry because any residue will corrupt the taste of your vapes. 

Step 4: Clean the coils

While you are waiting for your tank to dry, you will need to clean your vape coil

Since a coil needs to be replaced every two weeks, you should consider doing this while you change your juice. However, if you have recently changed the coil and are simply switching flavor, you can either remove your coil and store it in a tightly wrapped zip-lock or just quickly clean it. 

I recommend that you store your coils since you can reuse them whenever you switch back to the flavor that you have used them for. If you don’t want to do that though, rinse the coil with warm water. Do not use soap water as it will harm the coil. 

Wipe it dry with some cotton and leave it to dry. There are flavorless juices available on the market which you can use to rinse these coils instead of warm water. 

Step 5: Fill the tank

Once the tank and coils are dried completely, proceed with filling it with the new e-juice that you are excited about. For optimal results, fill only 3/4 of your tank to avoid a leaking vape

Step 6: Reassemble the components

Put the tank and the coils back in place and fire it. You might also want to prime your coil first before taking a hit, just to make sure that the flavor has fully settled in your device.

Keeping Multiple Tanks

If you are a passionate vaper who likes switching flavors frequently, I strongly recommend that you keep multiple tanks filled with your favorite e-liquids so you don’t have to change the vape juice multiple times. 

While doing so could get tedious, it is also not healthy for your tank which may end up cracking due to being disassembled multiple times. Even the lifespan of the tank will be affected—which can easily be avoided by just maintaining multiple tanks and switching your tank with the other one which you want to vape. 

By doing this, you also won’t have to discard left-over juice every time you want to try a different flavor. You can also always come back to the previous flavor easily by simply replacing the tank. 

Just keep an eye out for the expiry date of those e-juices when you are trying out multiple flavors. Remember that vape juices expire, so better check if the e-juice you stored is still good before vaping it. 


As a vaper, I recommend that you try out different e-liquid flavors with varying densities for a better, more exciting vaping experience. 

Some may work and some may not, but switching vape flavors from time to time is bound to introduce you to different vaping trends and tastes that you won’t discover if you don’t leave your comfort zone. Besides, when you see flavors like Strawberry Donut, Blue Raspberry, or Bubblegum on Ice, it’s just so hard to stay away!