How to Change Vape Juice? (6 Easy Steps)

Learning how to change vape juice is a straightforward and simple procedure. 

The worst-case scenario with a lousy vape juice change can lead to getting vape juice on your clothes, in your hair, or even ruining your vape device. 

To change out your previous flavor correctly and avoid e-liquid stains, you need to wash certain parts of your vaping device with warm water and remove all liquid from the tank before refilling. You should also have a designated device site to keep all your supplies together and keep from losing anything. 

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone with e-juice behind the screen of their atomizer, in the battery compartment, or worse. The good news is that once you know your gear and how to change vape juice, getting it in the wrong places is unlikely. 

 How to Change Vape Juice in 6 Steps

Changing vape juice isn’t hard, but it can be frustrating the first time you do it. But, after a few tries, it will become easy for you to change vape juice. 

Step 1: Get Your Gear

You’re going to need a few things:

  • The vape device
  • A new juice bottle
  • Soap (liquid dish soap works well) and warm water
  • Paper towels
  • Cotton swabs

For best results, use a large dinner plate, waterproof platter, or some other suitable surface to contain messes so you won’t have to remove vape juice stains later and so you can keep small parts from rolling away.

You may also want to put something over your clothes and tie your hair back. Changing vape juice can create an oily stain seemingly challenging to clean, but removing vape stains is actually quite simple. Most soaps will take the spot out of clothing with a few scrubs because most stains come from easily cleanable PG.  

Step 2: Uninstall the Vape Tank

Once your work area is ready, unscrew the vape tank from your device and pour out any remaining juice. Take care not to damage the battery or the coil during this part of the process. 

Before refilling the vape tank with your new favorite vape juice, you’re going to have to clean it out thoroughly. Otherwise, you’ll mix the new with the old, and if the vape tank has any bacteria in it, you’ll be propagating its spread.

Step 3: Clean the Tank

This step is vital to maintain vape efficiency and to keep your vape functioning correctly. 

Cleaning also helps you avoid mixed flavors. Because, what’s the point in all this work if your new e-flavor changes from how it should taste? 

The first thing you should do to switch flavors is to remove any tank components that can get easily lost from the tank. 

Also, you should remember throughout this process that you only want to rinse the glass part of the vaping tank. Do not rinse any other portions except the coils. 

Then, you can take the tank to the sink and run hot water over it until all the remaining e-liquid from the old flavor disappears. 

Only use medium water pressure to avoid knocking anything loose. 

To ensure all the juice has washed away, you can use alcohol as a soaking medium for a deeper clean. 

Soak overnight and then use a water rinse to get rid of residual traces of alcohol. A deep clean ensures that your vape juices taste good and will prevent build-up from getting worse. 

That done, wipe the fill tank with a cloth, and use your cotton swabs to dry out the deep corners. Take care not to leave cotton lint inside.

Step 4: Clean Your Coils

You should change your coils at least every two weeks, and with a dismantled device, this moment is an excellent time to clean your coil thoroughly or add a new coil. 

Once you’ve gotten out the remaining liquid, twist the coil from the head and perform a water rinse. Do not use soap since this will damage the coil. 

Gently dab the coil with cotton or a paper towel to dry it, or you can leave it on a cloth in the sun to air dry.

Or, you could put a new coil in your device, especially if the cotton wick doesn’t look good or you notice a bad taste. Just remember that after you change the coil, you should saturate the cotton wick with e-juice to prevent dry hits. 

Step 5: Put in a New Flavor

After the tank and coil are dried and clean, go ahead and put a new flavor in your tank. 

For best results, do not overfill the tank with your new flavor. The best fill level is about ¾ of the way full or to the tank’s fill line. This amount of e-liquid will help keep the juice from leaking, getting all over your device, and from causing stains.

Step 6: Put Everything Back Together

Now that you’ve swapped out your old flavor and cleaned your device, you should replace the coils and the tank and briefly fire the vaping device. Firing will evaporate any water leftover from the wash and help ensure your new flavor doesn’t get diluted. 

Reattach the head and give the juice a few moments to fill the firing chamber. 


Want to Be a Two-Fisted Vaper?

Changing vape juice and cleaning heads can be a chore, even though these are essential procedures for optimal function, enhancing vaping flavor, and trying out different e-liquids.  

If you want to go from an empty unit straight to a fresh one, the best thing is to have multiple tanks filled with vape flavors, so they are ready to go. That way, you can switch them out quickly and have something to smoke while you clean your used one.

FAQs about How to Change Vape Juice

Can Vaping Juice Go Bad?

Yes, it can. Discoloration, thickness changes, and smell changes are all signs your vaping juice has gone sour. 

These products should always have an expiration date on the bottle. Just check that to be sure the juice hasn’t expired.

Can You Mix Vaping Juice With Water?

Vape juice already contains water, and if you buy it from a quality merchant, it will have the optimal ratio. 

However, you can add water. Water will make the juice weaker and dilute the flavor, but it’s doable.

Can I flavor my vape juice at home?

Yes. Just be sure you:

  • Use an LNW E-Liquid Calculator to find the proper levels
  • Add a nicotine base or nicotine salt.
  • Add propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin
  • Add your flavoring
  • Shake thoroughly

Making your own flavors will take practice and will cost more than buying from a reputable vendor. But you can do it.