Wismec Reux Tank Review: Better Than The SMOK TFV8?

Are you in need of a modern vaping tank? Do you think the new Wismec Reux can be your ideal vaping partner?

Well, after reading its review, you will probably have the right answers as to whether you can accept this vaping tank as your companion or not.

The review will cover all that you need to know such as the specs, the features, the pros & cons, and the price of the Wismec Reux. 

Review Summary: Wismec Reux Tank

The Wismec Reux is the first release of the sub-ohm tanks from Wismec. As a flagship product of a renowned brand, the Wismec Reux boasts of innovative design and efficiency. It also brings to the market an exciting degree of wattage options, which can allow you to vape up to 260W. It is a fashionable product that has some unique features that make it adaptable to your vaping needs, which include a top-fill system and bottom adjustable airflow control that enhances your experience. 

The overall ratings of the core factors of this tank are as follows:

  • Design______9.5
  • Build quality__9.5
  • Coils_______9.5
  • Performance__9.5
  • Flavor______9.5

Wismec Reux Tank – A Quick Look

  • Has a sufficiently large tank of 6ml e-juice holding capacity
  • Has a great design, which is compact and durable
  • It is simple to use it, more especially refilling the tank
  • You have three different options of RTA for varied flavors
  • Has a new mouthpiece adapter
  • Use the RX Series Heads design by Reux
  • Compatible with mods in the RX series
  • Bottom airflow control
  • There are no many color options
  • The tank does not work well with other mods, even though the manufacturer claims it does.


The first important review section is the specs of the tank as it gives you the mechanical composition of the tank for you to evaluate your desire for the tank clearly. 

  • The tank has an e-juice tank capacity of 6ml, which is big enough for a prolonged vaping experience
  • The diameter of the tank measures 25mm with the length measuring 68mm
  • The maximum wattage of the tank is 260W, which is very high compared to most of the vaping tanks found in the market
  • It is constructed with the stainless steel
  • It has a top-fill system

These are some of the top specs that you should know; of course, there are many more, which are the normal specs that all other tanks have such as airflow control, coil options, etc. 

What is in the box?

You can purchase this product online from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer. Every package should have the following items inside:

  • 1 Wismec Reux sub-ohm tank
  • 1 preinstalled atomizer head
  • 2 RX Ceramic 0.5ohm head
  • 2 Screw
  • 1 Mouthpiece adaptor
  • 1 anti-fake sticker
  • A user manual

From a technical point of view, the box is packed with important items that will get you started well. However, it could have been much better if the box had spare parts in it for replacement in case there is a need. 

Unique Features 

Have you ever thought of the reason why a new product such as Wismec Reux would sell in the market and beat other top products? Well, this is just simply because of the kind of features the sub-ohm tank gives to users. We will look at them and also see if there are any drawbacks to the features of this tank.

Design and quality 

The appearance 

The appearance of the tank is as good as other top tanks’; I mean there is nothing that is oddly striking about the device’s appearance. However, I must admit that the stainless steel and the 510 threading has majorly contributed to the elegant appearance of the tank. 

Whilst there are no many color options, the existing blend of black and silver is enough to keep you happy with the tank’s appearance. But if you want more fancy colors, then this is not the kind of device that would offer what you want. 


With a 6ml tank, you can’t expect a more portable device than this. The manufacturer has tried to make it as portable as possible but the size of the tank still makes it bigger. 

You may have to go for another option if you want a much smaller tank; though it is not necessary as the size of this tank is manageable. 


Having been made with stainless steel, the Wismec Reux passes the durability test. However, the stainless steel construction cannot guarantee long-term durability on its own; that is why we need to look at the compactness of the device as well.

The device is easily detachable, meaning that you can open and clean it with much ease. This is a feature that boosts the durability of the tank since you won’t have to struggle with the device and cause quick wear and tear.

Performance of the tank

Well, this is the most exciting review factor for most hardcore vapers. It lets you know the kind of tank you have and its capability. 

The coils

The Wismec Reux combines both the RTA and the replaceable head system to give you a fun vaping experience. The choice that you get is important in deciding the kind of vaping experience you have, thus, making this a unique feature that should get you to buy this tank.

Furthermore, there is an option of three types of RTA to choose from. For example, if you want a good flavor with an exciting cloud, the pre-made Clapton coil would work best for you. 

Flavor and clouds 

This tank supports vaping that goes up to a 260W-worth of excitement. It is, therefore, a good one for you if you want to enjoy a great flavor covered with dense clouds. 

There is also a direct airflow inlet that gives you total control of the airflow to boost your vaping experience. It is simple to use the airflow control system as you only have to control the ring either clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the flow of the air inside your tank for varied vaping experiences. 


Just before you make a decision, keep in mind that this is a flagship tank and the manufacturer could be selling a high-quality product to attract people to this line of product. I find the price set against the features as great enough to make you want to try it.