The 10 Best MTL RTA in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Rebuildable tank atomizers (or RTAs) allow users to vape by automatically filling the coil with the e-juice until the container is exhausted.

An RTA has two basic types, MTL and DTL. An MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) RTA uses higher ohm coils to provide vapers with a vaping experience that is similar to cigarettes. Used in tandem with strong e-liquids and high-capacity tanks, MTL RTAs are highly prized for the unique experience and excellent flavor that they provide.

Once a rare design, MTL RTAs are now made and marketed by every major local and foreign brand. With a mind-bogglingly high number of purchase options available to the consumer, it becomes an uphill battle to select the best MTL RTA that is both dependable and cost-effective.

Not to worry as I have scoured the landscape for all sorts of MTL RTA’s that are widely used. Below is a list of the ten best MTL RTAs to help you pick the MTL RTA that best suits you.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best MTL RTA

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Top 10 Best MTL RTA – Our Reviews:

1. Innokin Ares 2

With a bell-shaped outer body design that is ergonomic as well as simplistic, the Innokin Ares 2 is the latest design in the MTL RTA line by the renowned Innokin brand.

Efficient airflow is ensured throughout the MTL RTA due to an adjustable airflow mechanism controlled through a button. The body of the Innoken Ares 2.0 MTL RTA is wholly made from stainless steel for durability.

The e-liquid is added to the RTA through a top-fill process by removing the top cap. With a 22mm diameter, the device is easy to carry around as well.

Like any best-in-class product, this best MTL RTA is shipped with a variety of tools and spares. One additional trivia about the product is that its top cap is sealed shut to prevent leakage of both air and liquid.

Providing a near-perfect balance between design, ease of usability, and flavour development, the Ares 2.0 MTL RTA is a resounding success when it comes to making the best mouth-to-lung atomizers. It might just be your new favorite!


  • Higher-quality manufacturing that results in a durable device
  • The top cap houses the drip tip
  • Ensures great flavour development
  • Accessible build deck


  • None so to speak

2. Steam Crave Glaz Mini

Made from a high tensile zinc alloy, the Glaz Mini RTA by Steam Crave packs a significant punch when it comes to mouth-to-lung atomizers. Considering its features, the RTA rightfully belongs to this list of best MTL RTA options.

Measuring 23 mm in diameter, the Glaz Mini RTA boasts super build quality due to its stainless steel construction. Additional features include the Pyrex glass container, a threaded top fill system, and a 510 connector to seamlessly link with mods of most sizes.

A 2 ml capacity juice tank is built into the MTL RTA but it can be easily swiped with larger tanks, such as a 5 ml container. As for flavor, the RTA’s adjustable airflow control ring helps draw the airflow inwards to develop flavour.

However, the RTA’s build deck supports only single-coil configuration, which can be a drawback for those who want a deck that can support multiple coils.

Still, when it comes to vapers who want an overwhelming experience and great flavor, the Glaz RTA is damn near perfect due to its features that sport a superior design and a great looking outer shell at an affordable cost.


  • A great outer shape makes this MTL RTA attractive to prospective consumers
  • Good airflow design with control ring helps in the flavour development
  • Best MTL RTA option for flavor


  • A smaller diameter could have made this MTL RTA easy to handle

3. Vapefly Galaxies

Available in a see-through design that adds to its visual beauty, the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA is built with mathematical precision to create the perfect vape.

The RTA’s top-fill feature enables the e-liquid to be filled hassle-free while the build deck ensures support for a single coil build. The sub-ohm coil helps heat up the juice faster.

With a diameter of 22mm, this MTL RTA is easy to carry in your pocket as well—best for people on the go.

The revolutionary inner structure of this RTA enables uninterrupted air flow throughout the device, aiding in the development of persistent flavour. With a 3 ml MTL tank capacity, this rebuildable tank atomizer will never need frequent refills.

With the drip tip built into the top cap, this best MTL RTA also includes a uniquely designed gearwheel that seamlessly controls airflow.

As a single coil RTA, the Vapefly Galaxies is a dependable product best suited for the pros who approach vaping as something more than a recreational pastime.


  • The RTA’s Good airflow control enables one to get the desired cloud thickness
  • Houses several features that improve vape quality and flavor production
  • Easy to build and an instant draw due to its transparent body


  • The RTA’s deck has no support for dual coils

4. Siren 2 by Digiflavor

Made from stainless steel, the Siren 2 MTL RTA by the acclaimed atomizer brand Digiflavor is one of the best companions for vapers who want a sleek aesthetic to go along with their daily vaping routine.

The manufacturer logo right at the face of the build deck adds to the visual aesthetic while the build quality is superior as well. With a 22mm diameter, the Siren 2 RTA is compact and fits snugly almost everywhere.

One of the coolest things about this MTL RTA is the presence of five air holes that ensure customizable airflow which aids in flavour development.

As each of the holes is opened, the device transitions from a tight MTL all the way up to a loose MTL. Bottom airflow is unfortunately not included.

With a tank capacity of 4.5 ml, this best MTL RTA is an affordable and efficient machine designed for heavy use over long time periods. For users who love good long sessions, best get this MTL RTA pronto!


  • The RTA’s 5 airflow vents facilitate great flavor buildup
  • Allows transition from tight MTL to loose MTL
  • Great build quality means this MTL RTA does not break easily
  • Features a cigarette-like feel provided by low ohm coils


  • Bottom airflow is not built into the device

5. Svoe Mesto Kayfun Lite

Easy to build and easy to employ, this mouth-to-lung RTA by acclaimed German brand Svoe Mesto is a delight to behold. Carved to perfection, this best MTL RTA entry has been extremely popular among vapers of varying backgrounds.

One of the great features of this Kayfun Lite MTL RTA is the single air hole incorporated through the bottom airflow design within the 510 connector. It also comes with a 2 ml e-liquid tank which can be interchanged with a larger 4 ml container easily as well.

The RTA’s dual post single terminal build deck hosts a single coil that aids in perfect vapor formation. This makes it the best MTL RTA for vapers who want to really feel the flavour as it slowly develops with each passing puff.

A perfect rebuildable tank atomizer for those looking to step into this arena, this MTL RTA by Svoe Mesto gets full marks for visual appeal.

While some may consider the RTA’s retail price to be relatively high, the optimum performance of this device means that I’m more than impressed. Overall, Kayfun Lite is a worthy entry to this best MTL RTA list.


  • Fairly easy to build due to the instructions that come with the package
  • The RTA’s great airflow enables good vape cloud formation
  • Great flavor buildup
  • Easy MTL draw due to its ergonomic top cap


  • Dual coil support not included

6. Vandy Vape Berserker V2

Quite possibly the most unique MTL RTA design on this entire list, the Vandy Vape Berserker V2 is a timely update of the original Berserker RTA.

The dual shell chamber design seals in the liquid, ensuring a much better production of flavour as compared to other brands, and making the Berserker V2 the best MTL RTA for those into flavor.

In addition, the two-post build deck houses a single coil. This sub-ohm coil helps heat up the liquid faster.

Refilling is convenient through the top fill method while good airflow is ensured through vents both at the sides and at the bottom.

With a 2 ml e-liquid capacity and 22mm width, the Berserker V2 RTA will fit on most box mods without any difficulty whatsoever. Another great feature of this MTL RTA is that its air tubes can be easily replaced without first removing the coil and cotton tediously.

Available in four stunning colors and showcasing good build quality, this MTL RTA has enough goodwill and fanfare to earn a coveted spot on this “best MTL RTA” list.


  • Not like any other MTL RTA due to its unique outer shell
  • Really great flavor transmission
  • Better flavor production compared to others on this list
  • Comes with several features to improve airflow


  • MTL tanks could have been larger

7. Wotofo Cog

The result of a collaboration between a YouTuber and Wotofo, the Wotofo Cog is the best MTL RTA designed for serious vapers who prefer high nicotine vaping.

The coil configuration on the build deck is for single coil and the MTL tank capacity is limited to 3 ml. The RTA ensures five different levels of airflow control, allowing this MTL RTA to deliver tight MTL draws and quality vapes that are rich in both flavour and cloud.

One of the several best features offered by the Cog RTA is a gear mechanism at the bottom that controls the amount of air let into the MTL RTA. This directly relates to the thickness of the vape cloud formed.

Easy to build and available in six stunning color palettes, the Wotofo Cog RTA provides a satisfactory mouth-to-lung vape at an affordable cost.

For vapers looking for the best MTL RTA that aids in thick, good cloud development and flavor production, I believe the Cog might turn out to be a pretty strong candidate.


  • The RTA is fairly easy to build due to the manual that comes with it
  • Great MTL draw resulting in a vape full of flavor
  • Features a single-coil pattern that streamlines internal cloud development
  • Comes in six stunning color patterns
  • Best MTL RTA for those who are into cloud chasing


  • Not for those who are trying to decrease nicotine content in their vape

8. Vapefly Brunhilde

With gorgeous engravings across its body, this MTL RTA is a visual achievement in and of itself. Like all the other MTL RTAs that dominate the marketplace, its 22 mm diameter makes it easy to carry around anywhere. 

There are six different levels of airflow (from 0.9 mm all the way up to 2.5 mm). In addition, 3 mm stainless steel wires from Germany are built into the device to enable the liquid to move up the MTL RTA.

The e-liquid capacity is relatively high at 5 ml while the build deck is designed for one coil only. The side filling feature is easier to use than the top fill used in most MTL RTAs.

In addition, the structure of this best MTL RTA option easily opens up and disassembles, ensuring fast and easy maintenance and cleaning that otherwise would take up a significant amount of time.

Significantly large in size when compared to its competitors, the Vapefly Brunhilde MTL RTA is a gorgeous rebuildable tank atomizer that is a joy to use. With a seamless level of usability that will spoil even the most particular of consumers, the Brunhilde is nothing less than a home run.


  • Great airflow within these rebuildable atomizers enable good vape cloud formation
  • Side filling of juice is more efficient than the top fill process
  • Easy to build due to attached instructions


  • This MTL RTA is bound to get flak for its comparably large body dimensions

9. Ambition Mods Gate

Available in only two colors, the Ambition Mods Gate MTL RTA is easy to build and features superior build quality on part of its stainless steel design.

The deck of the Mods Gate is something to love. Featuring a revolutionary deck design, coils can be fixated in a variety of orientations.

A top refill method is used to fill this MTL RTA efficiently. The flow of the e-juice can be mitigated through a top valve to allow the user to control the amount of juice turning into vapor.

In addition, the user can have complete control over the airflow through a combination of air rings and air disks that can be opened or closed at will.

Sure to produce the best vapor that will win over vapers of all preferences, the Ambition Mods Gate MTL RTA succeeds on all counts. Affordable and sleek, this is one MTL RTA that every professional vaper should have in his or her personal collection.


  • Build deck ensures fitting of coils in different orientations
  • Really heavy cloud development as a result of low ohm coils
  • Another best MTL RTA for cloud chasers
  • Enables a cigarette-like feel that is much sought after


  • A little more expensive than other MTL RTAs on this list

10. Augvape Merlin Nano

With a diameter of 18 mm and a height of 55 mm, the Merlin Nano is a long and thin MTL RTA that gets full marks for its stunning visual design that combines minimalism with practicality.

The presence of movable airflow inserts in this MTL RTA helps control the volume of air entering the rebuildable tank atomizer. A bottom refill system easily fills the liquid into the 2 ml capacity glass tank of this MTL RTA.

The gold-plated 510 pin fits all box mods easily and efficiently transfers energy from the battery to the coil. A beauty ring is also provided to improve the visual nature of the connection between the MTL RTA and a box mod.

Two coils of different resistances are included in the RTA kit to provide a greater number of options to the end-user in creating the perfect vape. Each of these coils fits perfectly on the dual post build deck.

Comparatively expensive when pitted against the competition, the Merlin Nano is a powerful MTL RTA that ensures the best vaping experience.


  • This MTL RTA is very easy to build
  • Really attractive outer shell
  • Dual post deck
  • Lasts for a long time


  • Can be difficult to carry around due to its long shape

The Bottom Line

Most MTL RTAs are quite easy to build, boast a build deck with a single-coil configuration, and are filled to the brim with great features that really elevate the MTL draw thereby ensuring a great vape.

In a shockingly small amount of time, the MTL RTA has become one of the most sought out gadgets in the vaping community. With its unmatched ability to get improved cloud formation and flavour development, an MTL RTA is extremely popular among vaping circles.

The list of the best MTL RTA above pays due consideration to the features of each MTL RTA and provides the consumer with a broad guide about how to select the best MTL RTA currently available when shopping for a new one.

Make no mistake, each MTL RTA has earned a spot on the best MTL RTA list above solely due to its superior build quality and good performance.

However, if I were asked to pick one MTL RTA from the list that I consider to be the best, I would go with the Innokin Ares 2. To reiterate, this MTL RTA is better than the rest due to its stunning balance between design, ease of use, and flavour development, ensuring a near-perfect vape that is unlike any other.