How to Put Juul in Party Mode: 2 Ways that Work

Juul Labs‘ flagship product, Juul, is a coveted vaping device used by millions all over the world. If reports are to be believed, Juul has taken over 75% of the US vape market. 

Largely coveted because of its portability, ease of use, sleek design, and for the powerful buzz it provides, the brains behind Juul have truly gone above and beyond to make it the ideal vape pen. 

I could go on waxing lyrical about this product for ages, but let’s save that for another day. 

Today, let me talk about a particular trick that may have caught your eye when you were out and about: Juul in party mode. 

What is Juul in Party Mode? 

When your Juul is in party mode, the indicator light illuminates a variety of rainbow colors and rapidly flashes them. 

How does it work? Well, when you move the device back and forth furiously, the motion sensor that enables the indicator light to work in the first place, locks up and makes the device luminescent in the brightness of flickering rainbow-colored lights.

In hindsight, the locking up of the sensor as a result of swift continuous action doesn’t make much sense. 

Hence, many view the party mode in Juul as a simple case of a glitch in the device. According to them, the Juul party mode was intended to emulate the function of glow sticks in concerts.

However, there are others who believe that the cool feature was added by the manufacturer simply to pay homage to their previous Pax product line. It should interest you to know that there is no mention of the party mode feature on the product’s instruction manual or the manufacturer’s official site.

Whatever the reason, you don’t see many complaints about this feature.

Without beating around the bush any further, let’s discuss how you can put Juul in party mode and woo your friends. 

How to Put Juul in Party Mode

There are two ways you can get the Juul in party mode. The first method will have your Juul in party mode temporarily and the second method will ensure that your Juul stays in party mode permanently. 

Method 1

Step 1: Ensure that your Juul’s battery is fully charged. 

Step 2: Take a hit and wait for the indicator to flash white light. 

Step 3: Take the Juul out of your mouth. 

Upon doing so, wave the Juul back and forth like you would wave a glow stick in a concert. Keep waving until the indicator starts illuminating a variety of colors. 

Step 4: The rainbow lights stop flashing after a short period. If you want to activate the party mode again, repeat the same steps. 

Method 2

Step 1: Charge your Juul to its full capacity.

Step 2: Take a hit and wait for the indicator to flash white light. 

Step 3: After taking a drag, take the Juul out and start, for lack of a better word, whacking it on your palms swiftly and firmly. Continue until the party mode is activated. 

Step 4: Trouble getting the Juul to stay in party mode permanently? Just repeat steps 1 to 3.


Anything that involves “whacking” your product can cause damage to it. Be aware that this method may prove to be completely counterproductive. 

Don’t hold me responsible if you whacked your Juul a little too hard and it caused problems in your internal components and motion sensor. 

To get your Juul out of party mode, you’d have to reset the motion sensor. Regrettably, to do that, you’d need to give it a good whack again. 

Understandably, the first method has fewer risks involved. I would recommend you to try that before attempting to put your Juul in party mode permanently.  

While we are still talking Juul, let me provide a couple of tips to help you clean and maintain your Juul, so that you can enjoy the party mode for even longer. 

Tips on How to Clean Your Juul

1. Use a toothbrush to clean your Juul

Usually preferred by those who like to smoke discreetly, Juul is a smart product that has been made with the best interests of the users in mind. 

However, like all products, Juul is also susceptible to facing problems. 

For instance, over time, the charging port can accumulate lint, dirt, and dust. These harmful elements can play an atrocious role in blocking the battery connectors and preventing a good electrical connection. 

If this happens, no power gets transferred to the battery and your Juul doesn’t work as it is supposed to.

To solve these problems, use a dry toothbrush to clear out the lint, dust, and dirt from the charging port. 

2. Use a cue tip

If some liquid has leaked to your Juul pod slot, clean it dry with a cue tip. 

Then, remove the pod from the Juul and wipe the insides of the canal as well. Do the wiping with extreme caution as you wouldn’t want to cause damage to your Juul’s internal components. 

Continue cleaning until your cue tip doesn’t turn brown completely. 


The party mode is not a myth; it is a cool undocumented feature of the Juul vaping device. However, the jury is still out on whether the feature was integrated intentionally or if it is merely a simple glitch. 

Regardless, it is a cool party trick that can help you steal the spotlight. You can choose to either keep the trick to yourself or share the knowledge around.