How to Charge a Juul: The Easy Way & The Hard Way

One of the most happening brands in the vaping world is Juul, hands down. 

A Juul device along with its proprietary vape pods offers the most classy and cloudy vaping experience. From politicians to high-schoolers, this e-cigarette enjoys a very loyal and addicted fanbase. 

Once a Juuler starts Juuling, there is no looking back—until your Juul’s battery gets completely drained, at least. 

So, what gives power to this power-packed vaping favorite and how to charge it right? What to do if you lose that tiny Juul charger that you got with the kit? 

This article answers all these questions and more. 

Charging with Your Juul Charger 

When you purchased the Juul device, you must have received a charger in the kit. This charger is a USB charging dock and can be powered using any USB outlet. 

Here are some popular ways you can charge your Juul with this charger: 

  • Laptop USB port
  • Wall USB outlet
  • USB slots of a power bank

You can plug the USB charger into any of these devices/ports. Just be sure that the charger is on a flat surface and can hold the device without losing control over holding it. 

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Your Juul has a charging slot with 4 connectors. Face these down towards the charger and dock it.
  2. Visually, the device should be set upright on the charger.
  3. Both lock each other magnetically so you don’t have to force anything.
  4. You can leave your Juul charging once you see the LED light blink white. 

The LED blinks white as long as the device is charging. Avoid charging the device where it can fall or get knocked over accidentally.  

How to know when your Juul is fully charged? The LED becomes solid green when the battery level reaches 100%.

Once fully charged, remove your Juul from your charger and enjoy! 

Charging with a DIY Charger 

If you lost your Juul charger, I recommend that you buy an authentic, compatible Juul charger for better longevity of your battery. 

However, in case your device doesn’t have a significant life left or you are weaning off from Juuling, I understand that you wouldn’t want to spend any more. In that case, you can use an easily available phone cord and make your own Juul charger. 

Here’s how to come up with an improvised charger so you can charge your Juul when no authentic Juul charger is around

How to Make a DIY Juul Charger – and Use It!

A word of caution before you begin: Ensure that you use only an unplugged cord and be very careful as you might receive an electric shock otherwise. 

1.  Prepare all the necessary materials

  • Micro USB cord 
  • USB charging port
  • Electrical tape 
  • Scissors or knife (the knife shouldn’t be too sharp) 

2. Cut the cord 

First, you need to select the cord area that you need to cut. Ensure that you have enough length to use as a charger. 

Chop off the cord cover of the entire length you needed without accidentally cutting the wires. You can do this using a pair of scissors or a knife. 

If the knife is too sharp, you may end up cutting off the wires too, so I recommend scissors instead. You can discard the chopped wire cover as you won’t need them. 

3. Strip off the red and black wires

You will notice four wires: red, black, white, and green. If you don’t find a black wire, use the silver one. 

Now, using the scissors, carefully cut the sides of the red and black wires. You will find thinner and smaller electric wires inside them. 

Without cutting them, scrape off the red and black wires by about half an inch. 

Throughout the process, be very careful and don’t allow the scraped red and black wires to touch each other. Otherwise, it could result in a spark and may even shock you. 

4. Insert the red and black wires into the Juul 

Once your Juul is securely placed on a flat surface, insert the red wire into the left slot and black wire into the right slot. 

You can club white with red, twine them and put them in. Likewise, you can twine black and green. 

Never let the red and black wires touch each other. 

Push them in until you are sure that they are connected well enough. 

5. Power the cord

Now, plug the cord into a wall USB port. Please do not use a laptop or any other electronic device for this as it may short circuit your laptop motherboard. 

6. Follow all safety rules 

Try positioning the wires until you see the LED of your Juul blinking. Once the device starts charging, tape the wires on the surface so that they don’t accidentally loosen up and start a fire. 

This is very important. Don’t leave this DIY charger unattended and always remove the cord from your USB port once the device is charged. 


This may be a simpler and inexpensive approach but this could damage the battery life and performance of a healthy Juul. The moment you decide on charging your Juul with other chargers, you should be ready to give up your warranty as it would be deemed void. 

Also, there is a possibility of your Juul being damaged permanently. I know there’s a lot of risks, which is why I don’t recommend this DIY project unless it is absolutely necessary! 


Juul is a reputable brand that is easily available everywhere. In case you lose your charger, I strongly recommend that you buy another one that is compatible with your device. 

Any negligent charging practices could result in a very poor performing and deteriorating battery. The vaping experience, needless to say, will also be impacted. 

For a device as expensive as Juul, it is just not a risk worth taking. Regularly clean your charge slots on your Juul with a cotton swab, charge it to the green, and vape safely, but responsibly.