How to Know When Juul is Fully Charged

Juul Labs is the most happening vaping company nowadays and its Juuls are considered premium devices offering unmatched vaping experience. These Juuls are touted to be one of the best in the world, providing a Juuler everything that an e-cigarette can possibly offer, and more. 

Juul is not just a remarkably functioning vaping system but also a reliable one, thanks to its good battery life. 

When fully charged, you can vape about 200 puffs before you need to charge again. So, depending on your usage, a 100% charged battery should let you vape for a day or a day-and-a-half. 

Some vaping devices don’t prevent overcharging, and prolonged overnight charging could result in a malfunctioning device or worse, a dangerous fire over time. 

You don’t have to worry about that though, because Juul’s battery features Smart Charge technology that prevents overcharging by stopping the device from being overcharged. So, you can put your Juul devices to charge overnight and unplug them the next morning. 

However, my strong recommendation is that you avoid taking these chances since it is a vaping device at the end of the day, all vaping devices need to be handled carefully while charging to prevent any accidents. 

How to know when a Juul is fully charged, anyway? Read on and find out how you can track your Juul’s charging progress. 

2 Ways to Know When Your Juul’s Fully Charged

While your Juul is charging, there are two ways to see and monitor the battery level.

Check the LED light 

Once you connect your device to a charger, the Juul’s LED starts blinking in white. If the LED doesn’t start blinking, it means your Juul is not charging and there might be a problem.

It takes about an hour for the device to be fully charged from 0% to 100%. 

Once the battery is completely charged, the LED light would turn solid and steady green. That is a clear signal for you to remove your device from the magnetic dock of the Juul’s USB charger. 

Double-tap the device light

If your Juul is charging and you are curious about the charging progress, simply double tab at your device’s LED light. 

If it shows red, that means the battery charge is too low, below 33%. If the LED turns yellow, that means the charging is in progress and the charge is somewhere between 34% and 99%. 

From 99% to 100%, double-tapping may show you green but if the LED itself doesn’t turn a solid green and is still blinking white, do not remove the device. Only when the LED turns solid green you can be sure that the battery has been fully charged. 


Charging your Juul is very easy. All you need to do is plug in the USB charger into a USB outlet, dock the Juul onto it using the magnetic slot, and let it charge. 

You can check the charging progress by looking at the LED indicator. 

Be sure to remove the device carefully as soon as the LED turns green. This practice will not only result in good battery life but also help you get the best out of your Juul even though it gets older. 

Also, take care not to lose your Juul’s charger!