Juul Not Charging: Why and How to Fix It?

There’s nothing scarier for a Juul user than seeing their device face charging issues. 

You don’t have to worry too much though if the indicator in your Juul doesn’t flash white light and show a successful battery charge. Keep calm and know that there are ways to solve this issue. 

Even something that may seem as inconsequential as securing the magnetic USB charging dock to an inadequate power outlet can lead to an unsuccessful battery charge.

Why Won’t My Juul Charge?

Let’s discuss some of the common causes of charging issues in the Juul vaping device

1. Wet battery

If, for whatever reason, your Juul got immersed in water, proceed to dry it out pronto! 

Water can seep in through the tiny air space in batteries, mix with the chemicals there, and then leak out. Over time, water can cause rust in the metal parts of the battery too. 

Simply put, a wet battery will not function.

2. Dirty charging port

If you use your Juul regularly and place it in different areas, the Juul’s charging port will accumulate lint, dust, and dirt over time. 

These external elements can play an atrocious role in blocking the battery connectors and preventing the charger pins from connecting to the Juul contacts, thus limiting the supply of power to the battery. This can result in poor dry hits and reduced flavors.

3. Dead battery

Sometimes, the battery of the Juul can be completely dead. To revive a dead battery, you’ll have to charge the Juul for an extended period—much longer than a Juul’s usual charging time.

4. Faulty charging equipment

Are you certain your Juul battery charger and USB port are fully functional? Consider changing the charger or trying a different USB port to see positive results. 

5. Wrong placement of the battery contacts

The battery contacts inside the Juul are susceptible to shifting around inside the device’s metal covering. The shifting usually occurs when the Juul has been handled roughly, or if it has been whacked against a tough surface. 

When the battery contacts move from its original position, it loses its connection with the charger pins and thus, won’t charge.

6. Magnet problems in the Juul

The small silver bar beside the charging contacts on the Juul is magnetic, keeping the Juul secure while it is connected to the magnetic USB charging dock. 

If the magnet has been moved from its original orientation, the Juul battery will not form a solid connection with the charger and the Juul will not charge.

How to Fix a Juul that Won’t Charge?

Now, let me provide the solutions to those issues.

1. Wet battery

As I mentioned earlier, a wet battery will not charge. To fix this issue, you need to dry the battery out. 

Turn off your Juul and place it in a bag of rice. As bizarre as it may sound, dry rice works well at absorbing moisture and water.

2. Dirty charging port

What do you do with a dirty charging port? Well, you clean it! 

Use a cue tip to get rid of the lint, dust, and dirt from the charging port. You can even use a dry toothbrush to perform this particular cleaning activity.

If the charging port is filled with a solidified buildup of e-liquid and grime, attempt to soften it first with a cue tip soaked in alcohol. Let the excess alcohol drip and wait for the cue tip to become damp before using it. 

Then, use a dry cue tip to absorb the alcohol and get rid of the residue left behind.

About 90% of the time, it is usually a dirty charging port clogged up with junk that prevents a Juul from charging. Cleaning your Juul regularly can go a long way in prolonging the life of your Juul.

3. Dead battery

A completely dead battery will take long to spring back to life. 

Once it has been revived, let the Juul sit on the charging dock for a couple of hours uninterrupted. To bring a dead battery back to life and have it functioning healthily, you need to charge it for an extended period. 

4. Faulty charging equipment

If all the preceding solutions have proven to be fruitless, perhaps the problem lies with the charging equipment. 

Try using your friend’s charger or get a new charger for under $10. You can also try charging the Juul from a different USB port or a different power outlet. 

I would also suggest using a different adapter for more troubleshooting. 

5. Wrong placement of the battery contacts

To get the battery back to its original place, remove the pod from the battery. Then, with a cotton swab or cue tip, push the battery’s connectors/contacts back into the device’s casing.

6. Magnet problems in the Juul

Get a magnetic strip (such as a ref magnet or a magnetic name tag) and move it around the Juul’s charging area to rebalance the magnets in the device and realign the magnet connectors to its original placement. 

If this doesn’t work, as a last-ditch effort, rub the magnet on all the sides of the Juul and try charging the device again. 


If the solutions mentioned above don’t breathe life into your Juul, it is in your best interest to contact Juul support for further guidance. 

Don’t be alarmed if your Juul battery doesn’t last long.

After all, a Juul has a small battery that is only capable of providing roughly 200 hits. The battery will run low sooner than you anticipate. 

However, that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the battery or there is a charging issue right away. 

Also, understand that your Juul is not manufactured to last a lifetime. Every lithium-ion battery inevitably loses its capacity to hold a charge. 

If you have exhausted all your options, perhaps it’s time to get a new Juul?