7 Best Juul Alternatives in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

People who vape are already familiar with Juul, but this could be a little confusing for those who are looking to get into vaping.

So, what exactly is Juul?

Simply put, it’s a popular vaporized e-cigarette that uses salt-based nicotine liquid cartridges and temperature regulation to produce vapor. These cartridges are interchangeable and are considered by many experts to be better alternatives to cigarettes.

A Juul has a slim body construction and comes with a battery indicator in the form of an LED light that shows the level of charge left when you’re vaping.

Aside from Juul, there are other e-cigarettes that vapers can turn to and still get the same experience without the intense effects of the highly addictive chemical that’s nicotine.

These alternative pod mods are what we’ll be looking at, exploring how they work, and their best points and flaws, to help you find the best Juul alternatives on the market.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Juul Alternatives

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the Juul alternatives that most people buy).

  • SMOK Infinix Top Pick
  • Vuse Alto Runner-up
  • SMOK Novo Runner-up

Top 7 Best Juul Alternatives – Our Reviews:

1. SMOK Infinix

Simplicity is the word that aptly describes the SMOK Infinix e-cigarettes.

This Juul substitute comes with a cube body, which gives the holder a good grip between the fingers. It also comes with dual air-driven pods, which gives the vaper a very dense vaporous puff that really hits the throat well and good.

The pods are refillable, and they allow the user to use any type of nicotine e-liquid that they fancy with each refill.

When compared to the Juul, the SMOK Infinix delivers a bigger amount of puffs despite being smaller. This is all down to its reliable battery that packs about 250 mAh of power and can last for about 5 hours on a single charge.

The pod system has a 2 ml capacity, and the heat-up time is 4 seconds, which is pretty fast enough to get you going within no time. Nic salts work very well with this refillable pod mod and can combine well with all kinds of e-juice ranging from high VG to low VG for a good vaping experience.

It also goes without saying that the experience when using the SMOK Infinix is very much like when using Juul.


  • Portable and great design
  • Rubber plug for the side fill port
  • Good heat-up time
  • Nic-salt compatible
  • Refillable pods
  • Good juice capacity


  • The battery is way too small
  • Leaks after refilling

2. Vuse Alto

The Vuse Alto comes in a simple black case that can fool you into thinking it’s an average vape pod mod—until you decide to use it.

This is one of the best Juul alternatives on this list that comes packed with a 350 mAh battery supporting a 1.8 ml capacity pod, which is bigger than Juul pod mods that hold about 0.7 ml only.

The whole thing has no single button but compensates for that handicap by making use of an auto-draw activation system, a feature that has been responsible for making this one of the most in-demand vape pods on the market.

Like Juul, the battery in this device makes use of a unique magnetic charger that creates a connection between the best pod mod and the battery cell to make the entire device functional. Vuse Alto also has the same nicotine salts concoction associated with Juul pods, but in this case, it comes in four flavors of mixed berry, original, rich tobacco, and menthol.

The one other area where the pre-filled Vuse Alto blows the rest of the Juul alternate devices out of the water is the battery longevity. It has a battery life of 24 hours without needing any recharge.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful hit
  • Automatic smooth draw
  • Wide variety of nic-salt flavors
  • Cheaper and bigger than Juul
  • Wholesome vaping experience
  • Physically looks a lot like Juul


  • Non-refillable pods
  • Could do with more flavors
  • The pods could also be a little larger

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3. SMOK Novo

The SMOK Novo Pod Kit is another quality mouth-to-lung starter kit product from the SMOK brand that performs just as well as any other SMOK products that are widely available in the market and is a good Juul stand-in.

It’s a fast-charging Juul substitute that packs a slightly bigger 450 mAh battery that charges to capacity in less than an hour. It comes with LED lights that start to blink when the voltage drops to anything lower than 3.3 volts.

Each drag packs 1.2 ohms of resistance, thanks to the ingeniously designed coils.

Another redeeming feature of the Novo Pod Kit is that the pods are transparent. You can see the level of e-juice inside as you vape, which helps you know when to get that refill.

This pre-filled pod also boasts a great design for the mouthpiece. It has been intricately designed to fit the lips perfectly, thus eliminating any discomfort that people usually feel, especially when they take a deep drag.

The battery life range on this Juul substitute is about 7 hours on a full charge, and the heat-up time is 3 seconds.


  • Comes with an extra pod
  • Portable
  • Great design
  • Easy to monitor the e-liquid levels
  • Comfortable mouth-piece
  • Decent battery
  • Refillable pods
  • Wide range of nicotine flavors


  • The charging cable is too short
  • The airflow is non-adjustable

4. Uwell Caliburn

It’s easy to confuse the Uwell Caliburn pod for a colorful USB drive if you aren’t familiar with vapes. Looking much like Juul, the Caliburn is a slim Juul alternative sporting a sleek and small shape that can fit in the hands seamlessly for the best of grips.

Despite that lean body, this Juul alternative vaping pod packs a 520 mAh battery that can last from 10 hours to an entire day. The battery health can be checked through an LED light indicator at the bottom that starts to blink once a certain voltage is surpassed during use.

This Juul stand-in device employs a button, but is automated at the same time. You can choose to press the firing button before drawing the vapor, or you can trigger the automated option by simply taking a draw.

As one of the best Juul alternative devices, the vaping pods have a 2 ml vape juice capacity and can hold all types of e-juices. You can change them with every refill without any issue.

Lastly, the refillable pod uses a special technology called Pro-FOCS tech that recycles the airflow and makes the flavors to be more concentrated for a better experience.


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality vapor production
  • Fast charging
  • Decent battery life
  • Pro-FOCS technology
  • LED battery indicator
  • Good vape juice capacity
  • Refillable 2 ml pods
  • A varied range of nicotine juice flavors


  • Some consider its simple USB-like design to be too bland

5. Suorin Edge Pod System

The creators of the Suorin Edge pod systems paid a lot of attention to the aesthetics as much as they focus on the quality and the performance of the device. The device looks stunning, and it’s one of those Juul alternatives that one can’t resist getting once they lay their eyes on it.

This Juul alternative pod has a removable and disposable 250 mAh battery that’s not only rechargeable but can also be swapped out when it finally dies, which is a good feature considering most have non-removable batteries that render the device unusable once they are dead.

The Suorin Edge pod systems have a capacity of 1.5 ml, bigger than most Juul pods, and can accommodate any type of e-liquid flavor, depending on what you want when you go for a refill. The 1.4-ohm coil comes with an atomizer and organic cotton that adds some texture to the flavor, making the nicotine salt flavor more concentrated and phenomenal.

This Juul alternative vaping pod device is small enough to fit in the pocket; the battery capacity has a longevity period of 10 hours and a heat-up time of 1 second.


  • Sleek exterior design
  • Fast charging times
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Great battery life
  • Removable and disposable batteries
  • Small and portable
  • Refillable pods


  • Doesn’t come with pods in the kit
  • Refilling is a complicated process

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6. Vaporesso Xros

Vaporesso has an impressive catalog of pod vape related products, and the XROS is just one of the many quality vapes that have just been launched recently.

It’s a small MTL device that’s among the top Juul alternatives with one of the largest battery capacities. It uses nicotine salts and has the design and the features that would give any high-end vape a run for its money.

The XROS packs power in the form of an 800 mAh battery capacity that can stay for a whole day and even more, depending on how you use it.

As an alternative to Juul, it has two options when it comes to drawing; you can either use a firing button or use the draw-activated firing; both work efficiently, and it would be hard to tell the difference other than the functionality.

This salt nic vaping alternative to the Juul device has a USB charging system that can charge the battery from zero to full within an hour.


  • Powerful battery
  • Luxurious construction
  • Type-C charging port
  • Easy refill system
  • Button and draw-activated firing mechanism
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Compact size
  • Quality vapor production
  • Varied nicotine juice flavors


  • The charge port is on the bottom
  • The airflow vent gets clogged easily at times

7. JoyeTech Exceed Grip

The JoyeTech Exceed Grip Pod System is another Juul substitute that has one of the most perfect grips on the list, so much that they had to include it in the name, but that’s not what it’s well known for. It could even be described to be among the top 3 Juul substitutes you’ll ever come across.

The most interesting part is that the company behind this product, JoyeTech, took a very long time to get into the vape market, and within a short time, they were able to establish themselves among the top dogs in the game.

It comes with a 1000 mAh battery, which by vaping pod standards is pretty huge. You’re assured of a full day of continuous use before any need for charging comes up.

The fire button is also well-positioned to enable the easy firing of the device without any struggle.

The unique grip afforded by this Juul alternative device fits the hand in such a way that allows the user to get the most out of the vape with all the necessary buttons within reach.

The JoyeTech Exceed Grip has another unique trick up its sleeves; it comes with two tank pods that have a combined capacity of 4.5 ml, another outlier in the vape scale with most of them never exceeding 2 ml. The other e-juice flavor tank has a capacity of 3.5 ml and houses nic salts responsible for enhancing the quality of the juice vapor.

Unfortunately for those looking for a Juul substitute, the coils in this cartridge are not replaceable; once they’re done, you’ll be forced to get a new pod. Still, considering their longevity of these vapes and their low prices, you won’t feel the pinch.


  • Compatible with all juice flavors
  • Can be used for both MTL and DTL
  • Interchangeable coils
  • High-quality vapor production
  • Portable and transparent
  • The best battery life
  • No leaks


  • The fill slot is badly designed
  • A bit bulky

The Bottom Line

Juul alternatives are more varied in terms of brands, sizes, designs, and in terms of features. Each vape claims to be the best and offers a vaping experience much like when using Juul, but that judgment is best left to the discretion of the user.

If you’re of legal smoking age and you’ve been contemplating switching to Juul pod alternatives, you can begin with the vape pods mentioned in this list.

If none of these great Juul pod alternatives don’t tickle your fancy enough to add them to your shopping cart, you can always expand your search to online sites where you’ll get even more information, once you’ve passed the age verification test.

Use this guide to narrow down your e-cigarette pods search to serve yourself some time and energy.

Also, remember that nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and should be taken with caution even when you decide to vape.