Suorin Edge Review: Better than Juul?

The Suorin Edge vaping device is making the rounds all over, threatening the Juul’s stranglehold on the vape market. Boasting a slim, portable, and distinct design, the Suorin Edge excels where the Juul fails. 

Like many vaping devices, the Suorin Edge is also composed of two primary components—the mod and the pod. The mod accommodates a 230mAh battery and needs to be connected to a pod to function completely. Meanwhile, the pod serves as an e-liquid cartridge that doubles up as a mouthpiece. 

How the Suorin Edge Works

Like the Juul, the Suorin Edge is activated when the user takes a drag from the flat-tipped mouthpiece; the mouthpiece has been designed as such to facilitate a better grip. The suction sensor senses the drag and then, heats up to vaporize the nicotine solution inside

However, I don’t think that the suction sensor is located in a convenient spot: at the corner of the mouthpiece. 

What does this mean? This means that you must fit the entire mouthpiece in your mouth for the Edge to fire properly. 

Suorin Edge: Design & Features


Featuring sharp lines with a distinct profile, the Suorin Edge looks sturdily built with its smooth aluminum finish. 


The Suorin Edge runs on a battery with a power output of 10W, so you can be assured of potent hits. 

What I like about the Suorin Edge, in particular, is its ability to perform consistently regardless of the battery power. The vapor consistency of the device is outstanding throughout, with the flavor staying the same and the device providing strong hits even at low charge. 


Comparatively larger than the Juul, the extra size of the Suorin Edge is a welcome addition to those with big hands. The larger size also makes it more difficult to misplace. 


The Suorin Edge has an indicator that showcases battery life. 

However, unlike the Juul’s, the Suorin Edge’s indicator works a bit differently, only lighting up when a drag is taken. It usually lights up in three different colors—green, blue, and red—signifying the battery strength from high to low. 

There is also a “lock” button on the Suorin Edge that helps activate or deactivate the battery. The button must be tapped five times to operate. 

2 Things that Set the Suorin Edge Apart

There are a couple of things that help the Suorin Edge stand head and shoulders above its competitors and they are the device’s removable batteries and USB-C charging system. 

Removable/Rechargeable Batteries

Upon purchase of this device, you are provided with two 230mAh removable/rechargeable batteries that can be traded in and out as per their charge strength. Having a powered spare battery on-the-go eliminates the waiting period during charging. 

As soon as the battery runs out, you can switch it with a fully-charged battery and vape away. In the meantime, you can recharge the other battery. 

USB-C Charging System

The USB-C charging system is considered superior to the common micro USB because of its ability to charge devices faster. Renowned companies such as Google and Apple have already started integrating this system into their flagship laptop and smartphone models. 

The Suorin Edge, too, benefits from being charged by a USB-C charging cable, charging quickly in half-an-hour or less. 

The Suorin Edge Pods

To be frank, the Suorin Edge pods are quite disappointing. I can only speak highly of its overall build quality and that’s it.

The functionality of the pod suffers a lot from its design. If you were getting frustrated with the air bubbles floating around Juul pod wicks, you should see what happens in the Suorin Edge pods. 

The Edge pod features a wide air tube that prevents the e-juice from spreading evenly across the pod. You can usually find the juice stuck on one side of the pod; such uneven spreads are responsible for causing air bubbles in the pod. 

The thin design of the Suorin pod also makes it impossible to refill the pod to the brim without air bubbles. A Juul pod, in comparison, is much easier to refill. 

I am also not a fan of the pod’s airflow design. The airflow hole is placed rather inconveniently between the cartridge and the unit’s exterior; it is in an area where a regular vaper usually keeps his fingers while taking a hit. 

So, much to my annoyance, chances of covering this air hole while vaping is extremely high. 

Suorin Edge: Pros & Cons


  • Convenient removable/rechargeable batteries
  • Consistent performance regardless of the battery charge
  • Quick charging because of USB-C charging system
  • Lock function
  • Refillable pods
  • A variety of color options to choose from
  • Larger size makes it easier to hold and less likely to be misplaced
  • Ergonomically-designed mouthpiece


  • The pods tend to create air bubbles
  • No temperature regulation unit
  • Difficult to refill the narrow pods
  • Doesn’t provide any indication on when to change pods
  • The airflow hole is placed in an inconvenient area
  • The suction sensor is inconveniently placed at the corner of the mouthpiece 
  • The pods do not come with the starter kits; they are sold separately 

Closing Thoughts

Available for purchase in six different colors, the Suorin Edge is a cheaper alternative to the Juul, making it an excellent choice for the budget-conscious. 

It has cool features too such as the lock button, an ergonomically-designed mouthpiece, and a quick-charging system. The extra removable batteries are also a life-saver. 

Although the pods do have their fair share of problems, they still provide a satisfying vape experience when used optimally. With its unique features, the Suorin Edge most certainly gives the Juul a run for its money.