What is a Vape Pod System? This Could be the Device for You

The vaping realm sees groundbreaking creations regularly. However, for the longest time, vaping devices only kept getting bigger. 

We had e-cigarettes in the beginning and it bore a similar resemblance to cigarettes. Then, the vape pens and the tube mods joined the party.

To pack more power in the vaping devices, manufacturers started producing box mods. The size of the box mods only grew larger to accommodate more powerful batteries. 

Fortunately, the innovators donned their thinking hats and went back to their drawing boards. They decided to turn things around and thus, shifted focus towards producing vape pod systems—the contemporary version of a cigalike

The vape pod systems that are flying off the shelves these days are all easy-to-use, affordable, satisfying, discreet, and portable beyond belief. It also helps that a vape pod system comes closest to mimicking a cigarette-like experience. 

What Exactly is a Vape Pod System? 

Allow me to introduce the vape pod system properly. In terms of performance and ease of use, a vape pod system lies smack in the middle of a basic vape pen and an advanced vape mod. 

Many who are new to vaping often opt for a basic vape pen for its simplicity, ease of use, portability, and affordable pricing. However, as they become familiar with their vape pen, they realize that the device doesn’t offer much in terms of customization, battery life, and power. 

There are also new vapers who go for advanced vape mods from the get-go, only to realize that the high-power potential of an advanced vape mod comes with various complex setting options, modes, tanks, coils, etc. Well, these people didn’t sign up for a science class, did they?   

The vape pod system now enters the scene, offering only the best of both worlds. It is as portable and discreet as the basic vape pen and almost as powerful as an advanced vape mod.  

How Does the Vape Pod System Work?

As opposed to a box mod that uses an atomizer or a tank, a vape pod system uses a pod. 

The function of a pod remains the same as that of an atomizer and a tank in a box mod; it houses the e-liquid, vaporizes it, and produces inhalable vapor through the mouthpiece that is also attached to it. 

However, a vape pod doesn’t have the capacity to hold as much e-liquid as the tank of a box mod. A pod can only hold up to 4.5ml of e-juice. 

After you’ve emptied the pod, you’d need to pull it out of the device and push a new one into place. Of course, you can also change the pods if you want a change in flavors.

A vape pod system is powered by rechargeable batteries that have capacities of anywhere between 370mAh to 1500mAh. The larger the capacity of the battery, the longer the battery life of the vape pod system. 

What about the Design of the Vape Pod System? 

The design of the vape pod system can vary from one product to another. 

However, the most common ones have a USB-like appearance, while others look like mini versions of box mods. Lastly, let’s not forget the vape pod systems that look eerily similar to pebbles. 

In terms of the way they function, all of them boast of automatic operation. You’d simply need to inhale from the mouthpiece, just like you would smoke a cigarette. 

The vape pod system initially started out as simple devices. But, as the demand for extra features continued to grow, manufacturers started incorporating more power and functions typical in a mod into the vape pod systems. 

What are the Types of Vape Pod Systems? 

There are typically two types of vape pod systems: closed vape pod system and open vape pod system.

Closed Vape Pod System

As its name suggests, the closed vape pod system comes with pre-filled e-juice and isn’t refillable. Once you’ve emptied the pod, you’d need to dispose of it and get a new pod.

Although they’re easier to use, more convenient, and less messy, you are limited in your choices of flavor because you can only pick from the flavor options provided by the manufacturer. Many vapers have also complained of the weak draws offered by a closed vape pod system. 

On the bright side, closed vape pod systems are easy to work with as they require little to no maintenance. You can also switch between different flavors easily.  

Open Vape Pod System

Meanwhile, manual refilling of e-juice is possible with an open vape pod system. Basically, this flexibility gives you the chance to fill the pod with whatever e-juice and nicotine strength you like. 

Compared to a closed vape pod system, an open vape pod system is known to provide smoother draws and greater production of clouds. 

However, switching between vape juices can be a challenging task. An open vape pod system also requires more maintenance work—you’d have to replace the coil and the cartridge frequently, and this proves to be a deal-breaker for many. 

Pros and Cons of Using a Vape Pod System


  • Portable, easy to use, and relatively hassle-free
  • Discreet
  • Affordable pricing
  • Little to no maintenance required


  • Limited battery life
  • Lower production of clouds compared to a box mod
  • High VG e-juice isn’t compatible with vape pod systems

Wrap Up

Now that you have the low-down on what a vape pod system is, how it works, the different types of vape pod systems, and the pros and cons of the vape pod systems available on the market, you can make an informed purchase and enjoy a satisfying vaping experience. 

It’s also a great idea to do some research on the best vape pod systems first, so when you finally take a pick, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.