HorizonTech Falcon King Review: Best Sub-Ohm Tank?

HorizonTech Falcon King is one of the best cloud chasing tanks we have in the market right now.

How well do you think this tank rates compared to other top ones?

Would you choose it over other tanks when you have options?

Well, only a comprehensive review can guide you because even the long-time vapers still get confused when making a decision about the kind of cloud chasing tank to buy. 

By any chance, if you are considering buying the HorizonTech Falcon King, you should read its review first to give you an informed understanding of what might become your vaping companion. 

I have prepared a comprehensive HorizonTech Falcon King review that will give you all the information you need to know regarding this top cloud chasing tank.

Review Summary: Falcon King

Apart from just being branded as one of the top cloud chasing tanks, the Falcon King has a firm background, coming from a brand known for dominating the vaping world, the HorizonTech. 

All HorizonTech vaping tanks are manufactured with simplicity, creativity, and effectiveness in mind. In 2018, HorizonTech released its flagship Falcon model.

The overall ratings of the core factors of this tank are as follows:

  • Design ________9.6
  • Build quality____9.5
  • Coils _________ 9.5
  • Performance ____9.7
  • Flavor ________ 9.5

HorizonTech Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank – A Quick Look

  • Has a beautiful and elegant design that makes it appealing to you and the people around you
  • It is quite easy to disassemble the parts of the tank. This means that using it is very simple
  • It has an amazing flavor, powered by two superb coils
  • The airflow is amazing if you can control it well
  • The mesh coils are innovative
  • It has an easy-to-fill system
  • Any bottle can fit in
  • Has a great coil life that can last for many years
  • The design of the tank is a sign of great workmanship.
  • It is slightly bigger than other top tanks, thus barring portability benefits that you would have enjoyed if you had a relatively smaller tank. However, the manufacturer says that it is the price you pay for getting a 6ml tank capacity
  • It may be hard for beginners to control the airflow well
  • It has very thirsty coils
  • It’s a bit expensive.


The backbone of any good cloud chasing tank is in the specifications. This is an important review section as it gives you an opportunity to know the manufacturing details of the product before you buy it. 

  • Diameter: 26.2mm, which is slightly bigger than the previous Falcon
  • Length: 59.5mm
  • Tank capacity: 6ml 
  • Fill: single port, top fill
  • Threading: gold-plated
  • Materials: stainless steel, resign, and glass
  • Maximum wattage: 80W

From a review point view, the specs of the Falcon King show that it is a big tank, with a large e-juice holding capacity. If you are the kind of a vaper who likes big stuff, this must be the one for you for it has the right specs that can ignite huge clouds without straining much.

What is included in the package?

A normal package should have the following:

  • 1 Falcon King
  • 1 Set of O rings
  • 1 Coil head
  • 1 Glass tube

Unique Features 

There are some features of this tank that you can’t get in other tanks. These are the kind of features that would make you understand the Falcon King. I will discuss two broader categories of design & quality and coil & performance to help you understand the uniqueness of the Falcon King as a cloud chasing tank under review. 

Design and quality 

The Falcon King has a solid design with multiple color options, each matching the resin drip tip. For the sake of this review, I will talk about the purple tank, which is seen as fancy with a mirror-finish look that makes it cool in any lighting. 

The Falcon King has an elegant appearance with its triangular notches cut on the top and the base of the tank. Just from the first look, you can clearly see that there was a lot of workmanship put into creating a solid and elegant design for this could chasing tank.

All the parts and the ornaments of this tank are machined perfectly without any visible defects or flaws. 

The tank has the push-bottom, top-fill design that makes it easy to fill the tank. There is a button right at the top, just below the top cap. This button opens and reveals the fill port when you press it. One amazing thing about the button is that you have to press it hard to open the fill port, thus, avoiding accidental opening of the fill port. Many users who have used it so far haven’t experienced any accidents of the fill port opening itself while the tank is in the pocket, thus, we can safely assume that there are no likelihoods of accidents. 

Fill port:

The design of the tank has a large fill port that allows users to use all sorts of bottles. You don’t have to worry about fitting your bottle for the tank allows even droppers to fit in it. The top of the fill port has a silicone gasket to prevent leaking, though some people have reported minor cases of leakage. This is a concern worth noting. 

Tank capacity:

The tank capacity of the Falcon King allows you to have 6ml of e-liquid. Is this enough for you? Well, you can bet that it is one of the largest tanks in the market. The only drawback of this large tank is that it is not as portable as the smaller ones. If you prefer smaller tanks, you have to reconsider your choice. 

Airflow slots: 

There are three adjustable airflow slots, which are wide enough to guarantee you a smooth airflow. 

Coils and performance


The Falcon King has two new coils, which all use bamboo fiber instead of the normal cotton. HorizonTech claims that the use of the bamboo fiber for the wicking material helps to enhance the coil life as well as improving the flavor. From a technical point of view, HorizonTech could be right because the coils of the Falcon King are larger than other coils, which is a vital factor in determining the flavor and the vapor. 

However, you must know that the coils of the Falcon King take a bit longer than other coils to get saturated. According to reliable review sites, it may take up to 10 minutes for the coils to fully soak and get ready for vaping. 


The performance of the Falcon King is greatly boosted by the use of the bamboo fiber as the wicking material. It works well between 70-80W. 

One downside about this tank is that it becomes very airy with the airflow fully open. Some users have come up with the best ways to get the best out of this tank; they close the airflow until it is nearly fully closed. This is the best way you can get great performance and flavor from the coils. 

There is some sort of guarantee for great clouds using the M-1 coil. You don’t have to worry about the kind of juice you are using for the tank gives out the best flavor with great clouds as the accompaniment. 


Is it really worth it to buy the HorizonTech Falcon King after reading this review? I bet you have a clearer picture of the tank and you can easily make a decision.

I personally believe it can be a good cloud chasing tank for you if you enjoy great performance with heavy clouds in the room.