Best MTL Vape Kits 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

If you are a smoker who wants to transition into the vaping world, I would recommend that you try a Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vape kit first. 

MTL offers a vaping experience that is the closest you can get to smoking a cigarette. Restrictive inhaling of the MTL vape device replicates smoking thrill, helping you wean yourself off of regular cigarettes gradually. 

If you are already into vaping and want to try out something that takes you closer to the cigarette smoking sensation, MTL vaping would do just that for you. 

To help you, here’s a rundown of some of the best of MTL vape kits that are now available on the market. 

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best MTL Vape Kits

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the MTL vape kits that most people buy).

  • Innokin Adept Zlide Vape Kit Top Pick
  • Smok Nord Pod Vape Kit Runner-up
  • HorizonTech Magico Nic Salt Stick Vape Kit Runner-up

Top 5 Best MTL Vape Kits 2020 – Our Reviews:

1. Innokin Adept Zlide Vape Kit

Marketed as the “easily unbeatable MTL” by Innokin, Zlide lives up to the hype and is among the most sought-after vape kits. 

It is packed with features that result in an excellent flavor and massive clouds. The build quality is impressive and the device itself is very durable. 

Its Zlide tank comes with a removable glass and sliding top-fill mechanism. If that is not awesome enough, it is also compatible with all Zenith coils including the latest ones. 

The spill-proof coil swap makes the replacement of coils very easy as the tank does not need to be emptied to do so. Coils can handle a wide range of PG/VG ratios. 

Innokin Adept Zlide is available in 6 colors: Black, Forest Camo, Purple, Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, and White. 

Kit Contents

  • Innokin Adept 3000 mAh mod
  • 1.6Ohm Z Coil
  • 0.48Ohm Z Coil
  • 2ml Zlide Vape Tank
  • USB Charging cable
  • User Manual


  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced vapers
  • Adjustable dual airflow 
  • Auto-select of wattage range
  • Fits well in palms and convenient to hold 
  • Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof 
  • Top filling
  • Coils can be swapped without draining the tank 


  • Only 2ml tank capacity
  • Mesh-style coil swaps can carry over flavor 

2. Smok Nord Pod Vape Kit 

One of the first pod kits to feature interchangeable coils, Smok Nord is a sleek, elegant, and gorgeous pod system that has taken over the vaping community by storm. 

If you think this compact-sized device won’t offer you a lot, think again. An average vaper can use a fully charged Nord for an entire day before recharging.

Nord features a 2ml tank that is easily refillable, a fire button, and a LED light that acts as a battery life indicator. The 1.4Ohm ceramic coils are perfect for MTL vaping and work best with nic salts, generating great flavor and thick clouds. 

Now, here’s the cherry on top. The kit comes with an additional 0.6Ohm coil that is suitable for direct-lung (DL) vaping, making Nord the perfect choice for those who like to switch between these vaping styles. 

The Smok Nord Pod is available in a whopping 38 color options in various designs like resin, cobra, and carbon-fiber. 

Kit Contents

  • Nord device
  • 0.6Ohm coil 
  • 1.4Ohm coil 
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual


  • Interchangeable coils
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Very easy and convenient to hold
  • Battery life
  • All-In-One mod suitable for Direct-Lung vaping as well
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece 


  • Only 2ml tank capacity
  • Draws are not as tight compared to other MTL devices 

3. HorizonTech Magico Nic Salt Stick Vape Kit

Unlike the name suggests, Magico is an AIO mod suitable for a wide variety of e-liquids and not just nic-salts. 

The kit comes with a 1.8Ohm coil for MTL vaping and a pre-installed 0.12Ohm mesh coil for DL vaping, making Magico a great option if you want to toggle between these two vaping styles. While DL vaping is offered at a 25W maximum output wattage, MTL vaping has about 13W output. 

This flexibility also makes Magico a top choice for sub-ohm vaping.

As for the pod, it offers dual airflow controls that you can customize to modify the preferred vapor and cloud thickness. 

The Magico is pre-fitted with a 2ml tank, but you also get a 5.5ml replacement bulb glass to handle excess usage and which is very easy to refill. Its 2000mAh battery also means business. 

Magico is packed with safety features like high-temperature protection, overcharging protection, short-circuit protection, and 10-second overtime protection. 

This vape kit is available in 6 color options—Blue, Rose Gold, Rainbow, Purple, Carbon Black, and Stainless Steel—all in sleek, stainless finish. 

Kit Contents

  • Magico mod
  • Magico tank
  • 0.12 Ohm coil for sub-ohm vaping
  • 1.8 Ohm coil for MTL vaping
  • 1 MTL drip trip
  • 1 set of O-rings
  • Warranty card
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual


  • All-In-One (AIO) mod suitable for Direct-Lung vaping as well
  • 5.5ml replacement bulb glass
  • Dual airflow control
  • Easy refilling
  • Safety features 


  • Heavier compared to other MTL devices 
  • Bigger in size and not suited for people with small palms 

4. Innokin Endura T18 Vape Kit

Another Innokin product on this list, Endura T18 is an award-winning kit that is perfect for beginners and great for experienced vapers! 

The 2.5ml tank is made of top-quality stainless steel and pyrex glass and comes with an easy top-fill design. The device offers 14W output and features 1.5 Ohm replaceable coils. 

The Endura’s advanced safety protections prevent overheating and over-discharge, making this device a highly reliable one. 

Compact, durable, and easy on the pocket, the Innokin Endura T18 is a reliable choice for those who have a budget to consider. It is also available in 9 colors, so you are sure to find one that fits your style.

Kit Contents

  • Endura mod 
  • Endura T18 battery 
  • Prism T18 airflow tank
  • 1.5Ohm coil 
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual


  • Great flavor production
  • Longevity
  • Easy top-fill design
  • Easy to use
  • Can be vaped in any device orientation


  • Burns a lot of juice
  • Possibility of leakages 
  • Prolonged vaping could result in very hot vapors

5. Uwell Crown Pod System 

Uwell is a leading vaping company that is highly popular for the flavor quality that its devices have to offer. Crown is no different and lives up to those high standards. 

The best part about this kit is that it comes with 2 pods: 1.0Ohm pod that supports MTL vaping and 0.6Ohm pod for DL vaping. Both these pods have 3ml capacity tanks. 

Perhaps the most loved feature on this device is the option to use a fire button or automatic draw system. 

The Uwell Crown Pod is available in Pink, Stainless Steel, Black, and Blue. 

Kit Contents

  • Crown device
  • 1.0 Ohm crown pod
  • 0.6 Ohm crown pod
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


  • Excellent flavor production
  • 2 Pods in the kit
  • Suitable for both MTL and direct-lung vaping styles
  • 3ml capacity tanks
  • Options of both fire button or automatic draws


  • Mouthpiece could have been better
  • Pods could get accidentally detached from the device
  • Coils cannot be replaced


All the MTL vape kits on this kit emulate the draw of a cigarette, and each one is packed with features that accomplish the tight draw that cigarette smokers are used to. 

This makes MTL vape kits one of the best ways to wean yourself off of cigarettes and eventually quit smoking. All the kits on this list can be customized to suit your vaping style, so it boils down to the design and comfort that these devices have to offer for you to take a pick.