The 7 Best MTL Vape Kits in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

You probably have a vague idea of what vaping is just from seeing people doing it; this is the inhaling of vapor created by an electronic vaping device called an e-cigarette.

The e-cigarette itself is a vape device powered by a rechargeable battery and has a cartridge filled with a flavored liquid that contains various chemicals and flavoring. Once that liquid is given a heat treatment, the vapor resulting from that is what gets inhaled—and that’s where mouth-to-lung vape kits come in.

Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vape tanks house the whole thing inside a compact housing. We’ll be looking at some of the best MTL vape products on the market right now, their strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with a buying guide if you’ve been looking to get into vaping.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best MTL Vape Kits

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the MTL vape kits that most people buy).

Top 7 Best MTL Vape Kits – Our Reviews:

1. Innokin Adept Zlide

The Innokin Adept Zlide is a versatile vaping kit that has been a hit among vapers worldwide, thanks to a combination of a great body kit, a mix of good flavors, and multiple coil options that support mouth-to-lung vaping.

The Innokin Zlide tank pod can hold up to 2 ml of e-liquid, which is more than sufficient for a good vaping experience. It comes with a childproof lock for that peace of mind in the event you leave it hanging around within reach of your toddlers at home.

Safety and ease of use are the two main features that combine well in the Innokin Slide. It has a top that can slide off for quick cleaning and refilling, as well as an adjustable airflow knob at the bottom that lets you regulate the amount of vape you inhale in one swig.

Each kit comes with a pair of sub-ohm coils, a 2 ml vape kit tank pod, a bag of spare parts, and a user manual.


  • Child-proof mechanism
  • Lockable sliding top
  • Disassembly is easy
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Multiple MTL coils
  • Good tank design
  • Smooth airflow
  • Affordable
  • Satisfying throat hit


  • The draw isn’t that tight
  • Low capacity
  • Glass replacement is complicated
  • Flavors tend to carry over the coil

2. Aspire Tigon

The Aspire Tigon has been rated highly by most users due to its wide range of some of the best flavors in the vaping market. Boasting a larger 3.5 ml tank pod, you’re assured of continued use for quite a while before a refill is needed, something that’s lacking in most MTL tanks on this list, with most of them having pod capacities of not more than 2 ml.

Housed in a stylish tank, the Aspire Tigon vape device comes in four colors that include stainless steel, blue, rainbow, and black, something for everyone who loves looking good while vaping. Another unique feature of this tank is its ability to be used both for MTL and DL vaping.

It also has long-lasting battery box mods that work in the by-pass mode, giving you more time before a replacement is needed.

The kit also has a smaller version with pod tanks that can carry about 2 ml of e-liquid.

The bigger one has a 2600 mAh mod battery, while the smaller one comes with an 1800 mAh mod battery. That’s enough power to comfortably see you through a whole day of vaping.


  • Great flavors
  • Can function both as an MTL and a DTL vape
  • Dual airflow setup
  • Great build quality
  • Compatible with different e-liquids
  • Excellent top-fill system
  • A decent firing button
  • Equipped with LEDs
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple versions of tanks


  • Tips over easily
  • Ventilation hole isn’t that great

3. SteamCrave Glaz Mini

StreamCrave has been known for their huge vaping sub-ohm tanks, and anyone used to their products would be surprised by how small and ergonomical the Glaz Mini MTL RTA is in the hands.

Everything about this MTL vaping tank screams minimalism; even the biggest airflow vent is only 1.6 mm wide.

Despite its diminutive size, the vaping kit has a lot of parts. When stripped down, the device looks like a complex machine with several glass cups, metal compartments, and silicone seals that can get pretty jumbled up if you disassemble it without any manual to refer back to.

The airflow design is the main reason why this MTL vaping kit has had so much success. It has a smooth draw that makes taking in the flavor even more wholesome.

Moreover, the sub-ohm coils themselves are well constructed, and they fit into the small body perfectly without any of their functions getting compromised.


  • Intense flavors
  • Quality tank construction
  • Smooth airflow
  • Small and compact
  • Good COIL
  • Affordable
  • Fast wicking
  • Simple to use


  • Too small for most people
  • The O-rings are transparent and loose

4. Innokin Zenith

Innokin Zenith is another great offering from the Innokin brand which is behind some of the best mouth-to-lung vape devices in the market. Like all the other Innokin kits, quality is the foundation of this well-designed and stylish product.

Boasting a 2 ml tank pod, it has the ability to switch from MTL to DL at any time, and this makes it a versatile buy for direct-lung vapers who want more than the option available for them. The 510 connection pin also means that it’s compatible with most of the other vape kit devices.

Maintaining this MTL vape kit isn’t as complicated as many may assume; there’s a removable cap that can easily be removed for cleaning and refilling. The adjustable airflow knob at the bottom of the device can also be used to regulate the amount of vapor being inhaled for a more personal experience.

The device comes with two Zenith coils, a user manual, some vital spare parts, and a 2 ml vape juice tank.


  • Easy-to-use device
  • Multifunctionality
  • Low maintenance
  • Good flavors with high nicotine
  • Come with two coils
  • High compatibility with other vapes


  • Could do with a better design
  • Glass parts are non-removable

5. Aspire Nautilus 2s

If awards for the best vape kit with the best aesthetic design were to be given out today, the Aspire Nautilus 2S would carry the day as the undisputed king. The interesting part is that it makes use of a very simple design combined with simple colors that mix in a very artistic way, making it an irresistible product.

This mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping kit is made using stainless steel, allowing the vape kit to pack high durability that will see you using it for years to come without ever thinking of getting a replacement. It has a 2.6 ml e-juice tank, a slight improvement from the customary 2 ml found in most vapes.

This device is also a versatile one as you can use it both as a mouth-to-lung vape pen and a direct-to-lung vape; that’s killing two birds with one stone.

The top-fill design is made for convenience; refilling and cleaning are easy and can be handled without outside help. The Aspire Nautilus 2s comes with two coils with low voltage consumption, which gives the user a reliable battery that can last them quite a while before they start thinking of recharging it.


  • Great flavors
  • Can be used for both MTL and DL vaping
  • Dual coils
  • Smooth airflow and draw
  • Affordable vape devices
  • Equipped with a childproof lock
  • Simple to use


  • Coil swapping is complicated
  • The drip tip is unnecessarily long

6. Innokin Endura

The Innokin Endura vape pen is much slimmer compared to the other Innokin vapes on the list. This minimalist design makes it an ideal mouth-to-lung vape to carry around in your pocket without feeling any strain or inconvenience.

Weighing just 77 g with an e-juice capacity of 2 ml, the Innokin Endura is a reliable product that can be used by all kinds of new vapers.

This pen-style vape is powered by a 1000 mAh mod battery that gives off discreet cloud production, ensuring you can handle your business without intruding into any other person’s space. The battery can be charged through the USB cable and charges up pretty fast while having one of the best power retention rates that any vaper would like to have.

As one of the best vape kits around, its 2 ml e-liquid MTL tank is constructed using pyrex glass and stainless glass, giving the vape tank a solid build that’s hard to get damaged even when it falls from a high point.


  • Portable size
  • Decent vape mod
  • Smooth draw
  • Good coil longevity
  • Easy-to-use top-fill vape tanks
  • Wide variety of rich flavors
  • Easy coil swap mechanism
  • The battery can be charged via the USB


  • 2 ml tanks are too little
  • The USB cover is badly designed

7. Vaporesso VM22

The Vaporesso VM22 is from a long line of the best mouth-to-lung vaping kits you’ll ever come across. Designed by the Vaporesso company, known for reputable and reliable products, the VM22 combines style and performance into a compact kit that anyone who has had experience using vapes for most of their life would like.

As one of the best mouth-to-lung kits, it’s equipped with some of the most modern coils called CCELL coils that deliver a consistent flow of flavors and nicotine. The starter kit also features the revolutionary tea fiber mesh coil that ensures the flavor and the vapor mix well before delivery for the best vaping style.

The top-fill tank of this e-cig kit is removable and easy to refill, the ideal mess-free experience everyone wishes for and but never gets.

Small as it may seem, the Vaporesso VM22 starter kit has many parts that could pose a challenge to anyone if they were to disassemble the whole thing. Luckily for most, the starter kit comes with a manual.


  • Pocket-friendly compact design
  • Leakproof tank kit
  • Intuitive manual for easy use
  • Long mesh coil life
  • Excellent airflow control
  • Reliable battery life
  • Comes with setting buttons
  • Ideal starter kit for those new to vaping


  • Unstable
  • Screen too dim for use at times
  • The drip tip is too wide
  • Too many parts

Things to Consider When Buying MTL Vape Kits

There are certain things that you have to pay attention to when shopping for MTL kits; grabbing anything you see off the shelves without putting some thought into it may not end well for you. The following are some factors to consider.


MTL mouthpieces are designed in the same shape as normal cigarettes. This is to make the process of drawing vapor from the tank much easier and smoother.

Some of the top-end vape kits are narrower to make the airflow tighter, but there’s not much difference between the many versions that exist. Each comes with its own strengths that aim to increase efficiency.

Coil Resistance

The mesh coil resistance plays a huge role in determining the overall experience of using a mouth-to-lung vape kit. It refers to the differences in the wattage and the resistance, and the details are always inscribed on the side of the kit.

The standard wattage of the average MTL coil is about 25 watts. Smaller coils have a box mod with lower wattage, and this translates to a much higher airflow.

It all comes down to preference and what you’ve grown accustomed to.

Battery Capacity

Vape kits come with rechargeable batteries that have different capacities. The bigger the battery capacity, the better the MTL vaping kit, which translates to a long time of vaping before a recharge is required or the tank is depleted.

Vape mod batteries usually range from 1000 mAh common in cheap mod models to about 3000 mAh in the higher-end mods. If you can afford one with a bigger battery, the better for you.

The charging system should also be versatile enough to allow you to charge it from anywhere using any cable available.


Vapes are things you carry on your person in a place you can reach for easily. It should be small enough to fit in any pocket without showing any visible bulge.

This is why most of the top MTL vaping kits are designed with compact shapes that focus heavily on convenience. Some come with their own vape carrying cases, but being small enough to fit in your hand and pockets are the two qualities you should be on the lookout for when searching for an ideal MTL vaping kit.

The Bottom Line

Vaping has become a lifeline for many people trying to quit smoking. Despite the much negative publicity that it keeps getting, more developments are being made to ensure they’re safe for consumers.

There are many other variants of the top MTL vaping devices out there that you can check out before deciding; this guide is here to point you in the right direction. Take your time if you want to enjoy a good vaping experience.