JUUL vs Vuse Alto: New vape pod favorite?

Vaping is a rapidly growing sector across the world.

So much is going on in this area, and people are trying as much as possible to keep up. Some of the things that are changing so fast concerning vaping include the companies providing vaping products.

Every company is trying as much as possible to offer a better product to the customer as compared to other competing companies. At the same time, customers are looking for the best products in the market.

Juul and Vuse Alto are two products in the vaping industry that are gaining so much popularity and at a very high rate. You may be wondering what the differences or similarities about these products are. 

Here is what you need to know.

Juul and Vuse Alto –Differences and similarities


The flavor is one of the essential features of an excellent vaping device; hence, it is worth considering in this case. 

Juul and Alto offer different types of flavors. However, with Alto, you will get yourself four amazing flavors, while Juul comes with eight different flavors. It is a feature that makes a big difference since you have more flavor options to choose from when dealing with Juul.

Besides, Juul comes with a mango flavor that is lacking in Alto. Juul device offers mint, mango, menthol, cucumber, tobacco, fruit, classic tobacco, and crème. On the other side, Alto provides two varieties of tobacco. You can get an original tobacco flavor or a rich tobacco flavor.


When you compare the performance of Juul and Alto, you will find the Alto pods to do better. Irrespective that both devices have a variety of flavors, the functioning of the pod matter a lot. You need a pod that can offer you secure and smooth airflow. Juul pods are found to have a few airflow problems as compared to Alto.

The wicking time is also different when you compare the two devices. For the Alto device, it offers a fast and efficient wick time. You can get your juice ready within a short time. Juul, on the other hand, has a longer wicking time which means you may feel underpowered when you want to use your vape.

Performance and Use

Irrespective that the two devices are of the same size, and shape, they have some differences in performance and use that are worthy of looking at. When you are drawing juice, you will find Alto to offer a smooth feel. Everything is drawn in a very smooth manner that makes it feel like smoking a cigarette. You will not find any misses.

However, for Juul, there are some hard hits that make it inconsistent. Sometimes you may not be comfortable when you vape and end up having a dry throat. It is not a good feeling.

Battery Life

Battery life in a vaping device is an essential aspect. You do not want to buy a device with a weak battery that you have to keep on charging all the time. The idea is to have as much time as possible using your device without thinking of charging.

Both devices come with rechargeable batteries. However, Alto is made with a bigger battery capacity with 3350mAh while Juul comes with 200mAh. As a result, Alto will serve you for a longer time in terms of battery.

Charging for the two devices is excellent. The two devices do not have a USB cable charging system. Juul comes with a square box with a magnetic attachment at the bottom. All you do is attach the charger to any USB port and place your device on the charger. It makes it easy to use and convenient. With Juul, you cannot use it while charging.

For Alto, you will be provided with a cable that attaches to the device through magnet when charging. However, you can use the device while charging since its charging cable is pass-through type.


IF you know about vaping devices, you will know that the lighting system is crucial as it offers a lot of advantages. Both devices have LED lighting that works as signals for battery conditions. Juul offers the best experience. Juul device lights green when in full battery, yellow at half full and red when the battery is low. As for the Alto, you will find it difficult, since it lights just ten green flashes when the battery is low. This means that it can easily go off without you noticing.


If the design is your concern, there are very few differences between the two devices. However, they have almost the same size as Alto which is a bit bigger. Juul is made with a body with a rectangular shape with angular edges. On the other side, Alto features more curves with most of its edges being round in shape.

Juul is designed with a resistance coil offering 1.8 to 2.0 ohm whiles Alto comes in 1.1 ohms. The Juul device has a tank capacity of 0.7ml while Alto tank capacity is 1.8ml. 


The cost of the two devices is not the same. You will get the Juul two-pack kit at $9.99 while the Alto two-pack kit goes for $13.49. In addition to this, Juul offers an ml of e-juice at $7.14. Alto e-juice is being provided at $3.75 per ml. The two devices also vary in pods capacity. When you buy the Juul kit, you will get a total of 1.4ml for the two pods while on Alto you get a total of 3.5mls. As a result, you will be getting more e-juice on purchasing the Alto device.

The Bottom Line

When you are shopping for vaping devices, you have to take your time and consider so many things to make sure that you get a device that suits you. With the changes in the market, technology, and competition from various companies, there are many types of vaping devices available. 

The above are the differences and similarities found in Juul and Alto. Always compare the features and find the ones that impress you before you make a choice.