G Pen Slim Review

With vaping gaining more popularity over the years, various companies try their best to outdo each other in producing the sleekest and most Innovative vaporizers. Whether the idea behind them is for increased performance or convenience, you will find many vaporizers in the market that satisfies your immediate need. One of such innovative product is the G Pen Slim. This vaporizer is a product of Grenco Science, a popular American based brand that has contributed its fair share of some of the best vaporizers on the market. 

Key Features

The G Pen Slim is recognizable by the following notable features

  • Ceramic atomizer for pure taste
  • Single charge produces 300 hits
  • Instant hitting immediately it switches on. 


The G Pen Slim features a sleek pen-shaped design. Users who are keen on laying their hands on a vaporizer which matches functionality with advanced technology would be happy to see the G Pen Slim offers both. Newbies who are not so acquainted with using conventional vaporizers will be happy to find that this vaporizer is easy to use. All you need do is to unscrew the mouthpiece, load in your vaping ingredients, screw the mouthpiece back in place. Press, and hold the button to draw. If you need a vaporizer that is easy to use, but still functionally efficient, you may want to try the G Pen Slim.


As far as portable and discreet vaporizers go, you won’t find a better toon on the market. Its slim pen shape is almost identical to a real pen. If you need a vaporizer to carry with you wherever you go without attracting too much attention, this vape is the one. Although you can slide this vape pen in your pocket, it is not advisable to do so. Ever reached for a pen in your pocket only to find that it broke?  Well, the same goes for the G Pen Slim. This vaporizer’s fragility doesn’t mean you can’t carry it with you anywhere you go. It simply means you should not put it in a place where it can break or bend


On economical batteries, the G Pen Plim is also a winner. It features a 180mAh rechargeable lithium battery which is able to produce about 300 hits when fully charged. Another good news is that charging time only takes about 2 to 3 hrs. The battery is also portable and is easy to carry wherever you go making it easier for travelers to have their vaping tools handy everywhere they go.

Build Quality

For its size, you should not expect much from its build quality. There are three pieces to the is vaporizer, and they are the mouthpiece,  battery, and chamber. The chamber will last between 4 to 6 weeks with heavy use and between 6 to 8 on normal usage. It is replaceable, and for a cheap price too, so there is no cause for worry. The front casing features a button that operates the pen. Its outer casing features an anti-reflective soft exterior that helps with discreetness. It also will not heat on the outside, to enable you to hold your G Pen Slim comfortably.

Vapor Quality

For its price, the G Pen Slim offers a decent quality vapor. If you’re looking for great results, you may want to draw for at least 10 seconds. Note that the G Pen Slim is not the kind of vaporizer you buy if you’re chasing clouds. Obviously, you will get visible vapor when you draw big, but it’s nothing compared to what you get from standard vaporizers and you should go for another vaporizer if you’re looking to create thick, large clouds. For result-oriented vapers, the G Pen Slim if a good choice.

 How to Use

When you get your pen, the first thing to do is a charge for about three hours before use for great performance. Unscrew the chamber, and place (screw) the battery into the USB charger. A red light on the battery shows that it is charging. When charging completes, the light will turn green. After charging, run it through a routine burn off cycle a few times. Click the button on the pen 5 times to turn on the pen, then press and hold the button to begin vaping. 


As you would expect, the slim pen is easy to clean. It comes with a cleaning tool which helps to clean and remove residues after each vaping section. Regular maintenance keeps the coil clean and in good condition to perform efficiently.


The G Pen Slim offers many interesting features and one of the most impressive is the cost. You won’t find many vaporizers as cheap as this one. For newbies who are looking to start their vaping experience with an affordable tool, the G Pen Slim is a great choice.


  • It is affordable and perhaps one of the cheapest vaporizers on the market
  • Its 180mAh battery gives you a decent battery life that should last you for up to a week without charging
  • Inspire of its size, the G Pen Slim is durable and won’t break easily if you keep it safe 
  • Its size and sleek design mean it is concealable. Shaped like a pen, it takes an eagle-eyed veteran to tell the difference.


  • It can only fit a few hits
  • The heating chamber needs replacing after a few weeks.

Final Verdict

The G Pen Slim is an impressive vaporizer for such a small frame. Users who are looking for a portable vaporizer will love its portable and concealable shape that allows you to take it wherever you go. Another impressive feature is its battery which offers a decent amount of time before the next recharge. Unfortunately, it isn’t the vaporizer for people who are looking to generate big clouds, but that is understandable when you consider its cheap price and its efficient results. This is a great vaporizer for newbies who are looking to start their vaping journey and old-timers who need a side vape to take with them wherever they go.