JUUL vs Juno: Better than the JUUL?

When you are a vaping fan, the question of which is the best vape pen can easily cross your mind leaving you in a dilemma of which is the best. In this case, Juul and Juno are two vape pens that bring a lot of confusion and problems to many vape users with a question of they compare and which is better.

The only way of understanding the two products is by looking at their similarities and differences.

Similarities and Differences Between Juul and Juno

Nicotine Strengths

The nicotine strength is one difference between Jull and Juno. When you buy Juul, you will realize that you are required to purchase extra pods that come with only two options of nicotine salts. You can only choose between 3% and 5%. 

However, in Juno, you do not have a limitation of just two types of nicotine strengths. You can easily choose between several strengths when getting your pods.

Pods flavors

Juul and Juno differ so much in terms of pod flavors. For the Juul vape, you have up to 16 standard flavors you can choose from when buying your pods. As a result, it offers you a wide range of options enabling you to enjoy different tastes. Hence making vaping more enjoyable.

For Juno vape, you will not get as many pod flavors as you get with Juul. You may get four flavors that come with the starter kit. There are no more flavors other than that. As a result, that becomes a limitation to many people who like choosing from many varieties.

Juul vs Juno Vape Starter Kit

When you go for the Juno vape starter kit, you will get it in a light and simple cardboard package. Besides, you will receive:

  • Juul e-cigarette which has an in-built battery. 
  • A magnetic USB cable charger
  • Four different juice pods that come with different flavors include’ Crème Brulee, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, and Virginia Tobacco. The pods have 0.7ml juice and 5% nicotine strength.

For the Juno start kit, there are three different types of packages available. All the kits come with in-built rechargeable batteries and three prefilled Menthol juice pods that are disposable and in different flavors. All pods being 36mg.

  • The Elements Menthol Kit V1 comes with fruit, menthol and dessert flavors.
  • The Elements Menthol Kit V2 comes with blue raspberry, mango and menthol flavors.
  • The Elements Tobacco V2 kit comes with mango, blue raspberry, and a tobacco flavor.


There are a few similarities and differences between Juul and Juno vapes. 

Both Juul and Juno vapes are designed in a small and simple shape. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Their size is almost the same as that of a cigarette.

Juno vape has an aluminum alloy body that allows it to last for a long time without breaking easily. The Vape comes with a cotton wicking material to enable the smooth delivery of clean flavor. Also, it has a coil resistance of 1.3 to 1.5 ohms for an intense flavor and warm vapor. It has a slightly angled mouthpiece to prevent spillage. It also comes with 24k gold plated connection pins.

Juul vape is designed in a lightweight material with an easy battery to pod assembly mechanism. The Vape is very easy to connect when changing the pods. 

Performance and use

Juno and Juul have a difference in their performance and use since they are designed differently. The two vapes may look alike, but they have some differences even in use.

For the Juno vape, there are no temperature controls or any airflow adjustment system. You have to wet the tip before using it to avoid getting a dry hit. As a result, any time you are using the device, you will be receiving your juice directly from your mouth to the lungs. The device is designed like this to allow a quick use mechanism. It is also fitted with a lip sensor at the tip that makes sure there is a smooth operation and maintains a clean hit at all times.

When using Juul, you will find that there is a system for internal temperature control. As a result, the system ensures that you will never get a dry hit when using the device.

Charging and Battery

Both Juul and Juno come with an in-built battery. The two devices also come with USB chargers.

Juul is made with a magnetic charging dock that allows charging the device even from your laptop. It is a quick, assemble charging dock. All you have to do is unscrew the device flavor capsules and replace them with a USB charger for charging.

Juno, on the other hand, comes with a 380mAh battery that is one of the largest batteries in the market. As a result, the battery can last up to 2 days after charging. It also has a secure charging system. It has a micro USB charging port that you can connect to the device and get it full within less than 40mins.

Charging Indicator Light

The charging indicator lighting varies between Juul and Juno in several ways but also have some similarities. Here is what you need to know.

Juul vape has a small LED light that lights up each time you insert a pod in the battery. The LED light also lights up when you take a pull. It is used for checking battery life. When you tap the area below the light twice, you will get three color flashes. A green one indicates a full battery, yellow for half-full, and a red one for a low charge.

Juno vape device comes with an LED light as well. It is mostly used to show battery life. The light goes green when the device is charging. You will still get a green light when the battery life is between 16% and 100%. At 15% battery life you get yellow and red when the battery is below 5%.

Bottom Line

Juul and Vape are all vaping devices that are designed to offer quality performance to the user. However, as discussed above, they have certain similarities and differences worth noting. Take your time to look at what pleases you before you decide on what to use.