Kangertech Sub-Tank Mini Review: Compact & Ultimate

The ultimate desire of any vaper is to get the best tank in the market.

Do you think the Kangertech sub-tank mini could be that tank? Well, there is a lot going on in the market about this new tank and how amazing it is.

Some of the things said might seem a bit exaggerated; that is why I want to review the tank to help you understand it better to make a decision of whether to buy it or not.

This review will capture the most important things including the specs, features, pros & cons, the price, and the final verdict. 

Review Summary: Kangertech Sub-tank Mini Tank

Kangertech is a brand that took the vaping community by storm soon after the release of the original sub-tank in 2014. There have been several improvements to meet the market demands with the Mini as the latest model. 

The performance of the tank is one of the most interesting review factors that you might like about the tank. Just before you uncover the performance of the tank, let’s first look at the package and the specs of the tank.

The overall ratings of the core factors of this tank are as follows:

  • Design_______9.6
  • Build quality___9.8
  • Coils________9.6
  • Performance___9.6
  • Flavor_______9.6

Kangertech Sub-tank Mini Tank – A Quick Look

  • A great tank for both beginners and advanced vapers
  • Has a good tank capacity capable of holding enough juice for vapers
  • The performance of the tank is very good
  • The quality of manufacturing is outstanding
  • Has two coil options
  • You get an RBA head included in the package
  • The airflow control is suitable for direct lung hits
  • Customizable
  • Its bottom fill design is outdated and many people find it quite inconveniencing
  • It is quite expensive
  • Experienced vapers find the coils insufficient for their vaping needs, though the tank is customizable.


  • The tank has an e-juice capacity of 4.5ml, which is relatively good
  • The diameter of the tank is 22mm and the height is 48mm without the drip tip and 63mm with the drip tip
  • The main material of construction is stainless steel
  • It is made using the durable Pyrex glass
  • It has a hybrid tank, which can be used either as a Clearomizer or an RBA
  • Has a 510 threading connection
  • Has organic cotton coil heads
  • The coil options are 0.5-ohm or 1.2-ohm
  • Has a bottom fill design
  • Has an airflow control system

The specs are amazing from a review viewpoint. The highlights of the specs are the optimal tank capacity, coil options, and the bottom fill design. You just have to consider if these three specs are what you need in a cloud chasing tank. 

What is in the box?

Of all the top cloud chasing tanks in the market, the Kangertech mini has one of the best boxes as it is filled with many items inside. Have a look at what you get inside the box:

  • 1 Kangertech sub-tank mini
  • 1 drip tip 
  • A 0.5 sub-ohm coil head 
  • A 1.2-ohm coil head
  • A mini RBA base
  • Two prebuilt 0.5-ohm coils
  • An authentic Muji Japanese Organic cotton pad
  • Screwdriver 
  • Two replacement screws 
  • Three replacements O-rings 
  • A user manual

The box has too many replacement parts, thus, a great package. If this was the only review factor to consider, then making a decision to buy it would have been very easy. However, you need to know about the specs and its features as well so that you don’t end up with a product with many items that don’t help your vaping experience. 

Unique Features 

The best way to understand the features of this tank is to separate the uniqueness of the tank into two broad categories i.e. design and performance. 


The compactness of the device is one of the most selling features of this tank. It is constructed using the durable stainless steel and the Pyrex glass, which not only assure users of great aesthetics but also a great built structure. 

It has a sleek and stylish design that is modern to make it very attractive. Furthermore, the design is comfortable to carry around as you walk. There is nothing negative about the design, not unless you want a bigger tank.

The appearance 

The sleek design of the tank gives it a fine appearance that is very eye-catching; well, at least according to what many people see and say. The O-rings also boost the appearance of the tank as they are replaceable with many other color options, meaning that you can have the color of your tank match the color of your mod. 

One outstanding appearance feature is the cool inscription of the name of the tank on its top, which adds to the overall beauty of the tank. 


The device is quite easy to use; both installing and separating the different parts. The ease of using enhances the durability of the tank. 

It is also made of high-grade stainless steel and a durable Pyrex glass that help in keeping the device very durable. Furthermore, the device has rubber O-rings, which are excellent in the prevention of leakage. 

The overall look of the tank suggests that it could last for many years; however, you must care for it to keep it for long. 



Both beginners and advanced vapers can use this device well. The feature that beginners enjoy in this tank is the compactness, which does not require them to do much once the coil is in there. The advanced vapers enjoy the feature of customization as the device can be customized in different ways to fit the needs of the vaper. 

Vapor production

The Kangertech sub-tank mini has an excellent vapor production with any of the two coil heads provided. However, many people have been using their own customized coils to improve the density of the vapor produced. 

This means that you have the option of making the device even much better if you use an enhanced coil head. This could be a pro or a con, depending on how you view it because it advertises well the customization feature and questions the quality of the coil to make one think of replacing it with another. 

The general performance of the tank is excellent for beginners and just good for advanced vapers, who now have to customize their atomizers to get the best experiences. 


This tank has its strengths as well as its flaws; you can make a decision based on what you think affects you the most. The price is slightly expensive more than other top tanks, thus, you must be careful to make the best decision lest you regret later. As a tip, just look at the dominating features and see if they can work for you or not; then make a decision after comparing the pros against the cons.