Eleaf Melo 300 Review: Best Budget Sub-Ohm Tank!

Just when we thought that we had reached the pinnacle of the sub-ohm tank performance, another amazing tank was introduced into the market, the eLeaf Melo 300.

This is a trending e-tank that has hit the market and many vapers are already contemplating on using it. 

Are you thinking about buying it?

Just like any other new product in the market, the eLeaf Melo 300 should be reviewed before it is certified as an excellent sub-ohm tank in the market.

A comprehensive review will give you a clearer view to enable you to make an informed choice of whether to buy it or not. 

While some of the features of the tank might be amazing, some may be a complete turn off for you, thus, the importance of focusing on the key review items that you don’t want to compromise about in a cloud chasing tank

Review Summary: Melo 300 

Many things can be said about this tank, but none defines it better than its high wattage and large production of vapor. Apart from that, it comes from a well-known e-cig tank manufacturer that can be trusted in the market. 

The new eLeaf Melo 300 is a new release into the market and we can only rely on the specs the manufacturer provides to review it. However, this review will also be guided by some of the perceived drawbacks that are likely to develop when you continue using this tank. 

The overall ratings of the core factors of this tank are as follows:

  • Design______9.4
  • Build quality__9.5
  • Coils_______9.7
  • Performance__9.6
  • Flavor______9.6

Eleaf Melo 300 Sub-Ohm Tank – A Quick Look

  • It has a large e-juice holding capacity, which is ideal for hardcore vapers or people who don’t want to keep on refilling their tanks
  • Has an option of a smaller tank for people who don’t want the big one
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • It performs well at various wattages
  • Great flavor and huge clouds
  • It has excellent airflow and an amazing top-fill system
  • Easy to use
  • You cannot use your own drip-tips
  • It does not have RBA deck


  • Has a tank capacity of 6.5ml, though with an option of a smaller version of 3.5ml
  • Has a 26mm diameter
  • Has a top sliding fill system
  • Has a dual adjustable airflow
  • It is constructed using the long-lasting stainless steel and glass
  • ES Sextuple Coils
  • Operates smoothly between 100 to 300W

What is in the box?

If you are buying the eLeaf Melo 300 from an authorized dealer or directly from the manufacturer, you should get the following items inside the box:

  • 1 eLeaf Melo 300 tank
  • 2 Sextuple coils
  • Spare parts
  • Instruction manual

The box has the basics for you with nothing amazing packed inside that would make you choose it over the others; it is more or less like other packages of the top tanks in the market. Therefore, we will continue to review what really matters and differentiates it from the rest; the specs.

Unique Features 

There are some unique features of this tank that are quite admirable. We will look at these features as well as the ones that you might find unappealing to you. We will separate the unique features into two broad categories i.e. design and performance, to help you understand the working of the tank in depth. 

Design and Quality

The appearance 

If you are the kind of person who minds the appearance of your e-juice tank, then you need to be aware of the fact that this tank has an extremely appealing look. It will only be extremely appealing to you if you enjoy an infusion of elegance and performance in a tank. The stainless steel material used in the manufacture of the tank gives it an elegant look. 

One downside of its appearance is that it doesn’t come with many color options to choose from. This is a real concern if you want a glamorous color for an e-cig tank, yet the eLeaf Melo 300 only gives you the elegant stainless steel color. 

Size and portability 

From the specs, the dimensions of the tank are 2-9/16” x 1”, which includes the Drip Tip and Threads, with a diameter of 26mm. Compared to most tanks in the market, this size might seem slightly bigger; however, it is only so because of the large tank capacity. Therefore, you have to pay the price of a slightly bigger tank if you want more e-juice in your tank.

But if you really need a smaller tank from the same company, you can opt for the smaller 3.5ml tank, though I really don’t see why you should go for a smaller tank, not unless you just want some quick vapes. 


Of course, the manufacturer claims that the device is very durable. Whilst it hasn’t been in the market for a long time to ascertain its durability, the materials used in its manufacture suggest that the device is actually durable and can last for long. Well, the material we are talking about is the stainless steel, which most other top tanks use as well, thus, I can’t say that its durability is a unique feature though if you are planning to buy it, the feature remains an important one. 

The coils 

You have two coil options to choose from depending on what you want to achieve when vaping. The coils have amazing features that set them as the best in the market e.g. 

  • They can operate between 100 to 300W to guarantee you some of the best flavor and clouds 
  • Each coil has a dual parallel configuration 
  • They all have three large Wick Cutouts to ensure that you can control your vaping experience and avoid self-harm
  • The coils have pure organic cotton 

You don’t need to be an expert in coils to know that the two coil options provided by eLeaf Melo 300 are effective in boosting the performance of the tank. With the coils, you will enjoy maximum vape juice saturation for the best flavor and huge clouds. 

One-handed use

Apart from the top-fill method, the eLeaf Melo 300 has an easy one-handed opening to make your work easier when using it. You don’t have to struggle with the tank to get the clouds filling your room; you only need a single hand to operate it. This is a convenience feature. 


Well, now you have all the information you need to make up your mind about the eLeaf Melo 300. You should go for it if you want to enjoy vaping at high wattages without reservations for it can vape all the way to 300W comfortably. It is definitely an excellent cloud-chasing tank that can guarantee you good flavor and great clouds.