The 5 Best Blue Raspberry Vape Juices in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Fruit-flavored vape juice is the most popular type and it’s enjoyed by everyone, from seasoned vapers who’ve tried all variants and know what they like, to beginners who are starting out with flavors they recognize.

One of the most popular fruit flavors is blue raspberry. It’s sweet but not overwhelming and often has a rich enough palate to taste good on all levels of wattage.

In this article, I’ll give you five of the best blue raspberry vape juices on the market, considering options on all price ranges. These often have secondary flavors mixed in, and it’s always worth going out of your comfort zone to discover a new flavor.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Blue Raspberry Vape Juices

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the blue raspberry vape juices that most people buy).

  • Directors Cut Sour Blue Raspberry Top Pick
  • The Vape Shop’s Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Runner-up
  • Carnival Juice Roll Upz’s Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Runner-up

Top 5 Best Blue Raspberry Vape Juices – Our Reviews:

1. Directors Cut Sour Blue Raspberry

This product comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg options, and is sure to be a hit with whoever is using it. Directors Cut’s Sour Blue Raspberry is created in the UK, but it can be shipped worldwide from online distributors.

It’s a very popular vape juice and this is largely due to its rich flavor. The manufacturers state that it’s best for high wattage systems and those with this preference, especially cloud chasers and vapers with mechanical mods. 

A low resistance atomizer is always recommended, too.

The juice’s mixture of sweet and sour will keep you coming back for more, and the 10ml tanks just won’t seem like enough. With an 80/20% blend, it’s perfect for creating massive clouds. 

Some may be put off by its sour taste, but this is common for anything raspberry flavored.


  • Great for cloud chasing
  • Available in a variety of strengths


  • There are better options for low wattage systems

2. The Vape Shop’s Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

The Vape Shop’s Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy juice is a best-seller—and rightly so. It’s incredibly sweet, which is perfect if you want a vibrant flavor, and is very reasonably priced at under $5 from their website.

It comes in 3 bottle sizes—10ml, 30ml, and 120ml—and the customer can choose from three different types of thickness, depending on their system and how they like their juices. It’s also available with nicotine levels up to 18mg, and it’s even suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Admittedly, there are more premium alternatives out there, but none are as customizable or suitable for all as this one. It’s also excellent for its price, so I would recommend snapping up a few bottles when you order.


  • Very strong flavor
  • Available with lots of different options


  • Only available from their website

3. Carnival Juice Roll Upz’s Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

If you do want to try a premium version of the product above, then Carnival Juice Roll Upz’s Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy vape juice is the one for you. It’s available up to 6mg and is targeted more for the high wattage users and those who like to cloud chase.

It costs $25 for a 100ml bottle. This is frequently on sale but even at full price, it’s worth it.

It has one of the richest flavors you’ll find, with a lovely main body of blue raspberry and a sweet cotton candy aftertaste. It’s very summery, so enjoy it in the sun or keep it for the colder months when you have the summer blues.

It’s a 70/30 mix, guaranteed to give you huge clouds and a smooth hit.

Some may find it too sweet due to the cotton candy, which is understandable but there’s plenty of 5-star reviews online if you want to read testimonies for its quality.


  • Very rich flavor
  • Perfect for cloud chasing


  • Will be too sweet for some

4. Pocket Fuel’s Blue Raspberry

Available in 3mg and 6mg options, Pocket Fuel’s Blue Raspberry is a brilliant juice based on blue slushies you’d find at arcades and movie theaters.

Like its namesake, it has a main raspberry body with undertones of blueberry—a delicious combination, I think you’ll agree. It’s designed for sub-ohm vaping, so if you’re a fan of stronger flavors and bigger clouds, this is the juice for you. 

It’s also very affordable at around $5 for a 10ml bottle, so you’ll reap the rewards of premium vaping without having to pay the big bucks.

My main criticism—and it’s more of a preference really—is that as it’s a sub-ohm juice, it has low nicotine count. This is the case with most sub-ohm juices though so no surprise there.


  • Great product at a great price
  • Perfect for cloud chasing


  • Not great for a nicotine fix

5. Vapouriz 50/50 Blue Raspberry Menthol

As the name states, Vapouriz’s Blue Raspberry Menthol has a wonderful menthol aftertaste—perfect for those of you looking to have a fresh product without being overwhelmingly sweet. 

This is a great product for those after a nicotine fix, as it comes in an 18mg option, and is very reasonably priced at $5 for 10ml, although it’s currently on sale for $3.

Quite unusually, it has a 50/50 formula, meaning it is very thick and creates thick plumes of vapor full of rich flavor.

This vape juice is an incredibly versatile product due to its formula and flavor. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re after a more premium, high-quality product as this is positioned towards the cheaper end of the spectrum, which is pretty obvious with a price like that.


  • Lovely menthol aftertaste
  • Great for entry-level vaping


  • Premium options are available

Final Thoughts

Just like strawberry, blue raspberry is one of the most popular vape juice flavors, as it often comes with a wide range of aftertastes and is available at all price points. 

It’s generally for sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing, but there are options available for nicotine-heavy vapers too. I’d recommend a medium-price one, as you’ll get a juice that’s both high-quality and very flavorsome.