Vuse vs Blu: Which Vape Pen is the Best on the Market?

Thinking of switching to an e-cigarette? Wondering which vape pen is the best? Lets take a look at the two top choices, the Vuse and Blu.

New vapers are faced with a wide variety of vape pens to choose from.  We will take you through the details of these two top vape pens and help make your choice easier.

Vuse vs Blu Vape Pen – What Is The Best Choice For You?


Vuse: The Vuse vape pen has a very stylish design. It has a metal body, which offers durability and top-quality feel just by looking and handling it. The R. J. Reynolds Company put in a lot of effort here to ensure that what you get is very close in looks to a traditional cigarette. As you are probably trying to quit, the feeling won’t be too different.

The cartridge is transparent and together with the stainless steel battery adds to the elegant looks of this e-cigarette. There are no buttons, and it is activated by dragging. You get is a solidly built device which is comfortable to hold and small in size.

Blu: The Blu’s design is stylish too and remarkably smaller than the Vuse. It is very lightweight, slim and discreet. One similarity between the Vuse and Blu is that there are both easy to use and automatically activated by dragging, so there are no buttons.


Both e-cigs have basically the same design but differ in dimensions. For the near traditional cigarette feel, you should choose the Blu as it is small and discreet, just like a traditional cigarette.

Battery Capacity

Vuse: The Vuse e-cig has great battery life. It is perhaps the longest-lasting e-cig of its kind as it gives you roughly 8 hours of vaping. This is great as it can last you for a great part of the day before requiring a recharge again.

Blu: The standard rechargeable Blu cigs can last for as many as 350 puffs, although it all depends on the size of your puffs. After 350 puffs, the e-cig requires a recharge.


If you’re interested in the strength of your batteries, you should opt for the Vuse e-cig. There is a puff count of up to 300 in 3 hours depending on how you vape. So in terms of battery life, the Vuse is the best choice.


Vuse: Vuse has a wide variety of flavours for you to choose from. Each cartridge is relatively cheap, depending on the type of Vuse. It contains a high amount of nicotine which gives you great hit each time you drag.

Blu: Just like the Vuse, the Blu has a wide variety of flavours available. So you can choose to vape on a new flavour every day. The Blu cartridge refills cost much more than the Vuse generally.


Both products provide a wide variety of flavours to choose from to enhance the quality and satisfaction of your vaping experience. Both have fruity flavours and tobacco flavour as well. The difference here is the price. The Blu costs a little more than the Vuse Ciro cartridges and costs a whole lot more than the Vuse Solo cartridges.

So in terms of flavour selection, both are tied but in terms of cost of flavour cartridges, the Vuse is more affordable.

Cost Of Purchase

Vuse: The starter kit for the Vuse is relatively cheap.  A Vuse Solo starter kit costs around $13. This gives you more value for your money and you easily enjoy vaping at low cost.

Blu: The Blu also gives you great value for your money. It sells for $28. The Blu costs more than the Vuse which provides similar features but costs less.


Both products have relatively cheap prices, but the Vuse costs less than Blu. Since it gives you all you need from an e-cig, it is more cost-effective to consider using the Vuse.

Ease Of Use

Vuse: The Vuse is very simple to use, and requires no experience to start vaping with it. Right out of the box, you can start vaping away without worrying about controls and adjustments. The R. J. Reynolds Company made it perfect for vapers who want to vape without stress.

Blu: The Blu just like the Vuse is a perfect e-cigarette for beginners. It is easy to use and you can’t go wrong with it. There are no buttons here also or controls and all you need do is connect the battery and juice box in very easy steps, and vape away.


If you are considering ease of use, both products are perfect and good for beginners. Even an inexperienced user will be able to use these vape pens.


Vuse: The Vuse vape pen is rechargeable with a USB cable. This makes charging it very convenient as USB cables are available everywhere in our world today.

Blu: Blu also makes use of a USB for its charging. There is no need to take a special USB with you when you go out or purchase a special USB for your e-cig as your regular USB cable will do.


Both products make it fairly easy to charge the batteries. With the use of a regular USB to charge, there won’t be a problem of unavailable charging accessories.

General performance

Vuse: The Vuse vape pen has great battery life, allowing you to vape for long hours while getting hard hits every time due to its very high nicotine content. You have a wide range of smooth flavours, decent clouds and great ease of use. If you are looking to quit smoking and start vaping, this is a great choice.

Blu: Blu offers you quite a number of puffs, and offers you hard hits too although not as consistent as with the Vuse. You get good enough clouds, a wide range of flavours too and a very easy to use e-cig.


Vuse gives you a consistent hit and flavour and also gives you a longer-lasting battery. So it is a great choice for an e-cig.


The Vuse is cheaper, has a long-lasting battery, but has very high nicotine content. The Blu costs little more, allows you a good number of puffs and has a lower nicotine content. Both products are great but it depends on your budget and the amount of nicotine you need.