How Much Do Vapes Cost in 2024?

The general perception of vaping is that it is expensive. However, this fact isn’t necessarily true since vaping is much cheaper than smoking. Furthermore, health experts agree that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Hence, vaping offers a cheaper, cleaner, and better alternative to smoking cigarettes that young people are enjoying more and more every day. So, if you’ll be vaping regularly, you can do it for a low cost with more options than cigarettes, like flavored e-liquids and CBD products.

Vapes come in different designs and specifications, and there is an option for everyone. Yet, overall, most vapes cost around $30-$40. If you want to go cheaper, you can buy disposable vape pens at about $5, but if you want an expensive vape kit, you’ll spend closer to $300. However, you should also keep other vaping costs, like vape juice, in mind. 

How Much Do Vapes Cost?

Costs depend on the quality and type of device you’re getting. But regardless of your budget, you can rest assured that there’s a model available for you. 

You can start vaping for as little as $5 or $10. But remember that this amount will only get you a disposable option, so it’s mainly suitable for vaping beginners looking to quit smoking. 

If you are just starting out, you can also look at open mods with a reusable coil and make the transition to vaping easy without spending much. 

For mid-priced options, pod systems and refillable vape pens generally range between $10 and $35, while you can get MTL starter kits from $30 to $60. 

However, while these prices are typical, there are other, more expensive types. For example, you can purchase squonk mods for $60. Although a higher price doesn’t mean they perform better than the cheaper ones. Even the most sophisticated vapes are comparable with less expensive models. 

But higher-priced options do often come with more features like changeable tanks, adjustable airflow, power meters, a better battery, and bigger coils. 

In summary, below are the rough price estimates for vape devices.

  • Disposable pods – Starting from $5
  • Open pods – Starting from $10
  • Vape pens – Starting from $30
  • Vape mods – Starting from $40
  • Squonk mods – Starting from $60
  • Starter kits – Starting from $80
  • Mechanical mods – Starting from $300

Extra Costs Associated with Vaping

Apart from the regular prices of the device you choose, extra expenses come with vaping. So, it’s essential to also factor in these costs to ensure you understand what you’ll need to pay. 

1. A Vape Pen Case (Between $5 and $25)

If you are using a vape, then a pen case should be top of your priority list. A case will secure your pen, thus preventing damage. 

Aside from protecting your pen, it also helps to keep it clean and preserves the pen’s life. In addition, a pen case will prevent accidental pressing of the buttons. 

2. Vape Chargers (Between $3 and $35)

Even though some vapes do not come with chargers, most consist of either internal batteries or 18650 cells. Many vapes use USB chargers to charge their batteries, while power banks charge the cells. 

In addition, you can invest in stationary charging stations to charge your battery in your home.

3. Oil Cartridges (Between $20 and $50)

The cost of oil cartridges varies according to models, and there are different sizes of oil cartridges that also determine the price. 

If you own a vaping device and want to start vaping marijuana, you’ll need to get THC oil, and you can purchase it anywhere between $20 and $50 for 1000mg.

4. Vape Juice (About $2-$3 Per Day)

If you prefer regular vape juice, whether with or without nicotine, you will need to buy quite a bit for your vaporizer because the juice will run out quite quickly.

Vape juice costs on average about $0.23 per ml. Since the average vaper uses about 5-10ml of e-juice a day, you are looking at about $2-3 every day. 

You should also pay attention to the bottle size. Sometimes a larger bottle of juice, though it will have a higher initial cost, has a lower cost per ml.

If you want to save money, you can make your own juice. However, even though you won’t need to buy e-juice anymore, you should know that making e-liquid comes with its own costs, like the costs of different flavors and nicotine. 

5. Tools for Cleaning (Below $10)

Every device needs cleaning, and vapes are no exception. After continuous use, the vapes develop dark residues from burns and juice spills, indicating that they need maintenance. 

Regularly cleaning your device helps your refillable vapes last longer, thereby maintaining their efficiency. Also, substances like alcohol, Q-tips, and small brushes can help keep your e-cigarettes in top working condition by getting rid of excess juice and can help you save money over other cleaning tools.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Vape Device

When buying a piece, you’ll want to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. So, knowing which vape to choose will help you understand the vaping cost you’ll pay overall. 

1. Preference

There are plenty of options available when it comes to vapes, so you’ll want to think about factors like what you want to smoke, how big of clouds you want, and the temperature. 

For instance, if smoking marijuana is your thing, then you’re probably looking at a bit of a higher cost in your vape mod than if you buy juice. Also, dry herb vapes tend to cost at least $50, while CBD pens tend to have a cheaper cost. 

Similarly, those who want big clouds or temperature and wattage control options won’t want to use cheap prefilled vapes. 

However, if you just started vaping, then beginner vapes will probably be right for you. Disposable vapes are some of the cheapest options out there, but you can’t refill them with e-juice. Also, if you begin to vape often, you may end up spending more overall with throw-away vapes. 

2. Portability

If you want a portable vape that easily fits into your pockets and is easy to remove, think about small devices. These little vapes often have a cheaper average cost, and options like a pod device will work great for easy portability.

Conversely, if you don’t care about the portability of your device, then larger desktop mods are great customizable models. If you want to make your own coils and get the vape exactly how you want it, like maybe you want it to mimic smoking tobacco, then a large device can give you that. 

Furthermore, if you smoke outside often, maybe sub-ohm vaping is what you want because of the enormous clouds that it produces. 

Just remember that larger devices that produce more clouds will bring up the cost of vaping, probably to $100 or more. 

3. Maintenance

Like all devices, vapes need proper maintenance unless you get a disposable vape prefilled with e-juice. Therefore, make sure that you prepare for regular care of your vape device. 

One major part that will need constant care is the coil. The coil of your vape will wear over time, and you’ll have to purchase new ones. 

You’ll have to clean your vape as well, so rubbing alcohol and paper towels need to become part of your vape budget. 

Finally, you may think that more expensive vapes are a waste of money since they perform the same as simple devices, but high-priced models have rugged durability and a better battery which keeps the cost down in the long run. 

4. Are You Very Social or Prefer Being Alone?

A session vape is the better choice for vapers who prefer social gatherings since it’s built for groups, allowing easy passing around. However, there are on-demand vapes for those who prefer vaping alone, and such vapes are more efficient and conserve more material.

These models are about the same price, depending on what other features you want.

5. Know Your Budget Beforehand

Lastly, since vape prices vary depending on the type and quality, determine your budget before entering the vape shop, as well as the monthly costs you can take on. 

Advanced vapers with significant consumption habits may find larger mods more cost-effective, especially since they offer a better vaping experience. 

However, many vapers prefer pod mods or pre-filled pods instead of e-liquid based designs because they are cheaper vapes. Yet, you should know that these affordable products often come with additional costs in the long run, like having to buy new devices more often. 

Overall, your budget will be the most significant determining factor in the type of vape you buy. 


By now, you should have a good idea of different vape costs. If you’ve just quit smoking and have moved toward vaping, you don’t need to worry about the financial cost, as vaping saves you money, whether you buy a piece with replacement parts or a cheaper option. 

Yet, aside from the typical vape prices, you must note that the amount you’ll spend doesn’t end once you buy the pen. Other costs to consider include oil cartridges, e-liquid, nicotine salts, and additional costs.

Recently, the number of vapers has been steadily increasing as more people see vaping as a good alternative to cigarettes. However, while it may be safer than smoking cigarettes, you must understand that it’s not entirely safe.

Also, keep in mind that vaping is not the best way to get rid of addictions. The act of vaping itself is addictive, so most vapers gradually lower their nicotine levels over time to eventually stop vaping and save money.