How to Make Juul Pods Last Longer

Ask around—you won’t find a vaping device as discreet, portable, and convenient as the Juul. It has millions of loyal users worldwide largely because of its ability to mimic the essence of smoking a cigarette. 

The device consists of two primary components: the main body and the Juul pod. The body holds the battery and the temperature regulation unit, while the Juul pod is an e-liquid cartridge that also functions as a mouthpiece. 

The Juul pod comes as a separate unit and must, therefore, be attached to the battery section of the Juul to serve its purpose. 

Juul pods are sold in the market in two different nicotine concentration levels: 3mg and 5mg, with each pod containing about 0.7ml of nicotine liquid. To be more specific, Juul pods consist of the following ingredients: nicotine, glycerol, propylene, and flavorings. 

How long does a Juul pod last? 

To put it bluntly, a Juul pod lasts as long as the user allows it to last. A heavy vaper will go through a Juul pod quickly while a light vaper may take a week to finish one pod. 

Those who are used to vaping will be accustomed to the nicotine contents of the Juul pod. They will only vape their fill and won’t chain vape, enabling the Juul pod to last longer. 

Although new vapers will start slow in the beginning, over time, they may develop an addiction. During that period, a Juul pod that used to last a month will finish much sooner than anticipated. 

The manufacturers claim that a Juul pod lasts roughly 200 puffs. 

This rough estimate won’t be the same for everyone as vapers vape differently. Some may enjoy taking long, extended potent hits while others may simply require a light puff. 

The mechanics of the pod and the Juul itself have been efficiently designed for the Juul pod to last as long as possible. The nicotine salt solution inside the pod is known to satisfy nicotine cravings with only a few puffs. 

To ensure the nicotine solution isn’t vaporized quickly, the manufacturers have integrated a battery with a power output of only 7W into the Juul, thereby extending the lifespan of a Juul pod. 

However, don’t expect the Juul to produce heavy clouds/smoke. You are better off practicing your vaping tricks with other devices.  

Take note that a Juul pod can be stored away for almost a year. If stored any longer, it may pass its expiry date. 

An expired Juul pod will have reduced flavor and lose its ability to produce potent hits. Since a Juul pod is mainly constructed of plastic, store it away from direct sunlight and keep it at room temperature.  

How to make Juul pods last longer?

Apparently, there are only two ways to make your Juul pods last long: vape less and refill your pods. You probably won’t be too happy with limiting your vaping experience so you better learn how to refill a Juul pod.

To refill your old Juul pods with your favorite flavors, simply follow these instructions; 

Step 1: Remove the plastic mouthpiece and the silicone cover.

Step 2: Refill the Juul pod chamber with e-juice up to the specified level. 

Step 3: Put the pieces back together and snap the pod back to the main body. 

Note: Tap the pod gently on the sides to get rid of the air bubbles around the e-liquid. Also, blow through the mouthpiece softly to remove excess e-liquid from the airflow holes. 

Then, inhale through the pod to get the juice to link up with the wick.

Refilling Juul pods won’t save you forever though. You can only refill a Juul pod for a number of times, so you’ll really just have to get a new one eventually.

How to get more juice out of your Juul pod?

Sometimes, your Juul pod and refills may run out in the wee hours of the morning. Without a shop open in the vicinity to save you from withdrawal, how will you get by? 

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, especially when you are fiending hard for a quick fix.  

Here’s what you can do to get more juice out of your Juul pod.

Step 1: Snap your empty Juul pod out of the Juul frame.

Step 2: Pop off the cap of the Juul pod. Now, with a pair of tweezers, remove the rubber/silicone cover inside the mouthpiece. 

Step 3: Look into the Juul pod cap and you will find two pieces of cotton there. The cotton is placed there to soak up some of the e-juice that gets pulled up into the mouthpiece, preventing the juice from shooting into your mouth.

Basically, the pieces of cotton in the Juul pod cap are saturated with juice. 

Step 4: Take the cotton out of the cap with the tweezers and squeeze them down inside the Juul pod. Keep squeezing to get every drop of e-liquid out of the cotton. 

Step 5: Assemble the pieces back together. Before you put the cap back, you’ll need to place the silicone cover back to its original place too. 

Step 6: Attach the Juul pod back to the Juul and vape away. 


It is not healthy for your body to inhale large amounts of nicotine in quick succession. So, don’t take a drag from your Juul every free minute. Use it sparingly and only if you need a hit to lessen your withdrawal symptoms. 

To save money on the new pods, refill your old ones with your favorite flavors. Regardless of how extensively we look for different solutions to prolong the life of a Juul pod, we always end up with the same conclusion. How long a Juul pod lasts rests entirely on the vaping habits of the user.