How Long Does a Juul Pod Last?

Juul is a portable vaping device that comes frighteningly close to mimicking the complete experience of smoking a cigarette. The device works like a vaporizer, sensing the drag from the mouthpiece first, then heating up to vaporize the nicotine solution inside. 

Juul has a firm stranglehold on the vaping market and is often the preferred alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

Comprised of two primary elements, the Juul pod and the mainframe which accommodates the temperature regulation unit and the battery, many favor Juul for its sleek design, portability, and safe use. 

Juul is comparatively safer to use than other e-cigarettes because of its unique temperature regulation unit that prevents the device from overheating, exploding, and combusting. Unlike other e-cigarettes around, Juul doesn’t have any settings. 

You simply attach the pod to the mainframe and smoke away. Talk about convenience, eh? 

Juul is also popular among users who prefer to smoke discreetly. Since the device is disguised as a flash drive and is easy to hide because of its small size, it has particularly attracted many underage admirers, leading many experts to label it a gateway to smoking cigarettes and other harmful substances.   

Upon purchase of the starter pack, you are provided with the device itself and four pods. 

What is a Juul Pod? 

A Juul pod can be categorized as an e-liquid cartridge that doubles up as a mouthpiece. To use it, you’d have to attach it to the Juul’s battery section. 

A single pod contains about 0.7ml of nicotine liquid and it is available for purchase in two different nicotine concentration levels: 3mg and 5mg. 

Juul Pod Ingredients

The Juul pods all consist of a blend of nicotine, benzoic acid, glycerol, propylene, and flavorings. Largely owing to lack of reliable research, most are unaware of the ill-effects of inhaling these ingredients. 

However, the effects of nicotine are well-documented. Nicotine is extremely addictive and it can be detrimental to one’s health and well-being. 

Part of the reason the Juul sells like hotcakes is because of the heavy nicotine punch it provides. Since a Juul pod roughly lasts 200 puffs, inhaling one pod can be likened to smoking one pack of cigarettes. 

Refilling a Pod

The manufacturer is on the fence with refilling a Juul pod—they haven’t promoted the practice nor have they strictly prohibited it. Although the pod has been constructed not to be refilled, there are things you can do to fill the pod with your favorite flavors.  

  1. To do that, take the plastic mouthpiece out and remove the stoppers shortly after.
  2. Fill the holes with your favorite flavors, then assemble the pieces back together.
  3. Attach the pod back to the frame and you’re good to go.

However, be advised that the Juul pod doesn’t have much shelf-life after initial use. The wicks will be useless in a couple of days as they will then only produce dry hits. 

Regardless, many still refill their pods because of the unavailability of flavored Juul pods. The company stopped manufacturing flavored pods to combat the criticisms it faced for causing a wave of underage vaping.   

Storing a Pod

You can keep your Juul pods stored away for about a year. 

Since the pods are primarily constructed of plastic, you should keep them away from direct sunlight. Instead, keep the pods at room temperature. 

How Long Does a Juul Pod Last? 

How long a Juul pod lasts rests entirely on the shoulders of the user. 

If a user smokes heavily, he will go through the pod in a jiffy. On the other hand, if the user has been accustomed to smoking the Juul Pod for a while, he might not be too reliant on the nicotine, thus increasing the longevity of the pod. 

New users of the vaping device will vape less and start slow, taking as long as a month to get through with a Juul pod. However, as they start developing a strong affinity towards the vaping experience, their cravings will inevitably increase and they’ll start vaping more, finishing a Juul pod in no time.  

If I am to provide an educated estimate of how long a Juul pod lasts, I’ll have to take reference from the manufacturer’s official site. If you look there, you’ll find that a pod has been manufactured to provide around 200 puffs.

Of course, this rough figure won’t be the same for everyone simply because users vape differently. 

How Long Does a Fully Charged Juul Last?

On a full charge, a Juul can function optimally for a day or for as long as one pod, roughly 200 puffs. You’d have to charge your Juul for an hour to get it to full battery. 

In a bid to discourage the quick vaporization of nicotine liquid and thus increase the longevity of the Juul pod, the Juul battery only operates at a power output of 7W. On the downside, this also means that the Juul device is incapable of producing a massive amount of clouds.   

Again, how long a Juul’s battery life lasts depends on the smoking style of the user. 

Heavy smokers will exhaust the battery life faster than regular smokers. Under heavy use, a Juul should function for only about four hours. 


Juul has its equal share of admirers and disparagers. 

Smokers rate it highly for its ease of use, convenient design, portability, and the strong nicotine punch it provides. While others, particularly concerned parents, criticize it heavily for the same reasons.