How Many Times Can You Refill a Juul Pod?

A Juul pod is a snap-in e-liquid cartridge that is attached to the main body of the Juul where it functions as a mouthpiece. All Juul pods contain a blend of nicotine, benzoic acid, glycerol, propylene, and flavorings. 

When you take a hit, the Juul recognizes the drag from the mouthpiece. Then, the mod supplies power to the atomizer and helps it vaporize the nicotine solution inside, thus producing inhalable vapor. 

On average, a Juul pod lasts around 200 puffs. However, that rough estimate can fluctuate as users vape differently; some take frequent, heavy puffs while others only indulge every once a while. 

If you are a heavy smoker, chances are you’ll go through the Juul pod in no time. 

If that’s the case, wouldn’t you agree that you need to know how to refill your Juul pod? After all, purchasing new Juul pods frequently can be a little heavy on the pocket.

You also need to be aware of how many times you can refill a Juul pod. Fill it more than it can take and it can ruin your vaping experience.  

The creators behind Juul haven’t fully warmed up to the idea of refilling Juul pods. However, they haven’t really criticized the practice either, even going as far as providing empty Juul pods to facilitate the refilling of different flavors.   

How to Refill Juul Pods? 

Refilling a Juul pod is pretty straightforward. Follow these instructions to a T and you’ll manage. 

Soon enough, like experienced vapers, you will be able to refill a Juul pod in under a minute. 

Step1: First remove the plastic mouthpiece and the silicone cover. 

Step 2: Ensure that the cap is patted dry with a fresh paper towel to get rid of the residual e-liquid. Then, remove the silicone stoppers.

Step 3: Refill the holes with your preferred flavors. 

The pod should only be refilled up to the designated level and shouldn’t be more than 75% of the pod’s capacity. Any higher and your Juul might leak.

Step 4: Assemble the pieces back together. 

If you witness air bubbles around the e-liquid, gently tap the pod on the sides. This will help get rid of the bubbles and ensure a smooth vaping experience.

Step 5: Blow through the mouthpiece gently. The objective here is to get rid of excess e-liquid from the airflow holes. 

The pod can only be deemed ideal for use when no more e-liquid comes out.

Step 6: Snap the pod back into the main body and vape away. 

Tips to Prevent Leaking

To prevent leaking after you’ve refilled the Juul pod, you have to take several preventative measures during the refilling process. 

  • The pods must be cleaned meticulously every step of the way. The silicone cover must be cleaned thoroughly too. 
  • To get the hard-to-reach places, consider using a cue tip to absorb the residual e-liquid. 
  • Blow on the silicone cover as you reinsert it back to place. However, be careful not to attach it to the mod at this point.
  • Then, inhale through the pod to get the juice to link up with the wick. This should be done before connecting the pod to the battery. 
  • When you are done refilling, reinsert the cap properly and be careful not to leave any gaps. Apply extra force during the reinsertion process if required.   

How Many Times Can You Refill a Juul Pod? 

Regrettably, you can’t refill the Juul pod many times over. After a period, the wicks become useless and unable to produce potent hits. 

On the bright side, you’ll know exactly when the Juul pod is no longer suitable for refilling—when it starts to leak frequently and produce a foul stench. It will only produce dry hits and there will be a reduction in flavor. 

Of course, there is also a significant decrease in the production of vapor. When you can taste burnt flavors, it is time to discard the Juul pods and purchase fresh ones. 

If you are a light vaper, a single refill could last for 3 to 5 days. In rare cases, it could last even longer. 

If I am to make an educated guess, on average, vapers can refill the Juul pod 4 to 5 times before it becomes useless.

However, do understand that many factors come into play when determining how many times you can refill your Juul pods, including your smoking frequency and use of different types of juice. 

Sweeter flavors tend to burn out a lot quicker. Reports indicate that clearer e-liquid burns coil slower than darker e-liquid as darker juices tend to be heavier and thicker than their clearer counterparts.

In a device like Juuls which comprises small coils and wicks, darker and thicker juices do not wick well. Therefore, choose your refilling flavors carefully to extend the longevity of your Juul pod. 

For Your Consideration

Juul pods aren’t designed to be refilled. They have been made according to tight specifications and are only manufactured to last properly through one cycle. 

The pod stops working as seamlessly as it was designed to function when you open it up for a refill. If you aren’t ready to compromise your vaping experience, opt for refillable Juul pods instead of reusing old Juul pods. 


Refilling a Juul pod should only be a task taken by those who smoke heavily and those who direly need to save some bucks from purchasing new and expensive Juul pods

To negate the accusations faced by the company for promoting underage vaping, Juul stopped the supply of flavored Juul pods. So, those who prefer certain flavors can also use refillable Juul pods for their satisfaction.