How to Engrave a Juul DIY Style: 5 Easy Steps

Are you bored looking at the metal casing of your Juul? Do you want to surprise a Juuler friend of yours by engraving something special on their Juul? 

Let’s face it. As satisfactory as Juul vapes are, the design itself is pretty bland. If you are one of those who like to be surrounded by art, you might have thought of doing something stunning with your Juul. 

Guess what, now you can live your dream. Whether you are looking to carve your initials or turn your Juul into a work of art, it can all be done. 

In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step process on how to engrave a Juul and transform it into an artsy device. Let’s get started! 

5 Steps to Engrave a Juul – DIY 

1. Get the materials ready

You will need the following items to engrave and most of them are readily available at home.

  • A pen to draw the design on your Juul (choose the ink color that matches the Juul’s color)  
  • A small knife, a compass, or some other pointy object depending on your design 
  • Pair of safety gloves to prevent accidental cuts since you need to engrave on a tiny Juul
  • A small damp cloth 
  • Lower grit and higher grit sandpaper (optional)

2. Get the design ready

Before you directly dive onto the Juul with a knife, make up your mind on exactly what design it is that you want to engrave. Practice it on a piece of paper a couple of times until you can freely draw it. 

3. Draw the design

Now using a pen, draw that design that you practiced on your Juul. 

Don’t use a marker or some thick ink pens. Go for a regular ballpoint pen which will do just fine. 

4. Engrave the design

Now it is time to carve out that design on your Juul. Take a knife or a compass and slowly but neatly etch in the design that you’ve already drawn. 

Once the first layer is ready and you are satisfied with the design, go deeper. Don’t worry, you won’t break the Juul. 

Just work deeper into the design until you see clear and thick silver lines.

5. Finish the design

Now that you have your design engraved, the final step is to use a damp cloth to wipe off the debris. 

There you go, your Juul has been successfully engraved! 

Sandpaper (optional):

For an even clearer finish, you can use sandpaper if you got one. 

If you want to be a pro at it, start with low-grit sandpaper first and dust off the outer layer of the metal casing. Then switch to high-grit sandpaper to get rid of any scratch marks. 

Please remember that this is a delicate process and may take a few hours to complete. If you are patient enough to go through it, you will be amazed by the final product which has a smooth and polished finish. 

Getting Your Juul Engraved by Professionals

If you are a fan of engravings, I recommend that you buy a pre-engraved Juul sold on a lot of websites. They come in plenty of cool designs and colors to choose from. 

If you already have a Juul or if you are looking for a custom engraving, you can always get your Juul laser engraved. This costs more unless you already have a laser engraving machine. 

Laser engravings are best suited for stunning detailed prints and smaller designs. 

If you are doing the lasering yourself, make sure that you use a high-quality image with a suitable size for your Juul. 

Please don’t forget about the LED light when you are doing it yourself. One small mistake and your Juul might not turn on anymore. 

Juul Engraving Tips

  • Juul is a compact device, so I strongly recommend that you opt for a simple design rather than a very complex one. This way, you won’t accidentally end up breaking the device.
  • Show off your Juul LED light in the design. Make use of the light in a way that complements your design. 
  • There are many designs sold by several carving companies. Take a look at the internet to get some creative ideas.
  • If the design did not turn up the way you wanted, fret not. There are many Juul skins available nowadays which you can use to cover it up.


Engraving your Juul could sound complex but if you are already a master in artwork, it will be a cakewalk for you. 

If you aren’t someone who does artwork a lot, don’t worry. With more care and attention to detail, you will be able to get the engraving right. If a fancy, complex design is what you need, then get your Juul laser engraved. I recommend that you don’t try overly complex designs on your device since Juuls are too small to accommodate such.