Juul Dimensions (Complete Guide)

If you are a vaper, there is nothing you want better than a device that is giving you the best experience. Everyone wants to get his/her hands on a device that is well-designed and created in a manner that will offer you the best experience. As a result, the construction, design, and material of any vaping device also contribute to its overall performance.

Dimension is one of the essential features. When you are out there looking for a vape device, you want to get one with just but the right dimension for a comfortable experience.

Juul is a vape device that has been gaining a lot of popularity at a high rate. Many features are making this vape a choice for many people. 

What is the size of Juul?

Being able to understand the actual size of the Juul is a crucial thing. It will not only help you know what you are buying but also enable you to choose wisely and see how a specific size is going to help you and serve you better.

The Juul measures 3.7 x 0.5 x 0.2 inches. This is a perfect size for a vaping device. It is created with high-quality material that is durable and can serve you for a long time.

These are dimensions that are almost the same as your regular cigarette. As a result, you will be getting something so close to what you are used to. Besides, the Juul vape is lightweight to ensure secure handling and carrying.

Juul Construction

The construction or building of Juul is a factor worth knowing about and taking it seriously if you are that one person who is keen on details. It is not created liked any other device in the market. It is made with a unique body quality to ensure the best performance.

Juul, it is not like any other plastic and hollow feeling vape in the market. Instead, it is a sturdy and firm device that you will feel comfortable when holding. This is a feature that results from an excellent finish. 

Juul kit comes with a Juul device, a battery, and juice pod altogether. However, this does not mean that you will have any issues using it. It has a battery measuring just 8.72cm, and when combined with the pod, they will measure 9.48cm. The device has a width of 1.51com, which is easy to grasp within your hand.

Juul is created with pods that have a capacity of 0.7ml. This is enough content that will give you approximately 200 puffs. However, this does not mean that there will be any considerable difference in terms of the weight of your device as a result of the juice in pods. Everything remains the same.

It is the best e-cigarette you can find in the market. As much as you will discover Juul in a variety of flavors, there is nothing altered at all.

Creating Wraps for your pods

Dimensions in Juul are meant to help you with many things. Some people want to know dimensions to make sure they are getting the right device for their use and carrying convenience. At the same time, others would be interested in creating wraps for their pods.

It is such a fantastic idea if you want your Juul device to look different from others. You want to give it that custom look that will impress you. It is straightforward.

The first and most important thing you need is to understand the dimensions to work with when choosing themes or designing wraps.

Here are the dimensions to work within inches.

  • Width of the Juul is 0.6 inches
  • Length without pod: 3.72 inches
  • Length with pod: 3.18 inches
  • Thickness/height on edges: 0.25 inches
  • Thickness/height in the center: 0.27 inches
  • Average weight 14grams

With the information above, making skins or wraps for your device will be easy.

Battery and charging

Some people may be worried about the battery and the charging system in Juul. You do not have to sweat about it. The device is created uniquely to take care of that. You do not have to worry about the battery since it is small enough to avoid occupying so much space.

The pod can easily fit into the battery housing hence ensuring easy use and carrying. Since the Juul comes with a USB charging system, it helps to reduce weight and space. This is because instead of having a huge USB cable, it is just a small charging dock. The dock can easily be inserted into a laptop and attach your vape to charge.

Pros of Using Juul

The closest thing you have to a cigarette. 

Juul is the best e-cigarette you will ever come across. Juul is created in a great way to fit the look and feel of a standard cigarette but offering you the best experience at the same time. It has a length and width that is so close to a cigarette, ensuring comfortable use.

Small Size

With a small size of 3.7 x 0.5 x 0.2 inches, you are getting the most convenient and discreet e-cigarette you can ever think about. With the pod juice full, you still have a lightweight Juul vape device that can easily fit into your pocket or between your fingers with no one noticing.

It is very light resembling an ink pen, which is meant to ensure easy use and you do not feel like you are carrying a burden at all.

Good Material and Finish

Did you know that material and finish in a vape device matters a lot. A device with a good body, quality material, and an excellent finish will give you a better feeling even when you are using it. Juul vape gives you precisely that.


Juul is a great vaping device that is gaining popularity among many people. It is a device that has excellent features, and as a result, it makes it amazing. From the above information, there is so much you can learn and benefit from when you use Juul.