How to Blow Big O’s

The reason vaping is such an enjoyable hobby is the pleasures it provides. While many are in it for the hit, others simply want a taste of the cool flavors while many more can’t get enough of various colorful tricks you can create with thick vapors. One such tricks is called blowing big ”Os”, and it is a trick that allows vapers to create ”O” shapes with thick vapors.

Any vaper will tell you that blowing big ”Os”(smoke rings) is one of the coolest tricks you can ever do with an e-cigarette. What many do not know is that smokers blew big ”Os” long before vaping became popular. You can make smoke rings with Cigarettes, pipe, cigars, and even joints. The difference, however, is that smoking rings made with vaporizers are thicker, cooler, and maybe even faster.

As you may have heard, big ”Os” are not easy to make. You need patience, practice, and the right environment to blow big ”Is” efficiently. One thing you must know is that you’re not going to perfect your smoke ring skills by simply making an ”O” shape with your mouth. Obviously, making an ”O” shape with your mouth is one of the techniques, but people have taught this for years as the only technique, and it hasn’t helped vapers progress in their quest to make exciting smoke rings. This article will take you through a step by step guide on how to blow big ”Os”.

What do You Need?

If you’re hoping to blow some big ”Os” in the air, you’ll need the following:

  • A Standard Vaporizer

The vaporizer you use has a direct effect on your ability to blow big ”Os”. If you need a standard vaporizer for making big ”Os”, you may want to buy a box mod. If you can only get your hands on a pod mod like JUUL, don’t worry, you can still make cool big ”Os”, but you will need to do things differently. If you own a Juul pod, don’t cough out your big ”Os” with force. A slight cough should do the trick.

  • A Quiet Environment

Here’s the thing, you can’t make smoke rings in a windy environment. The wind will disrupt your best efforts, and you’ll end up frustrated. Find a cool, quiet environment, and you’re ready to begin blowing big ”Os”.

Blowing Big O’s

Follow the steps below to create amazing smoke rings

Step 1:

The first step is all about learning how to form the right shape with your tongue and mouth.  As you already know, you need to shape your mouth like the letter ”O”, but that alone won’t do the trick. What you need to do is tighten your lips and push back a little towards your teeth. For a better understanding, make an ”O” shape with your mouth, forcefully curl your lips over your top, and bottom teeth. Keeping the tension intact, release your lips from the top or bottom of your teeth and press them against the front. If it gets too difficult, try it at the front of a mirror to have a good look at the ”O” shape you’re making with your mouth. Ensure it’s neither too small nor wide. if you can make that middle shaped ”O” with your mouth, you’re on the right track.

Step 2:

Many people who teach how to make big ”Os” surprisingly skip this step, and that is probably why many vapers still can’t make them properly. How you place your tongue will go a long way in helping you push out stronger ”Os” that lingers awhile. To place your tongue correctly, move the tip of your tongue downwards, and ensure you apply some force. While still bending the tip of your tongue, withdraw your entire tongue back into your throat in a way that your tongue makes a ”U” shape placed upside down. This tongue shape will help you push out smoke rings correctly.

Step 3:

The best way to blow out big ”Os’ from your mouth is to cough them out. Many experienced vapers use this technique, and it has since become popular. After completing the steps above, make a light cough with your throat. If you’re coughing with your chest, you’re doing it the wrong way. You need to make a light ”Uh” sound with your vocal cords to cough correctly. If you cough out your ”Os” correctly, your smoke rings will come quicker, and appear cooler. Vapers who spam their big ”Os” use the coughing technique. Spamming big ”Os” simply means making them come out faster, and you can do this by coughing quicker and with more pressure. You can do this efficiently by coughing every 2 secs, and once you get the hang of it, you can cough even quicker to create faster, cooler big ”Os”. Vapers who have mastered this technique can make big ”Os” come out much faster by popping up their jaws and coughing together. This technique gives the ”Os” more gas to fly.

Step 4:

The fourth step requires you to keep practicing. You’re not going to get this right on the first trial. Nobody does. You simply need to practice and practice some more. It takes some vapers a few weeks to perfect their smoke ring skills, others take as much as a year to learn. If you follow the steps above it should take you a few weeks or even days if you’re practicing daily.


Many vapers complain about their inability to create big ”Os” efficiently because they don’t follow the right instructions. Others simply can’t create enough vapors to form great rings. If you’re serious about blowing cool big ”Os”, you need to invest in a vaping device that can create lots of vapor. Like every other task that requires some form of skill, the key is practice. When you practice the above steps, it won’t take long before you can make big ”Os” effortlessly. Do your best not to give up when it seems too difficult. Your efforts will pay off eventually.